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Bally Total Fitness Jobs

bally total fitness jobsIf you are newly certified as a personal trainer chances are you are going to end up working for one of the major gyms.

With hundreds of locations across the world, 24 hour fitness, Bally Total Fitness and Gold's gym are dominating the industry.

In fact if you browse our Personal Training Job Board, you will see it is packed with these types of entry level jobs.

Browse Personal Training Jobs
   24 Hour Fitness - Bally Total Fitness - Gold's Gym - All Others

But with so many Bally Total Fitness jobs available you can't help but wonder why...


Is demand really that strong for new personal trainers, or does Bally Total Fitness struggle to retain personal trainers in their jobs? Do these entry level personal trainer jobs leave room for a career path in the industry or are you forced to move on and start your own personal training business? What are the pay raises like, and how about the fringe benefits?

These types of questions can only be answered by people with first hand experience working for Bally Total Fitness. And while policies and management may differ slightly by location, you can learn a lot by discussing what other personal trainers say about their Bally Total Fitness jobs.

So check out what personal trainers are saying about Bally Total Fitness below. And if you work for Bally Total Fitness, tell us what you think of the job using the form below.

Have you worked for Bally Total Fitness?

Here's your chance to tell all about Bally Total Fitness Jobs. What was it like working for them, how was the pay and benefits, are you happy, why did you leave, etc.?

Bally Total Fitness Jobs Insider Tips

Its nice to have a friend on the inside who can tell you about the job before you apply. Click on each tip to read and rate the comments submitted by our readers. If you disagree with what somebody has said, tell us what you think by leaving your comments.

Everything you need to know about Personal Training at BTF 
I've worked for Bally Total Fitness in the Portland Metro area for almost 8 months now as a certified personal trainer. For anyone who is interested in …

Does Bally pay for prospecting hours? 
For those of you who've worked at Ballys as a trainer, do they pay you for prospecting hours/working the gym floor? I've heard they do. What is the split …

No High Pressure Sales 
I have been a personal trainer for over 15 years and truly tired of big companies suchs as bally, 24hr fit, life time fite, x-sport taking the fitness …

My Job as a Bally Fitness Coach 
Fitness Coach? My manager told me that is the term we use, because we don't like to be called "Sales People". I was hired because of my age... I am …

Bally Total Fitness Certification 
Hi, my name is Donnie Pippen and i work for Bally Total Fitness in Atlanta GA. I was hoping you could give me some tips on how to get and maintain your …

Learned a lot but Glad I left Ballys 
I started as a receptionist, and that was okay until Bally Total Fitness took away the receptionist incentives. I did that for about 3 years, until I went …

Bally Personal Trainer Pay 
I work full-time for Bally Total Fitness in Alexandria, Virginia. My billing rate varies from a low of $74 to a high of $80 per hour. I get to keep $43 …

I am currently in the process of being certified (NASM). I'm probably going to start out working for one of the big chains, most likely Bally's. I have …

Bally's just wants your money 
I worked for Bally Total Fitness for 7 years in Chicago land area. I worked at several locations through out the years. As a former employee of Bally in …

Fitness instructor for Bally's 
I worked for Bally's in Salt Lake City as a fitness instructor. I loved the opportunity to work and learn from other fitness professionals. That is always …

Bally Total Fitness Financial Troubles Not rated yet
I worked for Bally Total Fitness in Glendale,AZ and it took 1.5 months to get my employee id and another 2 weeks to get my password to get in there system …

High Pressure, Low Satisfaction Not rated yet
My job was selling memberships for a new Bally Total Fitness gym that was starting up. It was just part time and I didn't stay long enough to get any benefits, …

Positive reviews of Ballys Not rated yet
I worked in a Bally Total Fitness Center in Idaho Falls, ID as a Personal Trainer. The job was very enjoyable and was a sociable experience, but time to …

Click here to write your own.

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