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My Job as a Bally Fitness Coach

by Denise
(Fairfax, Vrginia USA)

Fitness Coach? My manager told me that is the term we use, because we don't like to be called "Sales People".

I was hired because of my age... I am a nice looking, in shape 53 year old woman. I have been excercising all my life, and also did a lot of research on dieting.

When I first started there, my training was... anything I could grab. Meaning at I had to bug fellow employees everytime I needed to learn how to do something. The Manager expected me to know everything, after showing me how to do something only once. I struggled to learn on my own. He also told me that only Managers could Email potential clients. YA... until he hired a cute young 23 year old blonde girl, with whom he showed favoritism to, and made exceptions for. (She & I get along great, that is not the problem.)

When I found out that she was allowed to Email potential Clients, I wanted to fight! But instead, I didn't say a word, for fear of losing my job.

Yes, I am still there. And yes he keeps giving special favors & partiality to the Blonde "Fitness Coach" I am not personally jealous, I just want "fair" treatment, & a fair chance to make money.

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do this
by: Anonymous

I believe that, it is not the place, is the person who works there, it happends in time to time in a job environment, what you can do is review the employees handbook from ballys and if it says that, just point it out in the next meeting in not in a threatening way when field supervisor is around, ask them like is it okay that We as personal trainers use e-mail so we can contact customers? and if they say no, just comment like it would be beneficial so we can keep clients and make new ones, just an idea because I am motivated to bring more revenue to the company, if they say no and start a speech then you have indirectly give him a point accross without causing him to get in deep water, and if he starts to intimidate you, make an anonymous call and let corporate know about it and give his information and check the time and keep a log of the times she gets in the computer, that way they can trace it and get in his account, or better yet keep a digital recorder with you that last 8 hours and record him intimidating you, that way when he denies it,play it. Believe you, he will get shocked and may lose his job and also keep copies, the company might try to take the recorder away

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