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by Adam
(Chicago, IL)

I am currently in the process of being certified (NASM). I'm probably going to start out working for one of the big chains, most likely Bally's. I have visible tattoos that are tasteful (no skulls, demons, devils, etc.), it's a whole sleeve of random playing cards on my left arm going onto my chest. Anyone know how the big chains feel about tattoos? What about other gyms besides the chains?

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by: Ruby

I have never worked at one of the big chain gyms and cannot comment on tattoos. However, I would suggest perhaps wearing a long sleeve shirt if you are uncomfortable with showing your tattoos.

In the end the value you can offer your clients and the company you work for will far outweigh the ink on your skin. So I would focus on showing how I can be an asset to clients and the company in every job interview. What's different that you may bring to the table besides tattoos?

Just could do a "blind" call to the prospective employer and ask them how they feel about tattoos. Also, you could interview a few of the trainers and get their thoughts.

it depends
by: Anonymous

It depends on where you work, geographically, where you work, in terms of majority of clients(age, religion, etc). Most crossfit gyms don't care and it even seems to be part of the whole atmosphere and community. I work at a YMCA in the south where the population is older religious adults. My tattoos must be covered while on the clock. None of my clients mind, most of them have tattoos or admire tattoos anyway, but the brass says cover em so I cover em. So, it just depends.

Tattoos? Phooey!!
by: Steverino

Tattoos are so commonplace now, why choose to follow other peoples idea of what is acceptable?
I for one cannot see decorating ones body when it is perfect the way it caame into the world. If your out of shape, fix it and you wont have to desecrate what you were born with!

by: Anonymous

"desecrate what you were born with"? I`m certainly not here to argue or start the online mudslinging, but that is one of the most narrow minded comments I`ve heard in a long time. That`s like saying that canvasses are perfect white and it desecrates them to be painted on. Tattoos are art. Some tattoo artists have more talent than any of us could ever dream of. And FWIW, at 38 years old I am a model (as well as holding a degree from one of the most prestigious music schools in the world) and at a photo shoot last April I had at LEAST 8 out of 10 photographers there wanting shots of my tattoos, my back in particular (I have a hand drawn phoenix, symbolizing a medical condition that nearly killed me a few years ago).

With that said, I have been turned down for jobs paying practically minimum wage, and had other jobs pay me up to $300 an hour without so much as batting an eyelash at my tattoos. Like others have said, it all depends on where you are and the target clientele. There are two trainers at the LA Fitness I go to with full sleeves...

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