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No High Pressure Sales

I have been a personal trainer for over 15 years and truly tired of big companies suchs as bally, 24hr fit, life time fite, x-sport taking the fitness out of the fitness industy. All they care about is sales, sales, sales. I have notice they rather hire someone with great sales back ground rather than a great trainer. My question is does anyone know of a company or where I can find a job without high pressure sales. I want to train people not sell people

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Fitness Together- no sales!
by: Anonymous

I work at Fitness Together, where there is NO sales. Management does the sales and just feeds me clients all day long. It's a great job- I LOVE it. Check it out!

Want to Train and not sell people
by: Bobby G.

If you want to train clients and not sell them how do you accept to gain a client.

The first misunderstanding you have in sales is that you should sell your self, not try to sell the client. If you have confidence the prospective client will take any suggestion you offer.

response on sales and training
by: Anonymous

I do not know any gym that does not expect a trainer to push sales. In fact world gym fires trainer's if the trainer is not making a quota per month for minimum client, or new members lie and say they did not like the trainer just to avoid the pressure when signing up.

Everything is about money now adays. Quality suffers and so does integrity.
I am too much of an honest person to kahn some one who tells me they are broke and working two jobs but want to loose weight. Most gyms force you to charge them an arm and a leg and the gym takes most of the money . You work for free bothering new members at thier home like a damn telemarketer literally, and you get people who do not show up . See the gym's policy. A lot require them to pay first and cencelations or no shows they pay anyway.
Find a gym that pays the highest per hour not by client.

I worked for powerhouse and after two weeks of working for free I quit. The gym loved me, I was a good trainer but no one could afford thier outrageous prices. Make sure the gym is in a location where people have money also it helps.

Once you get your feet wet you go independant, then gyms charge 350 a month for you to train anyone you please. Then you need insurance .

Point is you have to be a car salesman.
This industry is no longer about doing good service for people.
I see such lousy trainers out there who are only book smart...
I failed, nasm, ace, and this course yet have been working out and training sinse I was a little boy, playing competative sports ect.
I know more about certain exercises and what not to do that the instructors at these seminars.
BUT they are text book smart....they know the sales and percetages and statistical information.
Each course has its own method. There are a million names for this and that....

Anyway to wrap this up. The gym want money.
They do not care!!! who joins! as long as they get a person in there. The gym won;t care if it looks like a busy aiport in there or people sit around on the machines talking . They do not care if you are there to train. In fact I have seen bodybuilders asked to leave gym for making people who do not take a gym seriously uncomfortable.... sad but true.
Good luck all of you and keep posting feedback.

You won't find a sales-free gym
by: Anonymous

Unless you are at a military, school or organization's gym, you won't find a sales-free working environment. All personal trainers who work at commercial gyms are required to spend most of their time (including while working with clients) in sales mode. It's just a broken system and it's everywhere. If you want to be a real personal trainer and not a salesperson you will have to find a job at a physical therapy, rehab, sports medicine or other medical or performance-related facility. Most of these positions are filled with trainers and therapists who have formal educations and are certified through government agencies. There really isn't any such thing as a truly professional personal trainer at the big commercial gyms.

University Gym
by: Anonymous

I work at a University Gym. I didn't even think to apply. I worked for two big box gyms. I hated selling, hated working for free. Plus I have two children at home. It was hard hearing that i wasn't dedicated to my profession if I didn't spend UNPAID hours selling traning on the floor. I now realize that it's just talk to prop up the big box gyms, if you are a GOOD trainer, you will sell yourself. Concentrate on the few clients you do have when you start. GET them great results. THEY will do the selling for you!!

Well, after a hard year working at big box gyms I was ready to throw in the towel. I went to visit my boyfriend who is on staff at a local university. I walked past the gym and decided, "what the heck" I put in my resume.

I got a call a week later.

5 years later I am still here.

I have to TURN clients away. At the university gym I work at, there is no selling. No quota. I give my clients good results, they send clients to me.

Yes, sell yourself. But sell yourself through your training. Maybe you only have 1 or 2 clients. If you are indeed a great trainer they will mention you through word of mouth. I was able to really concentrate on training when I was at a job I didn't have to sell at. Funny thing is, with no selling, I had more clients BUYING! Why? Because my traning was the bread and butter behind my marketing. I sortof wish there was commission now. I would make even more bank! I had a client purchase 20 sessions....

Anyways, don't bypass college gyms in your area!

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