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Fresh from the exam tips!

by Gisele Schaaf
(Long Beach, CA)

I left the exam about an hour ago, and I wanted to write this up before I forget all of it! The tips given in the previous posts pretty much cover it. However, here is what I remember:

-Know risk stratification values (what should cholesterol number be below?). Also know which are external factors.
-Understand difference between eccentric and concentric exercises
-Understand the basic principles of strength training: periodization, overload, progression, variability, reversibility
-Also understand the phases of a typical strength training program (hypertrophy, strength/endurance, peaking, recovery)
-Risk categories and when medical clearance is needed
-Nutrition: these questions were pretty common sense (i.e. there are 10 servings, with 120 calories per serving. Person has 4 servings, how many calories).
-Fat soluble vitamins: A, D, E, K
-Plane joint is which: wrist, antioccipital, hip, or sacroilliac?
-Desired body weight at a given lean body mass
-If person has CONTROLLED hypertension and is 59 years old, can you design a marathon training program for them without medical clearance?
-Type I muscle fibers
-Children (ages<13) and strength conditioning
-First phase of cardiovascular training program = how many weeks?
-Acute Smoker would have what symptoms during cardio?
-When training a person with asthma, what would you NOT do? (short, very intense warm up)
-How much water to drink when exercising in 90 degree whether? (1 cup per hour)
-KNOW THE ROTATOR CUFF muscles. There are quite a few questions on this.
-Downhill running produces eccentric action in which muscle group (hamstrings or quadriceps)
-Definition of a superset
-Did not ask any questions requiring use of VO2 for walking, running, etc. equations. Kind of upset about that....
-Sequence of assessments
-In order, which stretching exercises are least to most dangerous (statis, PNF, ballistic)
-Asks a few questions regarding pregnant women exercising
-Know blood flow path in heart
-Initial strength conditioning program elicits gains in neuromuscular adaptation (not size, yet)
-If client shows signs of edema, next step is to: (see if there is pain, look for red color, or swelling?)
-Malpractice and negligence
-Know how to calculate HRR
-Standard deviation for age-predicted maximum heart rate (10-12 bpm)
-Q = HR x ______
-Stimulus control

Good luck to you on this test!

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Thank you!
by: Anonymous

Very good information

just took ACSM exam and passed :)
by: Courtney

Okay! I studied hard core for a week but over the past 3 months I have randomly looked over the books. I do have a college degree in health field so have had a lot of anatomy and kinesiology. Here is some info from the exam: Target HR, HRR, and BMI formulas were on there No MET caculations were on there. Google about spotting, had 3 questions, know risk stratification!!!, I had a lot of questions about flexion and extension of certain muscles and they got a little confusing. Concentration on simple things like, spinal curves, malpractice/negligence, weather, asthma, rotator cuff muscles. Don't stress to much and do the practice test! A lot of the questions were similar to the practice test questions. Good luck!!!

thank you
by: Anonymous

thank you thank you thank you

by: Anonymous

thank you so much! Can I ask you when you took your ACSM exam?

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