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Just Passed ACSM!

by Leslie

The ACSM exam was tough. Here's what I remember:
1. Risk stratification - several questions
2. Know the anatomy of the rotator cuff- which muscle abducts
3. Know the anatomy of the heart. Where blood enters,exits
4. Spotting techniques
5. Consequences of a high protein diet
6. Calculate target heart rate, max heat rate
ex:220-age X percent rate plus resting rate
7. eccentric motion causes doms
8. uphill/downhill running, which muscle is stretched, etc
9. which muscle allows for expiration/inspiration
10. what does the bicuspid valve do?
11. stages of change
12. calculate target body weight. ex: current weight is 180 and 25% body fat. Wants 20% body fat, so what is the target weight.
13. How often to drink water when working out in hot weather.
14. What weather is bad for asthma. Type of air (dry, damp, cold, warm, etc)
There were very few questions that required calculations. Most of the test revolved around exercise prescription. I used the practice test from this site and ACSM's study guide. This is all I can remember. Good Luck!

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Passed ACSM exam
by: Anonymous

I just completed the ACSM CPT test. It was a difficult test and I recommend taking the time to study. I took the 3 day workshop and that was a big help in focusing areas to study. I also had the manual. Areas of importance:

Risk stratification (you are given client profiles and asked what are the number of risks and which ones contribute to CVD, etc...)
Concentric/Eccentric Exercise
SITS muscles and actions they perform
Major muscles and what actions they perform
know the heart well, at least four questions
know respitory muscles
know basic formulas; HRR, Max HR, Mets, calories in lb. of fat, how to calculate food lable calories for given servings, etc . . .
Know FITTE for cardio, resistance, and flexibility
know forms
know fat and water soluble vitamins
know how to recognize and treat emergencies
know recommended carb, fat, and protein intake
know what too much protein does to the body
know human behavior and stages of readiness
know spotting techniques

There are of course other areas to study but those are what I remember. Interestingly I don't remember any questions regarding plane in which an action takes place but it is good to know anyway.

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