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“Check common personal trainer scams by seeing what our readers are saying about various programs below. You can also get free e-mail support to make sure you make the best decision. ” (about me)

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Personal Training Certification Schools

Don't Fall for the Personal Trainer Scams!!

Online schools that certify personal trainers are growing in number, due to the rise in demand for personal trainers.  There are a great number of these schools and they all seem to have the following similar features:


  • Their websites look wonderful
  • They all state that they are the best and most reputable when it comes to certifying personal trainers
  • They can teach personal training via the web


Some make other claims such as being non-profit.  However, this might not be truthful according to the Internal Revenue Service.

The best way to avoid personal trainer scams is to stay away from schools such as these.  We suggest you opt for the main schools within the personal training industry.  These are the schools that prepare you for real certification.  You can check out our comparison chart of the major certifications. But there is no easy way to compare schools, so you really need to rely on the user reviews below.  

Credible personal training certification schools have been in operation for over 10 years.  They are known by those who are in the personal training industry.  They have programs that have certification tests that you cannot pass unless you put a lot of effort into what you are doing.  Obviously, if the training and tests were easy, then the program would not have true value.

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Why Do So Many Fall Prey to Personal Trainer Scams?

Most people arrive online to research various personal training programs. Many of them become intimidated by all of the things that must be accomplished in order to receive certification.  So, they start looking for shortcuts and alluring price tags.

The $49 Shortcut to Certification

Sure, this sounds like a great price.  Of course it is a credible offer since it involves testing.  Right?   Usually, an offer like this is not valid.  It is too good to believe. 

But, then again, you can now receive full ACTION certification and training for about that price.  But, this particular case is not the norm.

Be smart.  Don’t fall for these personal trainer scams.  There are cheap certifications online such as the Master’s degree in Sports Medicine that you can purchase for less than twenty dollars.  But, really!  Is anyone going to think that you have a real degree?  They will call it a joke.

Look for programs that have free trials. Any program of real worth will have no problem with you checking things out before committing hundreds of dollars.

Now, the average client will not know a good degree from a bad one, unless they do the research first.  However, the average health facility or gym will never give you a job.  Also, with this type of degree or certification, you will never be able to get personal trainer liability insurance.  You will find this out the hard way, if a client gets an injury.  You might have saved money on certification, but you, must pay out thousands of dollars in medical bills and maybe even legal fees. 

OK, enough scare tactics... Let's take a closer look at the personal training certification schools.

by Katie Donnelly

Updated: January 2022

Trying to Find a Reputable Personal Trainer Certification?

With dozens of personal trainer certifications available today, how do you tell the reputable certifications from the rip-offs? The best way is to ask around...and that is just what this page is for. If you don't see a certification listed on our site, ask about it here and let other trainers share their experience with the certification.

Comments about Reputable Personal Trainer Certifications

Click below to see contributions from other visitors about reputable personal trainer certifications...If you know something about a certification listed, you can add comments to each page to share your knowledge.

Personal Trainer Development Center Reviews - PTDC 
I was checking out the Personal Trainer Development Center and was hoping to hear any experiences working with their online trainer exam program. I want …

There is an opportunity coming up for a weekend intensive with an exam at the end. Assuming that I pass, I will be granted an NCEP Certification. Anyone …

ISTA certification? 
I am wanting to get my PT certification and I am wanting to know if ISTA is legit or not? I am leaning toward using them because they offer a bundle deal …

Action Personal Trainer Certification 
Is Action Personal Trainer Certification Legit and Recognized?

Pinnacle Career Institue Charges $26,250 for PT Certification 
Yes, thats right. Pinnacle Career Institute chargers $26,250 for tuition and books to attend their 18 month Personal Training Course. I went there 2 …

Penn Foster Reviews 
I was thinking of enrolling through Penn Foster for my course work to becoming a personal trainer but i noticed not many people talking about it here. …

ISFTA?? International Sports and Fitness Trainers Association 
Has anyone heard of this? I have been doing endless research for the right company to gain my certification through. I also can not find anywhere stating …

American Senior Fitness Association 
I recently took the ASFA Level One certification course and was informed by phone that I had passed the course. They promised to send me acknowledgment …

Fitness Institute of Technology, AS, BS, MS, PhD (Distance Learning) 
I don't know to much about The Fitness Institute of Technology, but if anybody knows more information about it, please answer me back. I'm kind a nervous …

World Fitness Association Reviews 
I am wondering what specifically other people's experiences have been with World Fitness Association in Fort Lauderdale. Has anyone been successful in …

TRX Certification 
Does anyone know if it's required that I'm certified as a TRX trainer in order to train my clients on it? A gym where I'm a contractor said that I could …

Vatterott College Personal Fitness Trainer 
I took my son to visit the Omaha Vatterott College program, its a 52 week course runs about 20,000 it a rip off or legit my son is very interested …

National Health Educators certification? 
I received an email about a certification from National Health Educators. They are looking for volunteers to take their 2009 certification exam, at no …

American Sports and Fitness Association  
I just took the ASFS test online and you have to pass with a 70% before you pay $100 to receive the certification. I passed but I am now not sure if the …

NAFC - National Association for Fitness Certification 
Does anyone have any thoughts or know anything about NAFC - National Association for Fitness Certification??

National Fitness and Health Advisory Board 
Why is this program not included in your website? I don't know much about it, but received a job offer from them. They are looking for a personal trainer …

The CHEK Institute? 
Just wondering if anyone is familiar with or has a certification with the CHEK Institute? I'm looking at their CHEK Exercise Coach certification - but …

AAAI ISMA Certification Reviews 
I'm looking to see what others think about AAAI certification? I've researched information about it on the internet with no luck? Is this a respectable …

American Academy of Personal Training  
This academy is in NYC and cost ~$5000 for 260 hours of course work and 130 practical and 130 academic over a 3 or 6 month period. They are certified by …

iart - international association of resistance trainers 
Does anybody have any experience with IART (The International Association of Resistance Trainers)? What do you think of this organization?

American Fitness Institute Certification 
I came across the American Fitness Institute Personal Trainer Certification (AFI) and I wanted to know if this was legitimate? Thanks!

apex certification 
I just started working for a gym that requires all trainers, regardless of prior certification, to get "APEX" certified. I still don't know much about …

AFTA Certification 
Does anybody know if the AFTA personal trainer certification is reputable? Is it a good choice?

IFA Certification 
I am considering the International Fitness Association personal trainer certification (IFA) but I can not find any information on them except on their …

Click here to write your own.

NFPT Certification 
Is NFPT a good National personal trainer certification?? How does it compare with the other certifications??? Is the Price ok??

NHAB personal trainer online 
I was recently contacted and interviewed over the phone for a fitness adviser position. The company is called Dynamic Inc. Has anyone heard of this …

CPTN certification 
How good is the CPTN-CPT certification? I think it's best in Canada at the moment. It's got a 75% pass score, its low cost and low re-test fees, both theoretical …

Like many people on your site (which has been a GREAT resource in my seemingly endless search for the right P.T. program), I am overwhelmed with the options …

AMFPT Certification 
Has anybody heard of AMFPT certification? Is this certification recognised? It sounds too simple to be true.

AFPA Certification Reviews 
Can anyone offer any information on the AFPA certification through the American Fitness Professionals and Associates? I was kind of impressed with their …

WITS Certification Reviews 
I am considering taking a stab at following my dream and try to become a Personal Trainer. A local college is host for a personal trainer certification …

ExpertRating Personal Trainer Certification 
I am interested in the ExpertRating online Personal Trainer Certification. Their web site says that ExpertRating is an independent ISO 9001-2000 certified …

FiTour Personal Trainer Certification 
I was wondering if you had any information on a certification place called Fitour. They are offering certification courses for $99.00 including study …

Click here to write your own.


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