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Penn Foster Certified Personal Training Course

by Cass
(Bemidji MN)

I was thinking of enrolling through Penn Foster for my course work to becoming a personal trainer but i noticed not many people talking about it here. The total cost is $925 and comes with an exam voucher for the NCSF exam. Is this worth it? And if not where might there be a good online course because there are no classroom courses in my area. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Comments for Penn Foster Certified Personal Training Course

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too much
by: Johan

I think $925 is way too much for online classes. Try comparing it against which has online classes for $65. Is Penn Foster going to be 15 times better education than ACT? I doubt it.

There are cheaper courses
by: Anonymous

Hi, N.A.S.M. is $629 you have to do it in 3 months but it's a whole system and most gyms accept it. It comes with on line videos, a book, and it is in my opinion prepares you for personal training. You will work with clients that mostly seat at computers and are sedantary and this program teaches you how to work with them.

Penn Foster
by: Anonymous

Hey there! I actually just finished the online program through Penn Foster (took my exam last Wednesday and passed!). I paid $900 for everything and think it was worth it.

I personally thought it was a great program. The lesson material was well written and made the material easy to learn. It fully prepared me for the NSCF exam so I was pleased with the school. All the tests for Penn Foster are online, and you can show clients continuous progess within all 13 courses specifically geared towards Personal Training - which you can do at your own pace.

Its a 15 month program, and I completed it in less than 6 months. The NCSF is definitely challenging, and know that just the textbook would have been a little hard - so I am grateful for the additional materials and 13 courses provided by Penn Foster.

Since there are so many different programs out there, you'll get lots of different opinions. I am now a dual certified personal trainer (I got the ACT cert as well) and am grateful for the education I received through Penn Foster. I couldn't recommend it higher, but its always up to you as to what kind of education you'd like to receive

Penn Foster is thorough
by: Karen

I am about halfway through the Penn Foster course, and I chose it because the curriculum looked the most thorough. I want to actually learn something, not take a weekend workshop to beat the exam. I paid upfront, which made my tuition $895. That includes shipping and handling on the materials, and the exam fee. Yes, I saw cheaper programs out there, but sometimes you do get what you pay for. Education is one area where you don't necessarily want to go to the lowest bidder.

personal training cert.
by: Anonymous

As I have called about personal training certifications I was told by employers at many fitness clubs and a few of the classes they recommended are: ISSA, ACE, and NASM. All are less then 600. Hope this helps.

Penn Foster Student
by: Nichole

Hello. i just finished all my courses with Penn Foster. I am now waiting on my material to prepare for the NCSF certification test. I felt all the courses were well written and pretty detailed. I am hoping that the information they have taught me and the test study guides will allow me to pass the test. My tuition was $809.. after a couple months they offered a discount to pay in full. I believe my total cost was $650. But like I have been reading, everyone will have their own opinion on where to go. I wish you the best!

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Online Schools to Get Certified

by Aimee
(North Tonawanda, NY)

My question is I am looking into getting certified through Penn Fosters Personal Training program, I would like to know if anyone has any knowledge on how reputable they are and what you think of the program. It seems pretty sound and at the end I will have my NCSF certification which I understand is a great certification to obtain. Could anyone give me any advice on this school and if its worth the money to go through them. It costs about $900.00 to go through the program and takes about 14 weeks.

Comments for Online Schools to Get Certified

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Say No to Penn Foster
by: Bill

If you type in a search reviews of Penn Foster school you will find out that they get poor reviews and have alot of complaints. If your interested in a school always type in that search to read reviews or comments from people who have taken their courses. I am taking Pinnacle Career Institutes on line Personal training program which so far is excellent and very challenging plus their support help is excellent I wanted in depth training on each subject rather than a crash course. Their program is expensive but they will help you get a studen loan which is what i did.

Penn Foster
by: Anonymous

Hey therej - Penn Foster has received just as many bad complaints as any other online school. I just completed their CPT program and have no complaints at all. The program is designed to run 15 months, not 14 weeks - so you might want to look into that further. You can work at your own pace though - I finished in less than 6. The textbooks and materials were challenging and definitely helped me prepare for the personal training field. I couldn't recommend them higher!Its always up to you - but I didn't have a poor experience with them at all!

just like everything else its what u make it and youre attitude!
by: mark

I just recently finished the Penn Foster CPT program and I dont know why anyone would give them a bad review I am sure it was a stab at penn foster for their own laziness or non payment/mistake u can even make a monthly payment plan! I paid approx, 950 and the materials and all other tools 4 learning were well worth it! It has been my dream to become a CPT for years and Penn Foster has helped me all the way through I don't see how anyone could complain about their program! And since they helped me achieve my goals I will stand by them they let u go at your own pace and if you cannot in that time you can also get a extension! Everything is included in that 950$ your 2 year NCSF membership, all online materials as well as a stack of materials that if learned and memorized alone would make a outstanding personal trainer even with little exercise experience! I personally have 15 years consistently working out under my belt and really needed this course with plenty of time working 2 jobs as a single dad. Not once did they miss a phone call or online chat option! And after your Penn foster course they send you all the NCSF study materials which are not cheap! And to top it off you get a CPT diploma from the Penn Foster college along with the NCSF certification, and there are plenty of online tools and even a online community of friends like FB for help and social interaction and support! This is a extremely good and helpful program and I will do anything I can to help them not get a bad , and false negative wrap! I have all documentation and can provide proof of all the wonderful materials they send there course alone is worth 900 in my book lets do the math the 2 yr NCSF membership is 65 $ the 3 books are aprox 400 $ the NCSF test is at least 200-300 or anything like it! And the student services, on line study guides as well as self paced mail materials, time frame and 2 certifications plus a amazing quality education all together is priceless! I would recommend this to anyone who truly wants to learn as much as possible some one who prefers quality and wants to invest in there selves if your in a hurry and u feel you already know everything go ahead and get a cheap fast certification cause as I said in the beginning its gonna be what u make it! Thank you Penn Foster!

enrolled and happy
by: Penn Foster

I just started my journey to certification in personal training. I am so glad that i stumbled across this page, the comment above is everything and i am grateful that you left that comment. I have been seeing nothing but negative things about Penn Foster but THANK YOU so much!!!! I will continue A+ my courses and furthering my education.What a Blessing!

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