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NFPT Certification

Is NFPT a good National personal trainer certification?? How does it compare with the other certifications??? Is the Price ok??

Comments for NFPT Certification

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Check out our full review of NFPT
by: Katie - Admin

Check out our review on NFPT at the page below.

NFPT Certification Review

- Katie

NFPT Personal Trainer Certification
by: Jill

I have found the NFPT Certification to be a good one. The price is about $459 and the exam consisted of 120 multiple choice questions and a practical that is optional. It was very challenging but if you do study and use the provided study guide you should be able to answer the questions correctly.

What I especially liked about NFPT certification is that when you are done, you have practical knowlege of how to work out with clients. General fitness routines are outlined for three different goals: strength building, stamina (both strength and endurance), and weight loss/endurance.

Really, after that, it is up to YOU. If you keep reading and learning, shadowing other trainers, and eventually pick a specialty that you enjoy, you will be a success!

NFPT Manual Doesn't Explain All
by: Anonymous

I just took the NFPT test last week. I've always been an excellent--usually A--student. I test very well. I will say that the NFPT manual DOES NOT COVER EVERYTHING THEY PUT ON THEIR TEST. Not even close. Trust me. I checked after I got home on a couple of points. Not there.

outstanding training
by: adrian jones

nfpt cpt are very good training manuals are easy to absorb retain training methods as long as you study, you can past your exam to get your certification.also after getting your certificate you still have to continue take credit exams every six months on knew and better ways of training and must get 100% of the test correct to maintain your status as a trainer. you can retest but you must get a 100% before recertification date.

Great program
by: Tim Kelly

I have been with NFPT cred's since the late 90's. It is a great certification and is very PRACTICAL!! I did not need a college textbook of useless anatomy lessons and dry as heck video drone type lesson plans!!
This program was right to the point...NICE people to deal with on the phone from a customer service stand point and awesome on follow up/CEE education.
Awesome program!!

hard test
by: Anonymous

I studied everything and even made tons of note card and did well on the home study practice exams, but the test was hard. The study book and cd didn't come close to what was on the test.
I usually do well on test. Going to retake it for the 2nd time. Just and FYI- study everything two or three times.

by: Anonymous

I also just took the NFPT test and it had many questions on the test that were not in the book. I recieved a 741 and was suppose to get a 750 to pass. when i came home there were only 2 questions that i found i got wrong. When I called they told me they couldnt show me the test. hmmmm well i did just pay 450 dont know why that is considering he said they change the test everytime. I'm finding this a money scheme to get my 60$ again so i have to retest. Beware

its not a conspiracy
by: Katie - Admin

The NFPT exam is accredited by the NCCA. They can't show you the exam questions because it would compromise the integrity of the exam and they would lose accreditation.

The more realistic scenario here is that you don't know enough to know what you are getting wrong. For this I recommend taking lots of practice tests (either our course or one from NFPT) to figure out where you are weak.

- Katie

I agree, Katie
by: Anonymous

I also agree that she won't pick out what she got wrong IF SHE GOT IT WRONG. I think it is unfair to call NFPT a scam becauseyou didn't go above and beyond to pass the exam. People don't want to work with you if you read the material quickly just to try and slide by. Know your stuff and know it well and you will be fine.

by: james

i didnt study the book at all till the day before the test and i still passed it with flying colors and finished it in 40 min, and iv never been the type of person to do good on any tests.

Recent Test Taker
by: Anonymous

I studied my butt off and came away convinced I did poorly because very few of the "Practice " questions appeared on the real NFPT exam. I did pass but what a mind numbing experience it was to think after the 1st 10 questions, "Gee, how long before I can retake this exam?" I will admit the text and videos are very thorough and complete.

NFPT Studying now
by: Angie Christine

I have two blogs Your Happy and Tuff I did my research in finding a school that wasn't a "cop-out" or too easy. Now I wonder why :) I am very nervous about testing. But have been prepped by others like you who told me to go beyond the books and learn as much as I can on line through You Tube videos or other sites.

NFPT actually told me there books and study materials are a "guide" to the exam. I do believe they feel you should do your own research as well.

I love their customer service. They have been wonderful. I was also apart of the re-write program for the new upcoming updated books. They are giving me credit in the book for my work. They are an OUTSTANDING school and run by AWESOME people. I personally wouldn't go anywhere else. I agree that if you can't pass then you just study more. I am horrible at tests, but am praying that this is one I pass!

It is what it is!
by: Grind House Fit

I recently took and passed. The material is clear and to the point. Very well assembled and presented in a manner that anyone should be able to follow. They give you 120 min to complete 120 questions, I finished in like 40 min with way above the minimum passing score. Its my opinion that anyone who does not pass the exam simply needs more experience and or study time. There wasnt a single question on the exam that the study material didn't cover. Actually based on the study material I expected a way more difficult and in depth exam. Overall NFPT is a great place to start but I'm a firm believer in continuing education and expanding ovens knowledge base. I plan on getting cert'd with NSCA as well along with various other certs fir specific training methods like Trx, Team Conditioning, Plyometrics and Power Lifting to name a few. In the end I made my decision to go with nfpt because they offered convenient, affordable options to get certified.

Hope this helps!
Sheena O.
Owner/Principal Trainer
Grind House Fitness "Are You IN or Are You OUT??"

Recreation Specialist USP, Atlanta
by: Ronn

I got involved with NFPT about seven years ago working for the Federal Prison in Atlanta,Ga. We offer the program to the inmates as a re-entry program, something that can be used when they are released back into the community. About 65 inmates has taken the test over a 7 year period and no inmate has failed this test as of Feb. 15, 2012. I teach the class in a classroom setting for 8 weeks going over the material and doing a number of pre-test. We are very proud of our completion rate and will continue with this program because the inmates has something to take back to the community and be a productive person and make a living the right way. I have proctor 2 staff members who also passed the NFPT test. This is a great program and I will continue to stay involved with NFPT.

NFPT test totally different test
by: NFPT customer

The NFPT test done by PROMETRIC is totally different of what you get at the NFPT site. I would say you will get about 30% of similar questions that you would get with the NFPT practice test.
I understand that you can't think that by memorizing all the practice test from the NFPT you will pass, also I understand that the by completing the workbook it is just a tool to help you...
But even if you ACE all online learning quizzes and the 2 practice test at the NFPT website, you are still far from ready for this exam...
You will have to read that 300+ pages manual several times so you can have a real shot at passing it...
I am almost tempted to say, that would benefit financially for you to go back and pay for the re-testing...

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