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American Sports and Fitness Association

by kris

I just took the ASFS test online and you have to pass with a 70% before you pay $100 to receive the certification. I passed but I am now not sure if the certification is legit. Has anyone heard of the American Sports and Fitness Association? Please give your opinion because I am really stressed out!
Thank you so much in advance.

** Editor's Note **

ASFA has come under recent investigation for selling certifications. The News article quoting the BBB gives more details on the allegations.

Comments for American Sports and Fitness Association

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My .02
by: Kim

Hi Kris,

I just took at look at their website and it looks credible . . . . maybe contact the Better Business Association though before you pay to make sure it is legit? Maybe others will chime in with their thoughts but it looks like a quick way to earn a certification (not sure how valuable it would be though but maybe its an inexpensive way to get your foot in the door). Good luck!

by: Anonymous

it seems credible-i took the personal trainer and senior fitness instructor tests

Web Site Design
by: Anonymous

Web site design is not a very good predictor of credibility since it is so easy to create a professional looking site. I would definitely check the BBB and do some background checking.

ASFA as good as IFA or any other on-line test
by: Robert

In my opinion any certification is only as good as the trainer themselves. I have been around the business for a long while and see people with ACE certifications that have no idea on proper form and training techniques.

I feel this particular certification just like the IFA is not going to open very many door for you because most fitness centers are looking for particular "name brand" certifications. ASFA looks to be new on the market I have not seen them before and I have been researching PT Certs for about 3 years trying to find a common thread between all the different ones.

If you are an independent PT in a gym where they only require that you have insurance then you may be okay BUT if a client ever gets hurt and they ask where you are certified and you say on on-line test and they know that the answers are given on all the questions you missed and you can re-answer and then pay your probably not going to be able to say you are a knowledgeable trainer, even if you know more than everyone else.

My opinion is look at NCSF as a middle of the road certification that is accepted in most gyms. You can home study, class study or prep course and take the proctored exam in just about any major city. It is a hard test but it covers only the basics a real PT should know before working with clients.

Again my 2 cents

by: JTA

The way I looked for it is first I search for the ASFA in google and found Amer Sport Fitness is the closest there is and no other. Then I went to IDEAFIT WELLNESS who has been insuring CPTs for long time and ASFA is on there. I guess it is legit if legit insurance agencies are insuring it.

by: Anonymous

They do insure them

by: Anonymous

The Answer to your questions, along with all the others given, is 'what are you going to do with it?'
That's what really matters.

by: Anonymous

I was special forces militery with cpr, emt, and many other physical training and medical qualifications. I need the certification so for me this was perfect.

pre qualification
by: Maxx

As a person who spent ten years in navy sf, the certification was all i needed. Military quals in physical fitness, cpr, emt. I can appreciate attending a better option, something that costs more but you will still only get what the trainer you select is worth. The certification will probably not have much to do with it. If you have ever crammed for finals or any other kind of test you know what I'm talking about.

Jut got mine...
by: Tee Berry

Well I've been searching and I came across the fifty dollar online cert, but I found this one today fro ASFA I saw a little tab that said "take test now" when I passed I was like woah! So I scratched my little head and decided if I ever wanted to pay for a renewal... Nope! Is what I said, ... So yeah, I just spent 275.00 on a certificate that it says... last a lifetime... well I guess I will see huh?

But I got this and I took my cpr and aet certs so, Im ok, Im going for liability insurance from sports fitness and I should be good renting out a lil studio for about 15-35 an hour giving pole aerobics. As for anyone... a certificate is as good as what the trainer delivers... and im good! got the knowledge and skill... now I have the power to continue... good luck guys...

P.S. This certificate is a print out version it delivers straight to your email once you purchase it with all the confirmations and info, so make sure you got good ink! :) It looks good to me... Hope this helps guys. And as hard as it is to find a place to get certified, this is the easiest option. So go for it!

Blessings, Tee Berry

Tee Barry is Scary
by: Anonymous

You say you are a good trainer, but with so little education and a $50 certification... How do you know?

Chances are you don't know all the mistakes you are making. Just because you have been lifting weights in a gym for ten years doesn't mean you don't have ten years of bad habits.

Short cutting the cert/education process is what reduces confidence in our industry.

by: Anonymous

I haven't paid for the certif, and I won't. I was looking into this one because it is a third of the cost, and I read these reviews. I went back to take the test, quessed the answers, then when I scored 40 percent, it told me to go back and correct my answers. I did, since it gave me the answers, and then wanted to me to buy a certificate.

by: Anonymous

I am a certified personal trainer with a ACE and NASM certification. I own my own fitness consulting company and have worked directly with ASFA. I also took the ASFA certification. It is very similar to all the certifications out there. Life experience in it self is good education. I stand behind ASFA for certification for any trainer. I have 2 consultants that have only ASFA and they are my best consultants.

you got to be kidding me.....
by: Anonymous

As someone who takes pride in their field. I think this is just the type of problem with the industry. If you really want to help people and care at all then you should have the desire to actually learn the basics. Remember the CPT is the basic outline which means you can begin to help people. But I would hope you would want to do and be a profesional and be the best you can be. I heard about this so I checked it out. And unless you have never looked at a magazine or worked out in a health club, then I would hope you would pass. This was by far the easiest test I have ever taken ( I have 13 certs.). I thought it was a joke for a minute? So if you feel like this is acceptable to have then i cant wait for the day when the NFBE takes affect for the industry. This will most certainly get rid of all of the under qualified riff raff in the industry that is giving us a bad name. Something to think about....

4 years in the Army (experience)
by: Anonymous

I took the martial arts conditioning coach certification, since I'm interested in Martial arts and fitness. I did 4 years in the military. I got an 80% on my first try. I wonder if this certification is really a legit one, because I am ready to pursue what I am passionate about (teaching martial arts and conditioning).

by: Anonymous

A whois lookup on the domain reveals the owner's address is an apartment in suburban St. Louis. Kurt Lippman (Elite Personal Training) appears to be the owner. Draw your own conclusion.

Hey, I PASSED...hmmm
by: Anonymous

I was just searching for personal training schools/certifications when I ran across ASFA. My husband is a Physical Educational Specialist and wants to open his own fitness center. I work out so I figured I would get certified so I can help with his business. When I saw the Start Test button I though it was a pre-test to encourage me to enroll in the course. I took the Martial Arts Conditioning and made a 72. I though this was funny. So, I took the womens self defense and passed with an 80. They would have SOLD me the two certificates right then. Some of the questions I passed simply because I opened a second browser window and researched the answers. It didn't even allow me to see which questions I got wrong. I can't say that I trust these results. I personally wouldn't put much respect in this certificate. It was tempting, especially since I passed but I would be scared of actually trying to assist clients.

If you have to ask.. guess what
by: CJ (US)

I will comment on what Roger stated. AFAA certification is the best, due to me moving forward and doing research on the cert for over 1 year now. Also, knowing people who have completed the ACE and AFAA and their feedback was that the ACE does not provide you with an adequate amount of training needed. Also, the BBB is the best way to check out any so called business and see if its LEGIT or not.! Take it for what its worth..

You get what you pay for! be careful

Advice: Get the AFAA training it will be benificial in the future.

by: Anonymous

They are not accredited through the Better Business Bureau. They are listed there at as an exercise equipment business.

Although they aren't approved
by: Anonymous

ASFA isn't accredited but neither is ACE. I find that quite fascinating, that one of the big 5 isn't Better Business Bureau accredited.

by: Pete

A question to those who have this certification. According to the website, they really don't seem to offer renewal certifications. If that's so, then are they issuing you a new certification ID number every year or do you keep your old personal ID? This is important because you certification won't reflect how many years you have been certified. Anyone else notice this?



Personal Training
by: Anonymous

I took the test and passed. I was searching around for a phone number to contact them to see if they were legitimate and I couldn't find a number. I also checked with local gyms to see if they accept ASFS certificate like Bally's, Gold Gym and Merritt Athletic and they all said no.

by: Anonymous

Someone wrote that there is insurance coverage for ASFA. I went to the insurance site and they did not list asaf as a group that can get insurance.

i too am quite an idiot and received my card and certificate-I guess you get what you pay for.

I am currently studying for the ace exam-finding it quite difficult.


Contact from
by: Anonymous

Business Contact and Profile
Name: American Sports & Fitness Association
Phone: (314) 327-9688
Address: PO Box 4304
Saint Louis, MO 63123-0104
Original Business Start Date: December 2008
Type of Business: Exercise & Physical Fitness Programs
BBB Accreditation: This company is not a BBB Accredited business.

I agree, You get what you pay for.
by: Fitness Director in KS

I have been in the Fitness Industry for over 25 years. This is the first time I have had one of my own Trainers take this type of short cut to say they are certified! This is a real embarrassment, I have hosted both Afaa and Neta Trainer and Group Fitness Certifications, both Nationally Accredited Organizations...I know they are legit and have been around for some time now, why sell yourself short? If you want to move up in your field and be accepted as a "Real Trainer", you will look into the Nationally Recognized Certs., those will take you where you want to go! Afaa, Neta & Ace..
Good Luck!

yer not serious..
by: Aidoplum

I took the test and passed! w00t!

that said, I failed it on my first attempt.. by not reading any question and simply scrolling down to bottom of the page and pressing 'grade', I got a rather disappointing 48%. however asfa were nice enough to show me all questions I got wrong. now since they are all true or false answers, I felt quite confident when changing the answers that needed changing. I didn't change enough though and failed again with a rather more promising score of 68%. again, they were nice enough to show me the what needed changing, and I managed to scrape through on my third attempt. I was kinda hoping asfa would simply have answered the questions for me on my third attempt, but still, I got my cert in under 2minutes..without reading a single question!!!

this is great - I'm a personal trainer now! gonna go out and do some serious damage to an elderly client!

why are people discussing this 'certificate'?? I'm sure I read some half positive comments from posters here???

ASFA rating
by: Anonymous

Some of the best trainers I know use this certification for marketing and to improve sales. So, I looked it up and called the BBB. The BBB lists them with 0 complaints within the last 36 months.

When I called the BBB, they told me ASFA has a B+ rating. When I asked why not an A with no complaints, they told me because it had only been in business since Sept. '07. As far as I am concerned, the BBB says they are fine.

I've been a trainer more than 10 years. Extra certifications on top of a primary or degree makes a big difference in marketing yourself.

ASFA Insurance
by: Anonymous offers liability insurance for ASFA trainers.

Don't do it, i did and loked like a fool.
by: The Real nigga

Mann, this is some **edited**, and I need to get a real cert. I went to all the gyms and applied myself with this cert. and got all the same answers... Basically shitted on myself. But I'm going to get an accredited cert. nobody should do this **edited** cert. test and it needs to be cracked down on quick.

PT director
by: Anonymous

I've been a PT regional director for more than 9 years. Really what matters is that you can show you know your stuff on the interview and you can get insurance with your cert. I've hired several ASFA trainers and they have had insurance. I've also turned away trainers with about every type cert. you can imagine - mostly because they interviewed poorly. The "your cert. is not accepted here line" is what employers say when they don't like you on the interview. If they do like you, you can get on w/any cert. as long as you have can get PT liability insurance. Blaming your cert. is a cop-out. My ASFA trainers have performed just as well and sometimes better than other trainers with various certs.

guy above
by: Anonymous

lol this is not an accredited certification therefore it is not accepted by true pt employers. don't make stuff up just because you hire unaccredited personal trainers at your hole in the wall gym

it's your skills!
by: Anonymous

This certification is recognized at all of the gym's recreation centers, YMCA's, that I have checked at.......Just make sure you have insurance, and current CPR, and your personality, and fitness routines speak for themselves! This field is about confidence, and leadership.....Of course you will want to get as many certifications as possible, but this is a great start.

millions of issues
by: Anonymous

Took test, passed, went to pay and it took me back to test. Re-did the test and took me to personal info again taking me back to retest. Now it was asking for $900. My account info was already in the screen. All kinds of weird things started happening to my computer and could not get it stop. Had to keep starting and stop my computer. Looked at BBB site as well. Yes, they show phone number but per the security of my bank they said the first number listed is a cell phone and when they answer they say "if you have trouble processing payment, leave your name and number or email....." We did this about 10 times and nothing. The one email I told them I was reporting them and then I told them the phone numbers were bogus. The 2nd phone number listed under additional locations on the BBB site is a person's house. When you call it a man answers half asleep and I asked him if I dialed the correct number and he said yes but it is not ASFA. I then emailed them one more time and advised them of my finding and they emailed back stating they are sorry for the confusion and thanked me for notifying them of the incorrect info on the BBB site. They said they will put the correct on the site. The phone number they said they would put on was the same phone number we had been calling so they were just trying to cover their you know what is what I think. Just my opinion. I had to have all kinds of things done to my computer and literally spent about 10 hours on this mess. Knowing what my emails said and the fact that they replied you would have thought we would have received a least one phone out of 10 or more but no.............. I had experts look into the site with me on my computer as they were logged into mine and they too agreed that it was bogus. When you hit the contact us at the bottom of the page, you get a list of frequently asked questions with no phone number or contact info so why isn't it labeled FAQ? The only way I got a number was looking up the BBB. I filed a BBB complaint.

Dont Be Lazy or slack with yourself
by: Anonymous

When u are trying to accomplish something , investigate, take ur time , and go with ur instincts. Many of us rush and then that is where the mistake begins. My gut feeling is the site is definitely not credible!!

by: Anonymous

Are you kidding... I do not want some "trainer" who took an on line test (possibly looking up answers as they go) with zero experience working in my gym. Personal training and fitness training along with kettlebells all require hands on, one-on-one training to ensure proper form and technique. The kettlebell test didn't even ask about body positions or hand grips ... this is a joke - my mom could have pass it and I don't want her training me.

by: Anonymous

ASFA Sports Nutritionist Certification
17.05.2009 | Author: Admin | Posted in Bogus
Certification: ASFA Sports Nutritionist Certification

Sponsor: American Sports and Fitness Association, LLC

Required Education: None.

Required Experience: None.

Required Membership: None.

Required Test: Unproctored, web-based, no references.

Fees: $85.

The ASFA Sports Nutritionist Certification should not be accepted as a valid endorsement for any sports, fitness, or nutrition professional. Certification is based solely on an unmoderated 75-question true/false and multiple-choice test. There are no prerequests, identification verification, nor any other requirement than a valid credit card or PayPal account. The test itself has no identified author(s), sources, reviews, or professional evaluations noted.

The test itself may be taken multiple times without penalty. Incorrect answers are visibly noted so the test-taker may revise their answers. No sports, fitness, or nutrition knowledge is actually required to successfully pass the test after the prompts. No fee is required until the test is passed; afterwards, a simple down-loadable PDF is made availablele.

There is no ?Association? behind the American Sports and Fitness Association. According to the Missouri Secretary of State, this organization is a simple LLC owned by a single person. It appears to have been formed in 2007. The domain was recently changed to a private registration company to mask ownership, but the company is owned by a Kurt Lippman and located in an apartment in St. Louis, MO.

From the certifiedsportsnutrition website

by: Anonymous

I thought this was too good to be true, so I emailed the company. They replied by the next day with a link to the BBB site, which said they were not accredited, but gave them a B+ rating. Makes me question the BBB....
This test sounds legit only because the name of the organization sounds cool... American Sport and Fitness Association. The gym at the college I go to in Arkansas right now won't even accept certifications from this site.
Basically, if you're not worried about finding clients or needing to be hired by a gym (any good gym won't accept this cert), I guess go for it just so you can get insured by the company that covers them, but how many people are in that situation?
Don't waste your money.
For $20 a year, you can create a website like this yourself. Heck, make up a test, charge people $100 bucks for it, and make more than you would as a personal!

career change for me



I heard it was an acreditable source. I am interested in becoming a senior fitness instructor and I want to take the easy route for certification. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Great For Those Starting Own Business
by: JaxSage

Although I'm against using this agency as your primary certification, I think it would be a great addition to the other certifications you have, especially for marketability. You may have a problem trying to find jobs in gyms with this certification, but if you're working for yourself, I don't see an issue here as people in general don't typically care about your certification or how you got it. But you may have one or two who are just curious, and it would be kind of embarrassing to tell them that you simply took a test online. But, that really shouldn't be a concern for you.

But as someone else said, you could get a reputable cert. and still not know what you're doing. But you could actually be an excellent trainer and get a cert. that is not reputable. I believe the best trainers are the ones who commit themselves to on-going education, including seeking other types of certs and seeking ways to enhance their knowledge and skills. If you're simply relying on ACE or another agency to make you into a great trainer, then you're sadly mistaken.

So, I'd say go for it, but only to ADD ON to what you already have to increase your marketability when starting your own business.

dont do it
by: Anonymous

I havent exercised hardcore since my navy days and the only knowledge I have of the human body is what I learned in surgical tech school. I took the exam and scored 100. I have no idea how to train someone, demonstrate proper form or talk about nutrition and yet thanks to this site I can be a personal trainer. Very scary and very dangerous.

The Real Facts about certification
by: Anonymous

Ok I found this site and read the reviews, here are my thoughts on this;

First ACE, AFAA, ACSM whatever you want to say is the best doesn't matter to me I have them all!

Also I have 30 years Martial Arts Training and Teaching experience with public, private, military and law enforcement students.

And Last I am in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Now you have my back ground on to the ASFA cert;

Anytime you first earn a certification you have no experience in the gym so all the whiners can about experience can just stop there.

Second the ability to review and "cheat" the test...well anyone can test prep and pass a test. Yes it can be done but that person should be spotted quickly by the hiring person.

Next as for the test being easy...well I found most of the Personal Trainer exams to be deal with it. No one based on paper alone should ever be turned loose on clients without supervision. And yes that includes ACSM which is the industry gold standard!

As for the tests given by this website the questions are right down the middle based on the other tests I have taken and passed.

AFAA which has been quoted many times does not impress me....sorry but its just another company that charges a large amount for a week long training seminar followed by a simple test on what they have drilled into your head.

All these certifications from all the companies are just a starting point and all the tests mean is that you have a basic knowledge for that level of special area.

All any of these mean is that the person has to potential to be trained correctly. Anyone the hires based on paper and does not train the new employee should be shot.

I would except anyone with one of these certifications into to an instructor training position until such time as I feel they are fully up to speed and doing it correctly.

I think if they took the "test review" away some of you would have a much harder time "passing" the tests...but either way it doesn't matter what paper you show me if you can't back it up its my job to spot it and not hire you.

If someone is a bad trainer in any field don't blame the paper...blame the gym, dojo or center that hired them and continues to let them work. And that goes for all certification AFAA, ACE, ACSM, ASFA...etc

Its says...
by: Anonymous

In the terms and conditions "As a certified ASFA professional I understand that: ASFA certifications are intended for niche marketing, continuing education, and as a resource for the fitness professional; ASFA certifications are not intended to be sole or primary certifications; ASFA certifications are not affiliated with national certification bodies; and ASFA is solely accredited by and affiliated with Elite Personal Training LLC and the Tactical Edge LLC." So, don't make it your only cert. Get a nationally accredited cert first and use these certs to boost your resume.

by: Anonymous

I've had a great experience with American Sports and Fitness Association. The group fitness/ boot camp cert is a great one to have these days.

ASFA investigated by State
by: Anonymous

This ASFA is being investigated by the State of Missouri and the owner accredits himself!!! Look into it. He owns the companys that he says backs him up. HEELLLLOOOOO. How credible can that be.

by: Brian NSCA, Crossfit, SPIN

....BUT.....I needed a quick group cert in order to start a Group Course at a reputable gym. If the original poster (OP) got a 40% on this thing....he/she is an idiot! Its all T/F with questions like "hydration is not important in group training"!!!! Good Lord!!!

I took this thing one wrong (dont know how or where). $99 and I'm set.

Any "online" test for fitness trainers is a joke. The fools on here that are "Directors" and gym owners are complete full of it when they state they have trainers with just ASFA certs. THAT is ridiculous!

>>> ACE sucks too.

I am NSCA. THAT is a real cert. Also, ACSM, and then CSCS. There are about 5 real true certs out there short of a kinesiology degree. Too much to explain.

Its like a "great car mechanic" getting an online cert to fix Porsche's. Is your body as important as a Porsche? So should be the cert!

Go to a school and LEARN all you can.

by: Anonymous

My cert. company accept them for CECs and they are cheaper and more convenient than anyone else. It's a great cert. if you use it for what it says on the homepage "continuing education and niche marketing".

by: Anonymous

Experience is the main key here, I don't care if you say you have the "Best" certificate out there, that's your opinion, and you only obtain about 30% of book knowledge.

I work in the field, served in the military for a lot of years, emt cert., cpr cert. college degree and have not had one of my clients complain. I know what I'm doing and don't have a PT certificate that I spent all this money on, because of it's name. Clients want someone who is confident and most of mine come from word of mouth.

They have never asked to see my cerficate. I also continue to educate myself in this field.I know the exercises better than those who obtain the "higher" class certificates or whatever you want to call them. I have insurance also. A piece of paper doesn't mean sh!t it's what you know.

it's all about money vs education...
by: Anonymous

I run a bootcamp business and a fitness studio.
we live in an area that is very rural and the average income is lower than $20K/year. Most people here cannot afford groceries much less a certification. So when I hire I look for practical experience over certifications. I also have my trainers do a trial period where I am watching over there shoulders as they teach, coach and train. my best trainers have NO certifications (GASP!) But read, research, study and attend other classes all the time. My worst trainers are both ACE certified. and can't coach worth beans.
MANY of the "big name" certifications are looking for a standardized and "legal" way to make sure we all have to pay THOUSANDS to keep certified.
I had a woman I was looking at as a business partner that had her master's degree in exercise science - meaning she had attended a minumum of 6 years studying exercise. BUT she can't get a JOB at GOLD'S GYM as a personal trainer since she is not CERTIFIED! huh?
my worst trainer (I fired) studied for about 6 months and got her ACE certification and is now working at GOLD's GYM - and I won't touch her!
She went on to start her own business in another town and has created a little fitness empire for herself and has my respect.

I started my business with absolutely no money. only had my college education in kinesiology and exercise science. I have had a rough life which has made it difficult to keep food on the table for the 5 kids I have. so expensive certifications and travel have come slowly and I do them as I can afford them. I started with a cheap crappy certification so I could get insurance on my business and continue to train, learn, read and certification as I can afford them. in the meantime, I keep working as a trainer.

by: Karen

As a heatlhcare professional for the past 35 years and a senior, I wanted to get a group of seniors together and do lo impact aerobics and a sittercize class. All ages participate and are welcome and I have use of a community room for no charge. This forces me to get some physical activity, which I would not do on my own, twice a week. This certification gives me the added step up while I continue weekly to learn and understand fitness from many areas.
I think this certification is great for those young and old, to do small groups with friends etc. and get a feel if this is an area you want to go further or not

Bachelor degree or Phd in this field is above
by: Anonymous

I have a great deal of interest in these field and we can not just trough away these tests but again you have to have "hands on" very important i classify that as a kid playing video games and some one who is out on the field and knows the materials from the books and first hand experience. I have been familiar with this sport business for a long time and i am familiar with personal training for 10 years worked with washington sport clubs and now i am training at ballys.One think we need to know is the simplicity of these tests administered by ASFA however it is intructive and it is not a test to become a brain surgeon but dealing with the entire body so one should be knowlegeable about the material even tough it has been proven that taking a true and false test just by geussing you can get close to a 50%.It is just test taking but you have to know the materials, the excercises, the mnachines, nutrition and proper lifting method if that is what you are studying. For me i dont think this test is bad it is just the easy method and the fact that is not standard and recognized by the leading personal training bodies.We just have to accept that and improved and add even a bachelor degree to that and personal knowledges.One thing to add also is the way your trainer communicate and and train that motivates me. If he can not have a conversation and show knowledge of the materials and does not even work out himself so you can see results what is the point of having him.

Make it Count
by: Master Tillman

I would say at first I had the same impression about the company but, work is hard and everyone is trying new things. Then I thought about martial arts Ive been training a long time and Im a 4th Degree Black Belt. A student asked me about the black belt I said the Belt doesnt fight for you, you fight for it. So with that said take the test pass it get the certificate but, make it count and if you feel it needs better backing join the guy and make it work. Everyone statrs at the bottom and work there way up So the company is new NCE was once new guy on the block.

Go through a credible fitness association first
by: Laura

I orginally recieved my certification with ISSA but unfortunantely when I had to renew I was pretty tight on money due to becoming pregnant with my 2nd child . I have been in the industry for 6 years and have competed as well in Figure. At the time ASFA was what was best for me with my prior experience and knowledge from ISSA . I do NOT promote anyone that does not have any knowledge in the fitness field to go through ASFA by it's self .

CECs and prior knowledge - good resource
by: Anonymous

I agree with the person above. ASFA is for people wanting CECs or to expand marketing. The site itself clearly states on the homepage, about us page and others that this test is for those who are already qualified and working in the field. ASFA has been a great resource to me and my trainers. You just have to use it the way it is supposed to be used - marketing and CECs for those with degrees or primary certifications.

Just Passed the AFSA
by: Anonymous

I went for the AFSA for the mere reason of financial matters. Although I am currently studying under the NSCA, I was in dire need to become certified in order to jump start my business. I think it is most beneficial for those that are knowledgeable, passionate and have changed lives for the better - - but does not have the means of obtaining an accredited cert. It is not the cert that predicates the quality of the trainer, but rather the trainer's quality of services rendered.

ASFA....Not so sure
by: G. Palmer

Been in martial arts for a three years off and on and one year solid now . This ASFA test for self defense is common sense.If went to take a self defense class with a instructor who only knows basic, and holds this certification, i would be a victom of fraud. Save your money and get dvd's or a book to learn, those who cant do...teach. sorry but this is not how it is done, hard work + study= knowledge....not how much you have in your wallet...if they gave doctors licenses out this way would you have him be your family doc?? think people!

Used them for years
by: Anonymous

My gym has used ASFA for 3 or 4 years without any problems. We keep all our staff's certs. active and keep full insurance for all employees. I've been really pleased with the selection of CECs and qualifications they offer. Also, they send informative newsletters every month.

For us, they work very well. I've never had an issue with their customer support or testing process. They have good qualilfications for someone to get who is already in the field.

by: Anonymous

According to a 2010 article published in the "St. Louis Globe-Democrat," online fitness certification programs that require no training or subject expertise are considered an embarrassment to many in the fitness industry. University of Missouri exercise physiology professor Steve Ball explains in the article that official-sounding certifications like those offered by the ASFA are designed to mislead individuals into buying essentially worthless "certifications" instead of going through rigorous and more costly certification programs offered by legitimate, nationally accredited institutions. The "Globe-Democrat" article also quotes Michelle Corey, president and CEO of the Better Business Bureau, who tells the newspaper, following a BBB investigation of the ASFA, "an ASFA certificate should have about as much credibility as a three-dollar bill."

Really people, this is just embarrassing. The BBB has all but called ASFA fraudulent and I agree completely.

The fact that the general public is clueless regarding which cert is legit or not is irrelevant. They assume you actually studied and prepped, not just handed over your credit card information, so in my eyes it's manipulative. Not a great way to begin a relationship with a client who has put their well-being in the trainers hands.

Any 12 year old could pass the ASFA. Don't believe me...

I've been a fitness professional for 20 years and doing the hiring and firing the last 15. If a situation arose where I had to choose between hiring an applicant with ASFA or someone with no certification, I'd hire the one without ASFA every time and train them up myself. As far as I'm concerned, the one with ASFA was too damn lazy or stupid to prep for a legitimate certification and trying to manipulate me and my clients into thinking they are in some way knowledgeable. I can't imagine a client asking "are you certified" and the trainer with ASFA answering "yes" and not feeling like a complete fraud.

By the way, NASM is the preferred cert for anyone in the trenches and hiring. Having said that, I have hired some clueless NASM trainers, so it's not failsafe by any means. If a trainer lacks passion for what he does, then it doesn't matter the certification or the degree. If you want to work in a university lab doing VO2max readings all day, then by all means go ACSM.

Continuing Ed.
by: Anonymous

I have a four year degree in Exercise Science and many certifications from different organizations. I've used ASFA for a long time and they have always been accepted for CEU/CECs for me.

Seems like most of the people that complain above just didn't take the time to read what these test are for.

I always get newsletters from ASFA about different endorsements and affiliations. I know Ideafit, Human Kinetics and all endorse ASFA.

If they are good with them and I can use ASFA for CECs, I don't see any problem. They've worked great for me.

just passed ASFA
by: Anonymous

i took the ASFA personal trainer test and passed. It seemed really a good way to get started, my husband is an ACE trainer and is going to be able to watch over me for the 25 hours that is states you need and i plan to get CPR certified and keep insurance so i feel pretty good about it, i have trained clients and not charged them because i had no way to prove i was certified to do so, so really i was their workout partner. But i am hoping i can use this as a tool to get me going and become certified through another entity as well. Can someone give me some feedback on this, i am pretty bummed after reading some of the comments. Thanks!

my thoughts
by: Anmyonymous

I am an instructor for over 17yrs. Ive owned my own gym for 10 yrs. Ive had new instructors doing affa in 3 days and passed but could not deliver. asfa is good as any, what is important is starting and keep learning from as you go along. Experience is the key as it also comes with knowledge. asfa, ace afaa etc...I know someone with all..and is not good! so blah blah..certs don't make a good trainer but its a start.

by: Anonymous

I have been in the fitness industry for 25 years was once certified through AFAA aerobic instructor, weight room certified step and received my personal trainer certification through Deep South and kickboxing through ISCA however they need to be updated, the gym that i worked at and trained clients at and taught classes at closed their doors about a week ago, therefore i was left with all these clients and members looking at me saying where do we go now? there are only 2 other gyms (franchises) in the area, now these gyms need my certs updated so i went to the ASFA site to get something quick so that my clients would not have any downtime, the club i am looking into joining as well as telling all members to join says they need a certification from a nationally accredited organization...i passed the test but do not want to press the pay button until i can get a clear cut answer of if ASFA is a nationally accredited organization.... help!! i have a meeting in about an hour and would like to press the button pay for the cert and have it in my hand when i go for my interview...

ASFA is definitely good as a continuing educational choice for building a niche or specialty.
by: Anonymous

ASFA does offer a study program for most of its certification programs. Im currently studying for the martials arts fitness instructor certification. The textbooks are from human kinetics and the material im reading is definetly very informing and im learning alot from the books. ASFA does good at what it does, providing specialty options and continuing education options.

Some additional thoughts on ASFA.
by: Anonymous

It was never meant to be your primary certification so dont market it as such at the big box gyms for a job. Use the education as secondary support knolewde, specailty options, niche building and a means to market yourself and your specialized training. And of course, if you have a shred of professional integrity in you, dont cheat the test.

ready to test for the ACE CPT
by: Anonymous

I have recently finished with both study books for the ACE CPT. I want to take the test, but money is very tight. I've been in the fitness field for over 10 years, a military vet and former college all-american in track & field. Would getting this cert be a waste of time? I took their test and passed with 92%. All I want to do is get in the door at a decent fitness facility, then when the money is right get my ACE CPT. I'm at a crossroad...

ACTION does accept ASFA Courses for CEC/CEU
by: Ricky

As long as you petition for it. Currently im studying the martial arts fitness instructor program as a specialty for a particular niche market. I have also heard other big player certification organizations will accept ASFA Courses for CEC/CEU Credits as long as you petition for it. ASFA is excellent for a great variety of continuing education choices. They can help you build a specailty or get you into a niche market. The study curriculum is excellent and informative plus will provide a more advanced education to add on to your previous knowledge from your primary certification course. The certification is not nationally accredited so it should be used as secondary and support knowledge. Also there are many study options allowing you to choose what to study. As for cheating ASFA Exams ive known NPTI classmates who cheated the final exams and who knows what other exams they cheated so it boils down to a choice, do you want to be a true professional and be legitimate or are you going to take the easy lazy way out, in the end its all about honesty and your the one who has to look at yourself in the mirror.

The Real Legitimate Information
by: Kenny

I have read about this and I will give it to you like this from 39 days of research.

1. You can get insured with a ASFA certification and a certification through IFA I have not found someone that will ensure you but you can get hired at most gyms with a IFA certification. I know because half of our personal trainers making over $65,000 a year have a IFA certification. I had friends who were ACE and NASM certified look at the certification and they say if a insurance company looks at it then you are more then likely going to be legit if you can get insurance.

2. Get multi certified like me. I went for what I could afford so got the ASFA, then the IFA and am working to save to get the NASM and ACE. It does not hurt to have multiple certifications. Start somewhere and just know that you may not get hired at a gym with a ASFA but then get your IFA which covers 80% of most gyms including franchises. A IFA is only $109 for just the card and $139 for the card and certificate which you get a digital and mailed copy.

3. Take some college classes for nutrition or do what II did and get a degree with your electives and science classes in health and wellness. I took nutrition, anatomy and physiology, and medical terminology for my business degree as elective and science classes.

4. Certification doe snot mean you should not study more. So you are certified, now shadow someone. I shadowed trainers I work with and saw different styles. Do what I did and work in sales in a gym and get exposed to how to sell and train people.

5. Whether you work for a gym or not you're still running your own business so if you cannot get into a gym right away do not worry. I am starting my own business and work for a gym. Look for other certs. like group fitness, boot camp and other things that will get you in a gym. Not only can you work multiple spots but it adds prestige to your personal training. I am getting Zumba, Yoga and Pilates certified. Zumba has its own certification criteria and you can only get certified through them.

Hope this helps and not all of us have the money to go for the expensive certs. so start off small and work your way up. Either way you will want insurance and ASFA you can get insured for $192 a year if you do it full time for $1,000,000/$3,000,000.

You are what you eat
by: Anonymous

I took this test. I rehabilitated 2 clients with an impingement, and previously torn tendon, I had 7 clients I'm in school though for personal training. This test is basic you have to really know what you're doing hen you train people meaning you would need at least basic nutrition, exercise science, kinesiology, etc. take this then NASM. I have shadowed quite a bit of trainers certified from aaai nscf nsca NASM and not everyone knew what they were doing. I asked them about BMI lean mass fat mass, energy expenditure, antagonist, agonist, synergist muscles, etc. bottom line you're only as good as by how much you know and or how much your mentor knows and how much respects you have for other trainers you can learn from everybody but be careful because not everybody knows what they are doing, like most of the people on this thread who says I'm certified here and there etc. it's not about money, if you want to help people find ways to encourage others to learn more. Yes I know all the bones in the body and practically almost every muscle yadayada yada. I interview old people and young people and what and how they eat. I learn other peoples habits and substitute new ones. You can't remove crutches without giving out an alternative. Be aware , don't be afraid to learn, respect and learn from others. I certified for asfa for one reason to say I was a certified trainer. Certifying for NASM and easily going to pass it in a month and then go back to school for biomechanics. You only get out what you put in.

asfa cert
by: Old Timer

First of all all fitness certs are BS all this was started as a load of crap for the big health spas to make it look like they are experts and know what they are doing. Well I have been in fitness and bodybuilding
for more than 30yrs I have trained with and have advice from some of the best I started at age 15 i have trained at golds venice world gym venice at flex it costa mesa etc.. no of those who taught me were certified and did not have to be are you really going to Lou or Arnold Bill Pearl or any of the great teachers if they are certified NO! Just because you are certified by this place or that place does not amount to anything, Oh dont believe me just go into any 24hr LA fit or any place else and watch these so call PTs better yet look at the shape they are in and how old they are you think some young punk who has a cert whether one day or a week long really knows what the heck he is doing? (WHAT A JOKE) ITS ALL A SCAM! AND A SCARE TACTIC TO MAKE MONEY. But thats just my opinion and many of us Veterans in the field.

It works for personal use but not at most gyms
by: Independent Owner

The ASFA works for personal use and allows you to get insurance. I use it currently but have been NASM certified but do not like the high fees. I also went to college for nutrition and sports training but as I said some certifications are expensive. I have seen some gyms accept it and some not. However, regardless certified or not any gym will test you in person to see your training style and how you do your workouts regardless of nay certification. Places like Golds Gym and other gyms like that do not pay well even if you are certified. I received $3 million in insurance through the HSPA after getting certified through ASFA. If you cna get insured it is legit as far as I am concerned. Been ASFA certified for 2 years and work self employed.

Kris, do not worry!
by: Anonymous

If you look through the threads you will see that the ASFA has helped many people. You can receive insurance through the HPSO which is one of the best insurance companies out there. I have a certification through them and run my own business doing this. You won't be bale to go to 24 hour fitness or Golds Gym and be a personal trainer there as they require something like NASM, but they only pay about $10 a hour or so, so why would you want to? If you plan on starting your own business it is a great fit. If you want to go to a brand name gym then you need a certification somewhere else. No offense, but you really need to do your research before applying for a cert so you know what you can and cannot do with it.

Doesn't hurt
by: Anonymous

I think it is ok in addition to a better personal trainer certification.If you get like a kick boxing trainer certificate to go with your personal trainer certificate.

I have been coaching, training and competing for 25 years.
by: Anonymous

I am a high level powerlifter with over 25 years of experience coaching young athletes. Many of them hold National records. I did this with no certification; voluntarily within the confines of our strength club. I have taken a few of the exams the ASFA has to offer and felt they were a good way to gauge my many years of hands on experience. Personally, I feel many of the "real" certs, as some of you have stated, are more of a money grab. I have had many "Master Trainers" consult me on lifting over the years. Years of hands on knowledge cannot be dismissed. When you have a full time job during the day, a family, after hours volunteering, etc... There is no time for school! These certs are a perfect answer for people like us.

Is Credible
by: Ivy

It clearly states for professionals. If you have been in the profession for an extensive period of time and want to add on to your credentials you can. Only thing is you will not be able to add it to your trainers insurance unless approved. Depends what field.

Fitness Certifications
by: Anonymous

ASFA and Zumba are similar. For Zumba certification, you pay your money, attend an all day workshop, and voila you can teach Zumba.

25 yr veteran trainer
by: Anonymous

I've taken a break from my long 25 yrs or so as a fitness trainer w ACE, NSCA, ISSA certifications, running coach, cycling coach, triathlon coach, spin inst, and TRX certifications,etc.
A legitimate professional that has trained for many years exclusively in high end Country Clubs training the likes of many doctors and so on, as well as teaching classes in Fire Service Fitness at the local college to pass the fitness requirement testing for Fire Service..
I can tell anyone that an online certification is certainly not even close to being adequate to actually train people. Easily if one wants legitimate reputation and credentials, one needs to aquire a tough and respected Certification like ACE, or NSCA. There are about 5 top tier certs out there, and they take hard study in order to pass the tests and have a basic solid starting point of knowledge base at which to train someone. Plus it takes probably 5 years of actually training people full time to actually be a competent trainer. One place I worked for 13 yrs w 20 other trainers, it was always easy to spot a novice w no real expertise in training. Only top tier certifications were even acceptable, and certainly not an online one. If one is serious, spend your time and energy to get a top tier, as it will pay off in knowledge dynamics, as well as employment opportunities.

How is this legit?
by: ZenJen

I was looking to get certified in Kettlebells, obviously DragonDoor and Strong First is legit, and it’s thousands to keep up your cert every two years …then I saw this ASFA certification for a LIFETIME cert for 599.
I took the test thinking it was just a teaser to get in the door…(I just googled many of the answers ) but then when I passed with over 80% they would have allowed me get a lifetime cert. in Kettlebells without even knowing if I know how to swing one lol.

It’s like making someone a surgeon because they just read an anatomy book. I guess that it’s a legit cert. because others on this forum have claimed to have received an email to print out their cert. and the public probably has zero idea as long as they see your certified…but it just seems scummy to me.

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