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The CHEK Institute?

by Joe
(New York)

Just wondering if anyone is familiar with or has a certification with the CHEK Institute?

I'm looking at their CHEK Exercise Coach certification - but the price is a bit steep. I wanted to get some feedback on it before I make a decision.

Thanks for the help.

Comments for The CHEK Institute?

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chek Institute
by: Rob

Joe, I am have been looking at the Chek as well. I believe you can get chek Certified coaches in your are via the website and they are available to answer any questions.
Godd luck,

Don't do it.
by: Chris Lutz

The CHEK institute is a functional training organization. Functional training seems to be a trend lately to me and is far from something science based.

Functional training obviously has some benefit, and can be a great addition to a well-designed strength program. However, I personally feel it should never take the place of a structured strength training routine. I recommend using a combination approach, which utilizes machines, free-weights, bodyweight, balls, bands, and anything that is going to deliver the desired results.

CHEK Exercise Coach
by: Michael

I was planning to do the Exercise Coach qualification but it was cancelled at the last minute. I learnt a lot from the (outdated) pre-requisite DVDs but decided against rescheduling for another Exercise Coach course. With the yearly renewal fees and continuing education costs coupled with the cheap 20 year old DVD copies I received, I decided to look at alternatives. In the end I did the Premier Resisted Movement Training course which covered a lot of the CHEK stuff at a much reduced price.

I like it
by: Sherwood

I like the CHEK material. Though currently I'm studying IFPA which is good as well.

CHEK material is very expensive though. Yet I think some of their inexpensive material is great for Continuing Education which Personal Trainers need to maintain whatever certification they may have.

I will say a lot of this Nutrition material is on point and would suggest looking into that. It goes along with a lot of the research today and encourages the eating of natural foods, certified organic mainly. Yet not to misquote, check into it yourself.

Worth It
by: Andrew

The CHEK Institute indeed promotes functional training. However, it doesn't promote functional training as doing weird exercises on balls or changing up a stance to a single-leg for no reason other than to make the exercise "fun".

Functional training simply means, what kind of training will best benefit an athlete/client in his/her environment. While a skateboarder will benefit from training on an unstable surface, a football player will benefit most from classic strength exercises such as squats, deadlifts, lunges, etc.

The CHEK Institute is a great program in that it helps you think about these variables for yourself rather than promote a structured "one way only" approach as many entry level certifications do. There are other certifications that do this also, possibly for a lower price.

However, if you do go the CHEK route, even though the DVDs are in dire need of refilming and updating, the seminars are intense and very useful in designing smart and efficient strength and conditioning programs that will achieve results. Another certification you may want to check out are RTS as it incorporates a lot of physics and basic considerations about lines of force into training which are often ignored. Hope this helps!

Chek cert.....
by: New Port Beach trainer

I have been a trainer for over 20 yrs, I am enrolled in the Chek Intense Bio Mechanic Golf Cert program on recommendation of a friend of mine who travels with the PGA and who is friends with Paul Chek....I have talked to the trainers who are cert through Chek and they are all that and MORE! yes expensive but worth it. They go in more depth on assessing clients.Very detailed oriented which I like! Chek gets my vote!

Have several CHEK certs
by: Anonymous

Can only say good things about the content of the programs but too expensive to keep up CEUs and recertification fees.

Some of the classes are too militant (you'll get a taste of that on the videos) for me, personally, to have a positive, retentive learning experience.

For a professional organization, I get far too many solicitous emails emanating from the institute for various other money marketing/making prospects.

Definitely worth it!
by: Brian Reintgen

Yeah its a little expensive but you can't be cheap with your education. People that want to pinch pennies won't be at the top of their field. I've personally met hundreds of so called experts in the field of fitness and in my own personal opinion, the CHEK institute is the best. As far as the out-dated videos go, i dont care if the video is 50 years old or a caveman is teaching me, as long as im smarter and more educated by time im done watching. Bottom line; well worth it and good luck!

by: Rossana Creamer

I strongly recommend the Chek Institute for any of their programs. Is Holistic, it is functional. I have a B.A. in Exercise and Sports SCience and B.S. in Dietetics. I am NSCA-CPT and I will take the Exercise Coach and Holistic Lifestyle Coaching this year. I have been working with a Chek Practitioner, who also teaches CHEK courses, and I have seen great results in my health. We've been working on health issues that NO M.D. could find out what it was. The courses are expensive, but well worth it.

do it
by: Anonymous

i have been going to a highly certified chek practictioner in southern california, chris maund in encinitas and brent meier in los angeles. my friend sees janet alexander in encinitas regularly. they are WAY beyond any "trainer" i've ever trained with, if you get the chance to speak with any of them, i'd recommend it.

CHEK all the way!
by: Anonymous

Yes some of the dvds do need updating but the content is far superior to anyone else in my opinion, and yes you could find similar cheaper courses that talk about the same sort of stuff, but CHEK is the original at this stuff and like someone else said you can't pinch pennies if you want to get to the top, learn from the best, apply it and the CHEK institute will be the best investment you ever made.

Speaking from experience, The CHEK Institute has literally transformed me as a trainer, and has enabled me to literally charge double and even triple the prices of my competitors! So I don?t care how much the courses cost because I know I?m getting the very best in education. For me it?s a no brainer to invest in the CHEK institute if you want to be among the top coaches in your area.

by: George

As a CHEK practitioner, I would strongly reccomend the CHEK program. If you really want to learn how the human body works, there is no other program that is as comprehensive. No other cert I've had requires the knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics that the CHEK program does. The assesment skills are essential in designing programs ofr people with a wide variety of posture and chronic pain issues. The lifestyle aspects of this system are as important as the physiology. If you want to separate yourself from the rest and recieve a high degree of knowledge, CHEK is the way to go.

Email me
by: Anonymous

I would like to know if you need a strong background in anatomy to start

Look at more well rounded programs
by: Kimo

CHEK is operating on the trendy "Functional Training Craze" Don't go with gimmicky Certs.

Get real
by: Manny

Met a C.H.E.K. Certified practitioner recently and was appalled at his lack of fundamental knowledge. I'm a clinical exercise physiologist with bachelor's and master's in exercise physiology plus ABD in clinical physiology. Also more than 20 years experience in the field as well as ACSM and NSCA credentials and state licensure. DVDs don't cut it, gang.

CHEK is what CHEK is
by: Anonymous

If you are a clinical exercise physiologist with bachelor's and master's in exercise physiology plus ABD in clinical physiology, you probably will be 'appalled' by a lot of providers' level fundamental knowledge.

how about something like an NSCA CPT? hm? what about their 'fundamental knowledge'?

i know from personal experience the materials for CHEK certification is MUCH more well-rounded and appropriate. i'm taking the courses now. all of the CPT certs i looked at before going with CHEK follow a very narrow FDA-type of guidance. bleh, CHEK is so far above and beyond any of those certs it isn't even funny. i'm just glad the course books i bought for NSCA and NASM were used. because i threw them in the recycling bin after a few times reviewing their content. no wonder CPTs get such a bad rap.

take time to read through what CHEK is about. and stop comparing apples to oranges.

I would not spend money any where else...
by: Anonymous

I have made my way through the entire CHEK schooling and feel that it deals with more than physical or nutritional imbalance. CHEK has created a system that enlightens a person. My business and personal life have truly gone through a metamorphosis as I applied the principles over 8 years of training with the institute. Yes, it does cost a lot of money and it was something I was concerned with in the beginning too. After making the investment, healing my spine, energy and belief systems I began to make more money then ever because I have the ability to help people do the same! I would suggest working with a skilled Chek practitioner to understand the in depth level of the training and experience the healing first hand in your own body:)

CHEK Institute only for the High End Intelligent Trainer

I have traditional NASM, Coopers, ACE and NSCA CSCS Certifications. All have provided me with fundamental principles, but no real tools to handle complicated PT client cases. I am also a R- Physician Asst with a relatively strong medical background in clinical and surgical Neuro.

CHEK Institute is not just DVD study, it serves as a weeder, prerequisite for gain into a VERY COMPREHENSIVE 1 week workshop designed to teach applications of advanced program design and corrective strategies for specific body dysfunctions which most people have. Following the workshop you have to a grueling written test to attain a CHEK Certification.

There are 5 levels of CHEK Exercise and Practitioner each approx $2600 each. It is coupled 3 levels of Lifestyle Coaching at $1500 each. Roughly a yearly investment of $4000. be prepared to spend a full year of reviewing CHEK DVD and reading required study material ,including Orthopedic Medical Books in order to prepare you for the 1 week comprehensive workshop. If you don't you will be lost and fall behind in the workshop.

Moreover, the typical CHEK Institute student population consists of Physical Therapists, Osteopathic MD, Nurse practitioners, Physician Assistants, RD's, ND's, Dentists and of course health and fitness professionals. They all understand the value of CHEKism, and the marketability of being a CHEK Practitioner, and no longer being just a rep counting personal trainer.

Before you DIS the Institute get your facts straight. Majority of Personal Trainers I know won't be able to pass the 150 question exams after each DVD module with just NASM knowledge. And this is just the beginning of priming your for the hands on workshop.

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