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American Senior Fitness Association

by Jim Cullen
(Las Vegas, NV)

I recently took the ASFA Level One certification course and was informed by phone that I had passed the course. They promised to send me acknowledgment of my certification within 2-4 weeks. After 4 weeks, I e-mailed them and got no response. I called them and they told me that they would send the certificate out in a day or two, but it never arrived. Two weeks later, I called them again and they said that they would e-mail me a copy, but they never did. I'm beginning to wonder about the credibility of ASFA. Has anyone else experienced problems with this organization?

Comments for American Senior Fitness Association

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by: Anonymous

I just received my study materials in the mail from them and then read your post. Did you ever get your letter? Everything I have read/heard about them sounds legitimate, but after reading your post, I am concerned.

Was this resolved?
by: Anonymous

I am considering this program, it looks like just what I am looking for. My only reservations stem from reading your comment on this site. Was this resolved? Why the delay? Was it a simple typo in your address or something more? What did you think of the program, do you feel prepared and educated? Your post is not dated so I don't know if this happened this month or five years ago. Please advise. Thanks. Roberta

American Senior Fitness Association
by: Anonymous

I am interested in group teaching seniors. I do it now on a pro-bono basis but want to get certified so that I can earn money doing it. What about having ASFA's Senior Fitness Instructor Advanced Qualification as my only certification?

Jim did you ever get it figured out?
by: Vicki

I was planning to use this stuff when my grant comes through, to certify the volunteers with the non profit organization of which I am currently the Executive Director. But unless I see that it really is legitimate, I cannot in any good conscience use the grant dollars for this certification.

by: Anonymous

It took me about two months or more to get my certificate of completion from ASFA and then only after a number of follow-up phone calls and lame excuses. I originally planned to go for the full senior fitness certification, but after the above mentioned experience I settled for the certificate program just to get the CEC credit. My impression is this is a business run out of someone's home. I can't prove it but that was my impression. I will say,however, that their newsletter information seems to be well researched and informative.

ASFA certificate not received as yet
by: Anonymous

I took and passed part 1 and 2 of the American Senior Fitness Association.( personal training) I did receive verification on their forms for each part. I was mailed a copy of the actual Senior Personal Trainer Certificate, as well. I did not, however receive the actual certificate and it has been over 2 weeks and 3 telephone calls. Today is Fri Nov 12 and I was told that they believe the original certificate was sent out last week(was sitting in their mailroom) but they will mail out another original certificate this coming Monday as they are short staffed due to illness. I will keep all informed. Please do the same

all complete/ took a while
by: Anonymous

I have received all my papers and certificates. Response time was slow, but all is well. The courses were very informative and the exams challenging. This is a reputable association.
Good luck to all.

Great course!
by: MF

I took this course a year or so ago and was very impressed with it. I agree, they have a tendency to be slow, but I found the materials to be first rate. I was disappointed, however, in the certificate. It had no color or seal on it. Perhaps they have improved them by now. I took the course for the education however, as I have a wall full of pretty certificates.
As another writer said, I didn't take this for "full credit" as I didn't want to have to pay the additional fee or arrange to take the test.

by: Anonymous

1/29/13 I noticed that no comments had dates attached, and I am still confused as to whether the SFA is a recognized and worthwhile organization in which to receive a certificate. Can someone respond please?

SFA Leader in Senior Fitness Education
by: Anonymous

In order to receive a certificate you will need to satisfactorily complete part one, part two, **and pass with 80% or better** a comprehensive test covering senior specific topics (TIA/Stroke, Blood Pressure, COPD, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Chronic Disease, Neuropathy, Cardiovascular Scenarios, Mental Health, Nutrition, Vision, Hearing, Medications and side effects, on and on...)

by: Anonymous

Florida Profit Corporation

Filing Information

Document Number
FEI/EIN Number
Date Filed
Last Event
Event Date Filed
Event Effective Date

Principal Address


Mailing Address

P.O. BOX 2575

Changed: 03/23/2006

Registered Agent Name & Address

Receiving Certificates
by: Sydney Zaremba

I just want to say that I have been dealing with the American Senior Fitness Association for 7 years and they have been terrific! I realize it takes a little time to obtain the certificates, but I find that starting early helps. As I write this, I am anxiously awaiting my certificates, but i do know they will get here soon.

It can be frustrating, but just continue trying to reach them and they will come through. I find this organization to be totally reputable and very helpful under most every circumstance.

American Senior Fitness Assn
by: Roy Patterson

I have a almost 7 years experience with working Seniors as Senior Exercise-Fitness Instructor. I am thinking of taking their three part senior exercise training course. They give a 30 day money back guarantee. I am going to preview the course and will let everyone know what I think.

DATE of this post 9/21/2018
by: Meredith

I am interested in taking the certification courses offered at American Senior Fitness Association. I've read through the posts here but because there are no dates they are somewhat worthless. The exception is the "dissolution" of the company from 10+ years ago. Can someone with experience at ASFA post with the date in the comment title. Thanks so much! We want to help our seniors (me included)

Is ASFA Legit?
by: Anonymous

I also have been interested in taking their Certificate of Advanced Qualification for Senior Fitness. So far I have only attempted communication by email message. I have made two attempts now but have received no responses. I will attempt to call the number given to see if I am able to speak in person with anyone. At best, they seem to have poor customer service.

Questionable Organization
by: Anonymous

Have been pursuing some form of customer service with this organization for well over six months now. I have emailed several times and made phone calls and left voicemails as well. No one has ever responded! Altho their course looks good, I am extremely cautious and hesitant to send any money as I really can't tell if they are legitimate or not. If they filed for dissolution, why would they still be promoting their courses?

No activity on website or Facebook page since 2013
by: Anonymous

04/11/2019 If you look at their website and Facebook page, there has been no activity since 2013. They don't even try to update it. And they don't even apologize for having dead information. Has anyone taken these classes recently? I think it is atrocious to have to beg them for earned certificates. Poor customer service? No. Bad manners and poor business practices. I mean if we are paying money, have the common decency to send pieces of paper in a timely manner.

by: Anonymous

Those pieces of shit took my money and I haven't heard back from anyone. I never got my Part 1 Certification and for my Part 2 Certification, they forgot to include the question booklet. Sometimes they pick up the phone. A lot of the time their voicemail box is full, and they never answer their emails. **STAY AWAY AND FIND A BETTER ORGANIZATION!!!"

American Senior Fitness Association is a SCAM!
by: Anonymous

I paid $259 for this training because my job required it. They probably just thought it looked legit and maybe it once was.

Over 6 weeks later, I have not received my training package or so much as a confirmation email or receipt.
I called their two numbers on their website and one went to a generic voicemail (with no brand mentioned) and the other went to a wrong number. I emailed and have not received a response yet.

I am disputing the transaction with the bank and soon reporting them to the BBB and police.

This is incredibly poor customer service at best and a total scam at worse.

Call them or get in touch before you pay any money to this shady organization.

by: Anonymous

6/3/2019...I have been certified through the ASFA for 23 years and have certified many, many employees over that period.
I have found that the materials are simple, but thorough, and Grant, the coordinator to be pleasant, albeit fairly scattered.
It does take time to get materials and certificates, but they are definitely a well recognized and legit organization.
I just reached them today and Grant and two other employees have been out for health issues for the past few weeks... so responsiveness has been worse than usual!

Seeking training advice
by: Arna

Aug/ 2. 2019
I am pursuing the opportunity to teach seniors a type of folk dance (Klezmer -- with a band). So I am interested in training for teaching group dance (not general aerobics, etc.) for older participants (not all ages). ASFA turned up in my search last night. I thought it had potential in that it was more specific than, say, ACE or AFAA. The web page that turned up, though, was 10 years old! And now I am reading these disturbing comments.
Does anyone have suggestions for me? I would prefer a "live" course and live in the DC / Baltimore area.
Many thanks!

not responsive to recertification request
by: Anonymous

Nobody seems to be home. My request for recertification has not been responded to. At least you can reach them by phone. When I have called on two separate occasions, I get a mailbox full message.

November 14, 2019
by: Anonymous

Never received certificate for recertification, which I paid for and they posted the check last summer -- SFA has received an F from BBB.

Certification not received
by: Anonymous

I have been certified though ASFA since 2010. They generally have been a good organization to work with, but over the past several years, it has taken longer and longer to receive materials and get callbacks. Most recently, I sent my re-certification materials in along with my $55.00 check. This was in August. With the pandemic, I gave them some time, but did call and leave a message beginning later September. Since that time, I called and left 2 additional messages and have sent 3-4 emails and received no correspondence. Further, now, when I call the toll free or direct numbers, I am being told that the numbers are no longer in service. They cashed my check about a month ago and no materials. I am in concerned since I won a business that works with older adults and once the pandemic improves, we need to get back to work. I really don't want to pay a lot for another certification. I am frustrated, but I also hope that Janie and Grant are okay.

Certification not received
by: Anonymous

I believe they are out of business for good. Out of money and nothing to show for it. Shame, shame, shame ASFA.

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