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AFPA Certification

by Beth

Can anyone offer any information on the AFPA certification through the American Fitness Professionals and Associates? I was kind of impressed with their criteria for certification, but I know they are not widely known. Any help would be appreciated.

Comments for AFPA Certification

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AFPA is great
by: Anonymous

AFPA certifications are universally accepted throughout the fitness industry and have been peer reviewed and approved for continuing education credits. AFPA certification is approved, endorsed, and/or accepted at many health, fitness and wellness facilities such as those listed below:

US Department of Defense
Powerhouse Gym
Curves for Women
Ladies Workout Express
World Gym
24 Hour Fitness
LA Fitness
Gold's Gym
Bally Total Fitness
Work Out World
Reebok Sports Club

SHould Consider ..........
by: Anonymous

ISSA instead. Their course materials are more comprehensive.

AFPA certification
by: Anonymous

I am AFPA certified and the material is worth the money. I carry it with me all the time and continue to use it as reference material. I also like their continued education courses.

Tell me about AFPA personal training
by: Eric

I am currently a college student and I live in a college dorm with no car. I was looking for a certification program that I can achieve without the hassle of traveling and I came across AFPA. Everything looks appropriate but I do not want to get ripped off! I am broke enough already since I am in college ha. So can anyone tell me whether AFPA is legitimate and worth shooting for?

AFPA Referral
by: Anonymous

AFPA is reputable. One of the things that impressed me was that they are an NBFE affiliate and that the GI Bill will pay for you to go there. They offer in -home exams; however, you have to submit practical demonstrations through video or still pictures in order to pass the test. They respond very timely to emails and have great support. I am interviewing for several places this week.

Enjoyed Experience with AFPA
by: Samantha

I just recently received a cert from AFPA and am working on another. I also went to one of their conferences. They were all very professional and pleasant to deal with. I am new to the industry and had my doubts, but ppl I work with that have various certs and have been in the Fitness arena a long time said AFPA is a great cert to have. Several recommended AAAI but after reviewing the cost and what was little was involved for the testing, AFPA seemed overall a better fit for me. So far I have been very happy with my dealings with everyone at AFPA. I would recommend giving them a chance. Good luck to you!

Not pleased with AFPA material or support
by: Robert

I just get the AFPA package and I am very disappointed overall and will not test with them.

When I got the package (1 Hardcover book, 1 Soft cover book, 3 DVD's) I was excited because it looks very professional. I have been training for many years and am certified with NCSF. At first glance the material looks great so I started quickly going through the books and found a couple of exercises that are contraindicated which one is the very common Front Lunge. Their explanation says to not allow the knee to go TO FAR in front of the toes?!?!? WHAT? The toes should never go past the toes in a stationary lunge. I called AFPA ask why this is written this way and the lady started first by ask me WHAT ARE YOUR QUALIFICATION? What does that have to do with? If the exercise is wrong it is wrong Period!. Then I looked at the 2 Exercise DVD's that had a girl explaining exercises and having clients demonstrating. She read her clips board without really watching the person much at all, she had to stop and correct what she explained in many of the exercises like she really did not know what she was talking about and was just reading off the paper in front of her. I saw about 15 different exercises that were done with poor form and she did not correct, here is the list of a few;

Body weight squat:
The person appeared to roll slight on is toes and the instructor said that you should EXHALE on the way down and INHALE on the way up?!?! HUH? I asked AFPA about this and they said you can do it either way breathing can be done how you want.

Inner and Outer Rotator Cuff Rotations:
The instructor was allowing the client to let his arm come away from his body 8-10 inches rather than keep the elbow next to the body.

Side Lateral Lunge:
The person did a side Squat not a Lunge I was told there are different way to do a lunge. A side lunge one leg is extended further than the other in this demo she was just side stepping and dropping her glutes straight down in the middle like a body weight squat.

There were many others to the above but with the same poor form and explanations.

I thought maybe I could get some explanation when I called but the girl just kept questions my qualification. I understand why she was asking but she told me I had to prove these exercises were being done wrong and then they would look into it.

I am putting these books on the shelf and will not be taking their test.

Do your research before spending $400 with these people.


To the person who is NCSF certified!
by: Chris

To start off, I have been a bodybuilder since I was 14 years old, with that knowledge alone, I have worked with many trainers, and my gym OWNER, who has won the Oklahoma Masters in bodybuilding 4 years running, and is the top personal trainer and nutrition expert in oklahoma, is AFPA certified. I know 2 other gym OWNERS, and bodybuilder/trainers who are AFPA certified. As well will I be in coming months. Dont bag on it just cause your a NCSF and you think your shit doesnt stink cause of it, the only reason Im not training now is cause I dont have a paper stating Im qualified to do so. Go with AFPA, they are HIGHLY recognized all OVER the country, and they are the NICEST people to call and talk to about anything you might want to ask them.

by: Anonymous

It's funny how the NCSF claimed the materiel was good at first glance, I researched AFPA before I signed and materiel comes from reputable sources. They make you work for their certifications.

by: Anonymous

I think all of these certifications are good, but I seem to be doing very well with my AFPA certification.

by: Anonymous

Well, I'm working on my Master Certification and it's hard stuff! I work full time, I'm a wife and mother of two small children. I love challenges so I went for AFPA. I believe they are reputable because of all the work, time, research and effort you put in in order to get certified.

it ok
by: Anonymous

the work is hard i like it its, a good program

Mail Order Certification
by: Anonymous

This is basically a mail order certification. The problem with these types of certifications is that you could even cheat to obtain a good test score. There is major concern with not being able to monitor the trainer or fitness instructor during the practical part of their examination. AFAA has a great personal training and fitness instructor certification and you can be sure that you will know the material and also know how to "apply" the materials you have learned. I too ordered the materials from AFPA and was very disappointed to see that they do not do much "hands on" support with their approach for this certification you are speaking of. You are better off to go with a more highly recognized and accredited/ endorsed company. You won't be disappointed. I have seen several people walk away with this mail order certification from AFPA and just watching (some of them) train people and teach a class makes me cringe because they are clueless.

a different approach
by: Arun

Guys guys guys. The way I see it, the certification is just a piece of paper. I have put my body through a huge transformation and have learned a lot of fitness goodies along the way. That being said, I can effectively start training anybody today. BUT hey! I don't have a certification. So, if I'd just go ahead and get the cheap certification from AFPA, just so I have the paper to show to my prospective employers/gyms/clients. Then I will go ahead and train my clients with whatever workouts I feel like they should be doing rather than what AFPA taught me to. Hence, I will be using AFPA just for certification. They might be teaching you to do squats while standing on your head but who gives a shit!! just get that certification and find yourself a job!

AFPA Certified
by: Jack Everett

I have been certified in 4 fields by AFPA. When I took my test in 1999, I had a 162 question exam, several theory/situational questions, and had to send in a video of myself and a "client" going through, and explaining 15 exercises, what they are for, proper form, ROM, technique and grammar/communicative skills, etc. It was not easy at all, the exam was on 22 typed pages by the time I finished it. The other ones were no cake-walk. Why do they seem to be less formidable than many others? The Gym/Wellness center I work for recently sent out a list of acceptable certifications and AFAP was not listed. I'm going to have to re-certify all over, after 12 years. Any thoughts on this?

paper certificate?
by: Anonymous

I know many professionals now that have to take exams online to keep their certifications. These are people who have gone through 8 years of school to get their credentials. I know for a fact that these professionals do cheat, I have witnessed it many times. Someone will take the online test for another professional so they can keep their certification.

To say that about this certificate and claiming it is just a paper certificate isn't fair. Sure those people cheat, it isn't right, but every online school would have to shut down to prevent that.

by: courtellis

Maybe Cheap but some that information did come from pretty reputable sources and I actually learned some good info!! They continually send me updates and I may be the only person that thinks afpa is a good bet, plus as a vet it is good training!!

30 Years of Experience through Research and Innovation
by: Clark Kent aka you know who...

In response to "Arun", I have this to say...
You are 100 percent correct! Out of all of the comments I have just read, yours are the only ones that are truly sound. I'll elaborate for everyone. It's not always "cut and dry" on what to do... or how to do... There are so many different approaches on the "correct" way.
There are so many "experts" out there that have the masses believing everything they say... like it's creed! Experience through research, practice and evaluation have enabled me to become SUPER KNOWLEDGABLE. I don't mean to come across as cocky or conceited... I'm just being honest. It's taken me 30 years to obtain the plethora of knowledge that I have today. Get certified... always listen to new information that gets thrown at you... RESEARCH.... PRACTICE.... EVALUATE. Eventually, you'll learn the truth or truths about what's legitimate and what's NOT.

Good luck to you all.

by: Anonymous


personal liability
by: Don

I am considering getting certified and opening a very small workout studio in a small retirement community. What is necessary to protect my operation from lawsuits in the unlikely event of client injury?
Thank you,

Do not like this company
by: Anonymous

The customer service team has been terrible.

Nutrition Wellness certification
by: Anonymous

I have researched schools and I'm overwhelmed. Can anyone recommend reputable schools for the Nutrition & Wellness Certification? I would love to have a more whole foods concept but I want to learn more about good nutrition and weight loss. HELP :)

Check with AFPA before you read anonymously left comments
by: AFPA Staff

AFPA course materials are as up to date as textbooks and DVD's/CD can be. Text materials in the area of Personal Training and especially the nutrition programs are updated as soon as they are available.

One of the reasons AFPA after 21 years is still one of the leaders in the fitness field, with certified members in all 50 states and 100 countries.

AFPA Cert is of value
by: Sharon

I completed the AFPA Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant two years ago and have found it to be of value. I currently work with clients in reaching their weight/health goals. I believe that I am MUCH more informed than the "weight loss" consultants associated with many of the programs out there currently. Also, many of the "personal trainers" at corporate fitness centers offer nutrition advice when they actually know very little. I believe that the AFPA textbook information is up to date and valuable.

Holistic Health Practitioner
by: Judy

I'm considering taking the Holistic Nutritionist Certification course. Has anyone taken this, and if so would you care to comment?


Prenatal fitness course
by: Anonymous

Has anyone tried AFPA prenatal fitness course? Iam a certified prenatal health coach and would like to get more involved in personal training as well.

Dont expect any customer service--or your questions answered
by: Anonymous

I have a simple question about renewing my personal training certification and continuing education credits (which is not answered anywhere on the website). Over the last three months I have left multiple emails asking my question--with no response. I have called there multiple times and left voice messages asking my question and leaving a call back number--again with NO RESONSE. This has been for 3 months!!!!!
Regardless of what day of the week or what time of day I call--NO ONE answers the phone!! THis is getting ridiculous!! I spent almost $1000 with this company and was planning on spending more to get my CECs and recertification fees but now I am rethinking my choice with AFPA. I might just go with ACE next time around. Don't waste your time or money with AFPA--besides no one has ever heard of it anyways

Terrible Customer Service!
by: Anonymous

I have never experienced such terrible customer service. I made a formal complaint to the supervisor regarding the rude, condescending customer service agent George who then called me a liar. I STRONGLY ADVISE NOT TO UTILIZE THIS COMPANY.

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AFPA Group Fitness Instructor Certification

by Marie
(Lexington, Kentucky)

I want to know if I could get hired by a gym or host my own classes outside of a gym with this certification.

Comments for AFPA Group Fitness Instructor Certification

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by: Anonymous

yes, with that cert. you can get a job and insurance. I have the same and work in a gym.

Don't get this one!
by: Anonymous

I started with this one. Gold's Gym offered me a position, but had me agree to obtain a different certification within 3 months as they were phasing this one out. I would do my research and go with ACE (which I am currently studying for) or something along those lines.

AFPA is not the cert you want if you are serious!
by: Anonymous

American Fitness professionals and associates is a bogus certificate. Yes, somehow some gyms recognize it but, as I was researching which cert. I should get I noticed that the business address was right down the street from where I grew up! I saw this on the BBB website. It is a residential address - I know that address well! I'm not paying some dude to hand me a certificate because I read and comprehended his below standard book. Please, if you are serious about your career you will not be looking toward these easy certs! Go for the gold standard and get an ACSM or NASM certification. I have the ACSM certification and I've had a very easy time getting job offers from the best gyms in my area. I'm very happy with me decision.

by: Anonymous

I hold two certifications from AFPA. Their website is great, but I was not very impressed with their programs. The Personal Trainer and Nutrition and Wellness Consultant programs were outdated. The exercise DVD's are amateurish. They are very defensive when asked about exam questions that are worded in a confusing way or that contain poor grammar.

I get the feeling that they are mostly interested in collecting your fees and churning out certifications, not building a reputation for excellence in the content of their materials. Yet they do hold conferences, so maybe I'm wrong. Perhaps they have improved.

If you don't want to spend a bundle on the program cost, and are the kind of person that does your own up-to-date research in your field, just get the AFPA certifications to hang on the wall. But if you want to work for a bigger gym, particularly in an area where AFPA is not popular, you'd better find out first if they will accept and respect an AFPA certification.

Very Good!!!
by: Trish G

I absolutely LOVED and recommend the AFPA fitness certification program, is widely accepted as a very credible certification at well known gyms and institutions. Great material, comprehensive and detailed. NOT EASY at all... you do need to study!! worth every dime!

Ancient Materials
by: Anonymous

Not up to date at all. I'm studying their text book and studying the internet at the same time so that I can actually be correctly informed when it comes to statistics. Spend your money elsewhere. I wish I did

Is AFPA fitness another scam?
by: Anonymous

I have taken the course and when I took the final exam in order to get certified, it claimed that I scored 81% out of 85% to certify. I asked that I see my list of wrong answers so that I can go back and make them right but was told that I could not see what I scored wrong. I paid a $75.00 fee to retake the exam and I scored 84% out of the supposed 85% to get my certification so I still didn't get certified. If I don't know what it was that I scored wrong, how do I fix it? How many $75.00 fees do I have to pay to get the one 1% right so that I can get certified. This seems like another scam to me.

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