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AFTA Certification

by Glen

Does anybody know if the AFTA personal trainer certification is reputable? Is it a good choice?

Comments for AFTA Certification

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AFTA...not a good choice
by: Heather

AFTA was the first certification I received, not knowing much about the others. And, I've never used it because the first few times I told people I had this certification, all I got in return were blank stares. Not a lot of trainers/gyms recognize this certification. Another problem with it is that the test they give you is one that you can do from home. Many gyms want to see certifications that their trainers earned from passing proctored tests. I wouldn't give a second thought to AFTA, and instead, would spend your money on another, more recognized, certification.

AFTA vs US Career
by: Sherrie

I have a Certification from the US Career Institute and am having a hard time finding an insurance carrier because it is NOT known or on any lists for Approved Organizations, however, AFTA is on some lists and insurance companies will accept it.

My response
by: Wes

I am an AFTA personal trainer myself, while you won't get on as a college strength coach, a smaller gym would probably hire you. This summer i am starting my own business up. So if you are going to train for your own business, i liked the course and learned a lot from it even after having 12 years of training behind my back.

As with anything in life, its all about how you market yourself.

AFTA Trainer
by: Jack

I am AFTA certified as well. Although not as popular a name as some. I've learned a lot through their home study course and exam.
This company seems to be gaining popularity, although I'm not a big fan of online courses.

by: JILL

I am currently a Licensed Physical Therapist Assisted and co-owner of United Health & Rehabilitation.....With my background in anatomy and physiology, rehabilitation, and exercise, this certification has been perfect for me...... I will recommend their services to those I encounter in the future.

it would depend...
by: Renee

I am a gym owner and would hire someone based on
their experience and professionalism over what certification they hold. Anyone can take the test and become certified but it's your background, knowledge,attitude, communication with clients, as well as marketing oneself,that really counts. I've had people with top name certifications that were miserable, and those with certifications that I've never heard of that were wonderful. It all depends on the person and what they are willing to put into their career goals.

by: Mike

Im a AFTA Personal Trainer. I have also run a gym for the past 8 years. I know that the test is not easy, and "any joe" could not pass it. I have found that it(A.F.T.A.) has become more popular. I would def. hire someone with a AFTA cer.

fitness director of JJC
by: DL Wade

I have been certified with AFTA for 2 years now and I could not be happier. They have been a wondeful help to me with answering questions and supplying helpful information with my new position. I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in becoming confident and successful.

by: Anonymous

the whole process seems kinda fishy?? you take a online test? amd then its only $199? others cost $300,$400> and even $1000 too good to be true??

Bob Harper
by: Anonymous

One of the most famous personal trainer is certificate from AFTA, Bob Harper from TV show The bigest loser.
I think it says all.

by: David L. Wade

I am completely satisfied with AFTA. The course material and all the expert help they provided for me during my time of preparation and testing was excellent. Every question was answered with a

They may not be as well known, but I am confident that I have been given the proper tools that will help me be successful in the fitness world.

They are great people who care about " doing things right"

by: Anonymous

In the moment i m doing the youth/adolescent fitness trainer from AFTA and i m certificate from ACE believe me the exam its more difficult the ACE exam the ACE is multiple answers this one is filling the blanks and answer questions by your own words and a 750-1000 words essay.

Best Intentions : (
by: Guru67

Unfortunately no matter how good your intentions are your credentials are going to effect how effectively you reach your goals. If you are seeking the top jobs in this industry they will require certifications accredited by the(NCCA)The National Commision for Certifying Agencies.
The competition in this field is getting tougher and you do not want to waste your time or money. You want a credential that will speak for you and not one that you have to explain to everyone. I have been on both sides of the accreditation fence with my education and you'll go much further with an accredited institution that proctors their exams. I am a Licensed Massage Therapist-Martial Art Instructor currently attending a University Sports Medicine Program. I have worked in Family Gyms, Gymnastic gyms, Salons, taught seminars, etc.

Run away
by: Dewey

The course work has some value but the organization if you have any issues is unbelievably lacking. I'd never waste the money again. Matter of fact I wouldn't waste the time even if it were free. The people there are inept and apparently can't read emails or even address an envelope correctly. Licking a stamp must be next to impossible for them.

Save your money !
by: Andrea

After dealing with AFTA I am convinced it is just some guy behind a computer screen who prints out "certifications" at his leisure. Asking a question or having a problem resolved is next to impossible. I found 4 mistakes on their test, and multiple errors on their online course. They are not professional at all and after you do get certified you will never hear from them again. It is a joke, and I agree with the other poster, I wouldn't take it again if it were free. Save your money and skip this one. Go with a reputable certification and you will be so much happier and better educated in the long run.

Bob Harper
by: Frank

Anonymous commented that Bob Harper is one of the most famous AFTA certified trainers and that speaks for itself. I question that Anonymous! Being an actor with a online bought certificate does not make someone a trainer.Have you watched his "How To" videos? The exercises are done incorrectly and potentially dangerous. He is a lawsuit waiting to happen!
To become a REAL fitness trainer requires years of college education, not a 2 month course and some hands on training at the local gym. I worked at Holiday Spa for a few years in college and played various sports my entire life. Does that make me a trainer? Not hardly.
To be respected in the field as the "Real Deal" takes a lot more than an online course and couple hundred dollars. Go to school!
To many POSERS out there! POSER; someone who pretends to belong to a group by affecting the attributes of the group.
A certification from AFTA may work in Hollywood but it does not make you a fitness instructor in the professional world.

AFTA Certification testing
by: Robin

We need help: My husband and I have submitted the required documents for testing at the AFTA site and we have had no response from the company either by email or phone and wondering how you are did it? How long does it take to receive a grade and the paper certificate? we need help it's been almost 2 weeks.

AFTA but going with an NCCA one next
by: Sandy

I've done the Certified PT with AFTA, and also renewed it last year. They did take my YMCA courses towards some of the CEC's which was good, but I sent the info and payment in Feb. and received the re certification in June. So they do take a long time to do things. They are not NCCA as far as I know and my Y is asking me to get a certification from one that is, so I just ordered a package from NFPT and will go with them. I would suggest if you already work someplace what they will accept, and if you are not employed at a facility yet, go with one that is NCCA certified to be safe.

AFTA Re-Certification
by: MIke M

Is anyone having trouble renewing your AFTA certification? Completed my re-cert 6 weeks ago. My current certification has expired. My employer is nervous and so am I. Sent them emails and even tried to call. no response

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