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American Fitness Institute Certification

I came across the American Fitness Institute Personal Trainer Certification (AFI) and I wanted to know if this was legitimate? Thanks!

Comments for American Fitness Institute Certification

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The AFI 2Day Workshop Was Awesome!
by: Bob Cooks

I recently went to the 2 day workshop in NYC at Steel Gym. It was $499 and awesome. The main instructor was a Dr. Silk, and another guy named Evan taught sales.

I have been a trainer for 8 years and I needed to recertify after letting my ACE lapse, so I picked AFI. They definitely covered things like prospecting and sales that no one e;se has ever taught me not even my manager. I learned like 20 new ays to pick up clients in and out of the gym + CPR was included.

You can definitely tell that AFI is the new kid on the block because the class only had 12 people in it and the guys teaching it really seem to care. They even were talking about how important it is to save for retirement. Cool and Strange at the same time. I learned a lot-Totally worth it!!!

by: Kim

I came across AFI...American Fitness Institute. I don't see anything in reference to them or any of their possible accreditations on this site. What is the word on them?????
Kim G.

Good course
by: AFI Grad!

I took their online course after I let my NASM lapse (I missed my CEU deadline and extension because I left the industry for a while & didn't know I would need it). The information AFI taught was solid, I thought the test was a little easy though. My PT manager used AFI to get certified and suggested them to me, so they are definitely legit.

AFI feedback
by: Geoff

I know that a few have asked about the legitimacy of the AFI (American Fitness Institute) Personal Training Certification, but I am having a very difficult time choosing a "certification destination" as each touts itself as the best value, industry recognized, etc. I am interested in AFI, but want to hear a little more feedback before I purchase the course.

Any advice would be extremely helpful!

Liverpool, NY

Is AFI certification accepted?
by: Anonymous

I have been toying with the idea of a PT certification for a while now and am doing research into various institutes. Does anyone know if AFI's certification is accepted at most gyms?

Not nationally accredited
by: Anonymous

Got this certification in hopes that I would be able to instruct at a local baby boot camp. After taking the course and applying for the position, I learned it was NOT nationally accredited. If you're looking to get a job in a gym or anywhere for that matter DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

by: Candice

I am interested in AFI but I can't find any information to support them. I called a few gyms to see if they's accept a certification from AFI, but it seem the few big gyms I did call (LA Fitness, Planet Fitness, Curves, etc.) don't have them on their list of certification acceptance. I don't understand why not, is there anything you could tell me to reassure AFI is a good choice?

AFI is Legit
by: Anonymous

The American fitness Institute (AFI) is legit. A lot of gyms prefer to take the higher up levels of personal trainer certifications like NASM and AFAA. I would recommend using AFI as More of A personal business certification for self employment just be sure to carry your own insurance.

by: Anonymous

I currently work at Golds gym and they do not accept this. Their are a lot of gyms that do but they are the whole in the wall gyms that are in a garage etc. I have this certificate and it has good knowledge but I am also taking the NASM certification to train in the gym as well for clients.

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