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Fitness Institute of Technology, AS, BS, MS, PhD (Distance Learning)

by Makila

I don't know to much about The Fitness Institute of Technology, but if anybody knows more information about it, please answer me back. I'm kind a nervous about their accreditation (IACET)but anyway, I'm interested too. I'm wonder if their Medical Fitness Specialization Degrees at any level would be reconized by the Fitness or the Medical industry, also I noticed too, that their semester courses are IFPA courses.
I know IFPA has NOCA/NCCA and IACET accreditation as far as I know, IACET is for Continuing Education Units only, please correct me I could be wrong, I look into the IACET directory and I couldn't find The Fitness Institute of Technology listed on it, IFPA is listed, but not The FIT You could browse their website:

Comments for Fitness Institute of Technology, AS, BS, MS, PhD (Distance Learning)

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Fitness institute of technology
by: phil

I just finished my masters through them. I think they are just an up and coming college so still in development. I am told that they are applying for accreditation through the us department of education because NOCA/NCCA/IACET and ICE arent degree granting organizations.
They just approved the ifpa cpt.

Fitness institute of technology
by: Anonymous

accredication can take a while too. I'll tell you, having done their masters, its not easy despite being distance learning. The tests are tough to complete and the project of 150 exercises described in great detail along with a 50 page paper is a lot of work..

I learned a ton.

by: Anonymous

I could be wrong, but I was researching both the FIT and the IFPA last night and determined that they are one in the same. Just operating under different business names and claiming affiliation with each other. I, too, was unable to find any evidence that they are two separate entities other than that one offers degrees and the other, certifications. That said, I am very intreagued with what the IFPA has to offer and how they explain themselves. I have read their "Candidate Handbook" and they seem to be on the right track. But, my research remains inconclusive, hence, this post.

FIT Degree
by: Anonymous

Both the IFPA and FIt are the same company, owned by the same person.
The FIT program is quite extensive and difficult.
They are accredited via IACET but as mentioned IACET is not degree granting. Just CEU.

Never the less, having done many of their certs it only made sense to get the degree as it renders all the certs good for life..

Not to mention, their accreditation is underway..
Technically they are already accredited via IACET as all the courses that make up the FIT degree are IACET certified courses..

I dont regret doing IFPA or FIT programs at all. They kicked my ass..I learned a lot.
IFPA is probably one of the best PT certs out there..and having the FIT/IFPA degree isnt a bad idea.

Its affordable for a dual masters. think about it, I had to write a 150 page essay AND do a 150 exercises project. Does that sound easy? NO WAY!

Worthless Accreditation
by: Anonymous

My only concern is the business ethics of both organizations, as they appear to be making a false impression that they are separate entities, where there is an an obvious conflict of interests herein.

As for accreditation, no matter what any certification body tries to attest to, if its not recognized by any arm of the Department of Education, the credentials awarded will amount to naught.

Having a distance master's degree has taught me a few things. Chiefly, accreditation for correspondence and internet based courses are readily available through various DoE recognized bodies. Examples of accredited institutions include the United States Sports Academy and the International Sports Sciences Association. Both offer DoE recognized courses and degrees, while examples of other non sports related degree granting distance learning institutions include Jones International University and Nova University.

Therefore, it should be painfully obvious that getting accredited isn't as impossible a processes as some non accredited institutions would have you believe.

And if you intent to use your credentials prominently and for registration for other board qualifications, I would seriously consider the accreditation status of my applying institution.

This is of course, notwithstanding the number of words I'm required to write to "graduate". 50, 000 words is just 50000 words for a piece paper worth about as much as a novelty certificate. If its not accredited, its worthless under the abovementioned conditions.

Good luck.

by: Anonymous

Fitness institute is made up of all the courses that the ifpa has to offer. it is basically another way for the ifpa to charge more money for the same courses that they offer for ifpa continuing education. they charge way too much for ALL OF THEIR OUTDATED COURSES. and the degrees that they offer are not really accredited. they state they are accredited but in reality are not. It would never be the same as getting an actual degree from a REAL UNIVERSITY. please do not waste your money or time pursuing these degrees. They are basically worthless. The degrees are printed in house !!! on a regular printer that you and i would have in our home. !!!!!!

Fitness Institute of Technology
by: Anonymous

I am a fitness manager form a high end health club.
We just hire an employee who complete the degree program for
the Fitness Institute of Technology and was very impress with
the knowledge, skills and training of the indivisible.

I know take time for a new education program to be accreditation thought
the us department of education.

But FIT is accreditation NOCA/NCCA/ IACET.

For new student this degree program would be a very good investment.

Fitness Institute of Technology
by: Anonymous

The Fitness Institute of Technology is a very great academic program. I was very impressed knowledge, skill, and training of the medical fitness academic program.
For new student it a good investment to master your craft in the fitness industry.

Fitness Institute of Technology
by: Anonymous

The Fitness Institute of Technology holds membership in the following organizations:
International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET),International Health, Racquet & Sportclub Association (IHRSA), American College of Anti-Aging Sports Medicine (ACASP), American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M), IDEA Health and Fitness Association,National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA)

Accreditation Matters!
by: Anonymous

The affiliation that FIT has with the various organizations mentioned by the above posters are irrelevant.

None are empowered either by charter or constitution to award accreditation which is recognized by the US Department of Education.

Hence, that is why they are primarily a distance learning organization; they are unable to allow their students to apply for student visas etc from immigration.

IACET is a continuing education organization. They do not provide accreditation for primary qualifications. They only award CECs for holders of primary qualifications accredited by a recognized body.

NCCA does not issue accreditation for academic qualifications in which FIT is purporting to be offering. Besides, NCCA has only so far recognized the IFPA-CPFT course and nothing else. At least that is the only certificate they have so proudly displayed on their website.

There is no reason to say that the FIT qualifications are well recognized and suitable for those who prefer a practical approach to education.

In all practicality, academic qualification that FIT offer needs to be accredited by a DoE recognized body, in order for it to be accepted by all other academic institution, and increasingly, potential employers are also requiring candidates to show accredited coursework to be eligible for employment.

Besides on the job performance and past work experiences, accreditation of a studied program is the best measure of an individual's competencies.

This is the principle more employers are increasingly adopting as the benchmark of workplace (practical) and knowledge (academic) competencies.

And rightly so.

Fitness Institute of Technology
by: Anonymous

Fitness Institute of Technology has achieved the very demanding IACET credential. There are many of degree program in United State that are IACET credential.

The Fitness Institute of Technology offers A.S., B.S., M.S., and PhD degree programs through IFPA personal fitness trainer certification courses and
were used in the development of the Physicians’ Fellowship and Board Certification in the American Boards for Kinesiology, Nutrition and Sports Medicine.

by: Vincent Panazzo

I would not pursue any credential from an Organization who issued it's President/CEO the very "PhD" which now confers upon him the title of "Doctor". Why do the Current Chairman of the highly reputable "NSCA", "ACN","ISSN", and "ACSM" do not know about the IFPA President/CEO, or what he has published in peer-reviewed scientific journals? What were his Dissertations? He claims to have not one, but two PhD's. When you call or e-mail the "IFPA", and inquire about his credentials, you do not get a response. I have found that people who proclaim to be experts in many things are rarely experts in anything; Bottom line, "Buyer beware".

by: Richard Skinner

The IFPA is simply the best credentialling body for "Personal Fitness Trainers". Dr. Jim Bell, PhD really knows how to create a highly competitive curriculum. He has really done his homework,

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