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World Fitness Association Concerns

by Andy
(Miramar, FL)

I am wondering what specifically other people's experiences have been with World Fitness Association in Fort Lauderdale. Has anyone been successful in gaining employment through their program? Does anyone know exactly what they claim to be certifying and how that compares to other national certifications? Has anyone contacted gyms to determine if they are aware of or approve/disapprove of this organization?

Thank you.

Comments for World Fitness Association Concerns

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World Fitness Association
by: Steve M.

I graduated from WFA 5 months ago. The facility is cool, the instructors are very nice and extremely knowledgable. I wish I had their job!
At Graduation there were 3-4 representatives from various gyms and health clubs in the audience. I was hired two days later and have been doing what I love ever since. WFA covered how to market and develop personal clients which I have done also. I thought it was great experience and couldn't imagine a better training program out there. Go check it out and you will want to sign up as soon as you walk in. "I'm on a quest to be the best!"

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World Fitness Association with Candy Colby is it a good school?

by John
(San Francisco, Ca )

I'm thinking of flying down to Fort Lauderdale to study at Candy Colby's Fitness school. They offer personal trainer 14 week certification. But I'm already certified through N.P.T.I in personal training. I'm looking to become an aerobic instructor and Candy Colby's school has a 16 group instructor course that teaches all the basics. Plus I'm want to take up the Yoga Instructor course which teaches Yoga flow which is also a 16 week course. I am wondering has anyone heard of them and also if anyone has knows how good are the personal training jobs in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where the school is located. It's the Miama, South Beach area and I've only heard it's very popular for personal training. Thanks.

Comments for World Fitness Association with Candy Colby is it a good school?

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by: Anonymous

Watch what you sign with this company. They will not let you out of the contract under ANY circumstance.

by: Anonymous

*** editor's note: unsubstantiated accusation removed: please post facts about your actual experience only ***

great program!
by: Juan Delgado

i went through wfa's certification program and would like to say all the trainers were very professional. They really know what they are doing. I love the energy when you come in the first day and every day! the attitude is always great and i loved stacey's energy. she's awesome - a great motivation. also justin and the other trainers take their fitness career very seriously. good example for training future clients. i graduated on sept 9, 2008.

Five Star Certification
by: S. Ventura

From the moment I walked in the door of World Fitness Association, I felt a vibe of family and friends! Candy, Carol, and Stacey have amazing energy with smiles to match. I learned more than I imagined you could in 20 hours. I look forward to a lifetime friendship and continued education with WFA. Thank you for your patience, positive attitude and professionalism!
'Class of December 2008'

*** title removed ***
by: Anonymous

*** editor's note: unsubstantiated accusation removed: please post facts about your actual experience only ***

don't waste your money
by: Anonymous

This is not a National Certification, as she states. I and many others in my class found this out too late and we could not get out of our contract. It's way overpriced as compared to the reputable certifications out there. Stick to the well known NATIONAL certifications if you want to get a job in the business afterward. Most gyms have no idea what WFA is, and if they do, they warn you against it. ***edited: unsubstantiated comment removed *** Many of us are considering a class action lawsuit against her for false advertising. She uses ACE books, but is not in anyway affiliated with them. I'm sure they would sue her if they knew she was using their curriculum and claiming to be "national" when she is not.

by: tatboy

Don't waste your money, I don't think anybody knows who they are. they'll give the certificates to anyone. They came to Orlando,and I wasted my money.If I didn't already know what I already know reading on my own I would have learned nothing. They were more worried about learning their stupid cheer than teaching about training

That's Funny!
by: Johnny Rotten

You notice the unsubstantiated posts meaning someone takes great pains to cover anything that REALLY rips the foundation. The FACT here is that the ads publicize a 'National' Certification but it is NOT! The fool is whomever signs the contract without properly reading it! Good luck sports fans..

WFA is Five Star!
by: M. Thomas

I went through the personal training program at WFA and absolutely loved it. The hands-on training was great! They also make a point to make sure everyone has the right mental attitude which I think is just what people need to be succesful. WFA's program makes you confident, creative and gets you in much better shape with the bootcamp workouts prior to each class. I know for a fact that WFA is at the TOP of the accepted certification list for LA Fitness Sports Clubs. Not to mention the other gyms that love to hire WFA graduates. So these people making negative comments about this establishment don't have their facts straight. For example,there were 12 general managers from major gyms and health clubs at my graduation last month. Almost everyone from the two classes that graduated were hired right there there on the spot! I'm proud to be certified through WFA and consider myself lucky to be a lifetime member of their association.

Educate Yourself!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I'm in the process of taking the course but have come to find out it really isn't a nationally credited company. I will continue to get a nationally credited certification but be aware that you are better to get it in the first place instead of wasting your money. As for La Fitness they are not a reputable company they are not ethical at all. They pressure people into buying their personal training package with personal trainers who are not certified and they do not pay thier employees very much. If you are wanting to train someone to be a better, healthier person why wouldn't you invest in training your staff to be the best and produce the best results? They care about the numbers of the sales managers/fitness directors so they can
make their commissions thatz it. They lie when they measure you telling you that you are 1"-2" bigger than you are. Make sure you see the measuring tape when they measure you so it's accurate. They want their staff to lie and push the sale. I want to be a personal trainer so I can help people be the best they can not to make a commission off them! Health and fitness has changed my life and I want to share that with people! Educate yourself before you sign up and spend your hard earned money!!!! God Bless!!!


**editor's note - phone number removed **

by: Anonymous

worst school you could possibly go to, I have tried to contact them on this issue and all they do is promise to call back but never do. I wasted a good sum of money on these people for absolutely nothing.

dishonest people
by: Anonymous

Classes very unprofessional and with an extreme rude attitude. I am very sorry about time and money I wasted!!!,unfortunately they will never refund. Absolutely terrible service I ever met in Europe and USA.

by: Anonymous

I took this program... and I am very sorry I wasted my money!!!

Bad choice
by: Anonymous

I finished this school few years ago. What a waste of money!!! I took Master program... Many people dropped when they found out about non-national recognition... When I started working as a PT - I had to take more PT programs with ACE so I could get pay more than minimum wage as a PT.... Nobody knows what WFA is....

concerned..very concerned.
by: Anonymous

Please stay away and save your hard earned money. They are not a certified organization with no recognition beyond one gym that they do placements for.

Wow! Enlightening..
by: Anonymous

I went there recently and it was a good workout, however, it seems there is definitely an attitude issue there that stems from the owner herself. She had talked to me and when I stated that i was unsure she basically got up and walked away. I noticed lots of nasty attitudes and wondered why it was that people were there to be trainers with the poor dispositions? That was the first red light and then I talked to a friend that had actually gone through it and she said not to go there because they are NOT nationally recognized! That was the icing for me.

*** Editors note: inflammatory title removed ***
by: Anonymous

i did this back in 2002 and became certified, to my knowledge. not one gym knew of candy colby and i was told that this was a hoax and wfa is non-existant. on the flip side, i learned a lot of useful information that i still use to this day. it was not worth the money though. i signed up thinking this would put me where i wanted to be but it was a total failure on the candy colby admin. part.

you will never finish
by: Anonymous

dont waste your time and your money. the first few months you learn the basics and that is it. classes are very unstructured. their is no set plan. candy is rude and forgets who is paying her bills. yes..the people taking her class are. she forgets this. i will be very surprised if they last another year. probably one person out of 15 actually graduate from the master program because they drop out due to the lack of structure and candys militant attitude. also.. take a good look at the facility. the weight room is old and in poor condition. the ceiling has leaks and abundant stains due to water damage. the bathrooms are disgusting. the class room is make shift. there is no changing room or shower. just read all the comments about wfa. they are true. it is time for her to quit. there is no spark in that gym. she has no idea how classes are run now in the real world. she just knows how to get you rmoney and spend it on herself and invest NOTHING in that disgusting facility.

by: Anonymous

I'm working as a spinning instructor for bally's fitness when i told them that i was certify for aerobic instructor they ask me where i got my certification i said Candy Colby world fitness association , BE AWARE THIS IS NOT ACCEPT BY ANY GYM DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY.PLEASE.

Don't listen to other "Anonymous" users
by: Anonymous

Do not even think about saying that you waste your money on this! Also, Candy's attitude enlightens the whole studio. The work outs are well prepared, this company has a lot to offer. Want to be successful in personal training? Go to this studio, because it not only stands out, but it is the best!

Been there...done that!
by: A. Nonymous

Like everyone else has stated we are all told WFA certifications are "nationally recognized". NOT!!!! I told Candy that no one recognized her certifications and she told me I had to "sell" myself! Although we were lied to, I did learn to confortably teach a group class. I learned to train clients and I am good at it! I did learn some things but it was not worth the money she charged. I spent my money and I completed every class I paid for. I now work as an independent contractor because no gym would hire me with the certification I had. Thanks Candy...for nothing!

i feel sorry for all the ones that put bad comments
by: Anonymous

WFA is a grate school, they teach you from the basics, there is a chance to anyone to become an instructor. the good ones finish fast, the ones that have goals, the ones that they know what they want from there selfs. i graduate back in 2001, and since than working in high position in the fitness industry - with wfa certification. Candy is a GRATE person.

WFA changed my life!
by: Julie Perez

After reading the comments posted here I had to share my experience with WFA and Candy Colby. I steped into WFA barely able to walk and still partially paralyzed from a TBI...terrible car accident just one year prior. I chose to enroll in the master trainer certification class and every trainer Candy had staffed was extremely helpful and understanding with me from the get go. They all pushed me to be "on the quest to be the best" and I just loved going to class. After about a year of training there I felt in the best shape physically and mentally that I had been in a very long time and I was confident enough to compete in a bodybuilding competition in November of 09', just 2 yrs after the accident. WFA teaches the best foundation for building a career in fitness; discipline, strength and persistance. Physically and mentally you'll feel in the best shape of your life and ready to train other people the same. You cant put a price on those things. Structure, discipline and strength come out of WFA and I promise you that you can get work with the certification....

old instructor
by: Anonymous

I was a CC instructor in the 80's, when she was in Fort Lauderdale under Bally Fitness. She was a good instructor and had a great group, however, I had heard from *many* people, that you could not take your certification elsewhere, since no one knew who she was. I did teach in other classes at other local gyms who knew who Ballys was, and understood the CC system at that time, since it was well known, in the South Florida area. The classes were expensive, they didn't take credit cards and I still hear that they don't. Once you sign up you had better like it because your money is in her pocket. As for national certification? Call a few places in some other state, tell them you have her certification and find out if they know what you are talking about. If it is for personal fitness, I loved it, but for a job elsewhere, check your facts first. Too many people posting negative things on here would lead me to think that things have not changed with CC since the 80's.

WFA needs to be held accountable
by: Anonymous

WFA works off of the loopholes in their contract. What are the loopholes you may ask?

The loopholes are as follows: WFA states that their own certification is nationally recognized.

The loophole: yes, it is.. for only a few (2) branch gyms.

The truth: The WFA certification is not nationally recognized and is not a certification that, even if you are best suited will get you a job in a gym other than the 2 they have contracts with.

What does this mean for you: This means that you are limited/binded to a contract that states you can only work for their gym, at their rate, for their listed amount of time.

If you want a real certification go with ACE, NASM etc..

WFA is not legitimate and as long as there are unstudied, unaware people there will be businesses that will be glad to take their money off of them.

Saving WFA's rep.
by: Anonymous

Poor John from San Francisco! I am sure you are confused right now. So lets see if I can thrown some light on your concern since I am a past WFA graduate.
I will agree with some of the negative comments, they claim to be Nationally certified and right up there with AFAA and ACE etc, and although I could not stand Candy Colby like most people(god rest her soul)after 6 years, even my husband says "thank god for candy colby" because of what I accomplished. So here's the deal, its a lot of money but an incredible stepping stone if you love fitness and helping others achieve their fitness goals. The confidence level you will achieve to go out there and teach a group fitness class or an individual is incredible. I did the masters program and left with a wealth of practical information. But again, you have to be passionate about it. I presently teach at 3 corporate gyms and I thank WFA everyday for the practical knowledge I got, and when people say to me that I am their favourite instructor I tell them I had months of hands-on training not a weekend certificate. If you love it and can sacrifice the money,I would recommend it and when the certificate comes due 2 years later, renew with AFAA or ACE. But again, dont waste your money if you know you will not use it. 2nd tip, there are other schools you can try but also costly, so WFA is really not the only school out there.h
Hope I helped a little.

by: Anonymous

i trained at candy colby`s back in 1998. i had no idea what fitness or aerobics was. it was very hard on the begining and expensive but her compation and love to what she believed in helped me to finish the training . as a matter of fact i worked for lady of america , gold`s gym and fulltime for king`s point fitness club. back then i had no issues , not at all to get a job, nobody questioned my certifications. what i have learned was how to teach aerobics , body sculpting ,aquatic classes , personal training . also how to keep myself in great shape and have fun doing it. obviously things are different now but do not forget she was a single mother , running a company on her own and if you like it or not she was the first fitness lady in south florida .

I go there now and it is good
by: Lisa

They deliver what they promise so far...I'm in week 2

"facts of life"
by: Anonymous

OK!!!What to do? Should I or should I not get certified thrugh WFA....Well friend here are some things to think about! Do you want to get a certification through learning out of a book or on a computer or do YOU want a hands on experience??? At world fitness association they have professional people that are trained to TRAIN and that is what you do there . You go throuh a rigid program that is both physical and mentally challeging. This was good for me. I learned through the books and was physically doing the various workouts. Maybe everyone does'nt know who they are but....then again they don't know me either!!!LOL. Find out what direction you want to take your workout and find a program that suits YOU. May the Lord Jesus bless the Colby family and may Candy rest in peace!!!

Waste of money
by: Anonymous

Took the class and was told that they would have many gym employers at graduation. NOT ONE PERSON SHOWED UP!! In fact, the class instructor who kept telling us how they will be there at graduation didn't even show up because she knew she would hear it from all of the people in the class. Complete waste of time. They won't even return calls or emails when I inquire about job placement. I have gone to every Gym within 45 miles of my home looking for work and almost all of them have never heard of World Fitness Association and the few that did spoke very negatively about them. Wish I did this due diligence before I paid. I have contacted my credit card company to try and get a refund.

Don't do it
by: Anonymous

Took the program and have not been able to get a job. The certification they offer is not as recognizes as the others. Waste of money and my time

by: Anonymous

I took the course and am not satisfied at all.

the best
by: Mike Scott

WFA was an awesome experience. I interviewed with several gyms and they knew exactly who World Fitness was and wanted to hire me on the spot. People who are unhappy with the program are probably lazy and expect things to fall in their lap. Check it out for yourself.

Don't waste your money
by: Robin Sweden

Nobody accepts this certification! You're better off getting certified by major organizations.

wfa rocks
by: Anonymous

Hello their... I'm a trainer who has graduated threw wfa.. I'm also certified threw ace, ace was first, I felt I learned a lot threw ace, thought I knew it all till I took wfa cert.. the knowledge Wfa taught me was way way more than ace had to offer, ace offers the same knowledge except a wide wide variety of excersise, lets face it, in with the new n out wit the old.. wfa is hands down on top of their game when it comes to creatively work outs... best school around..

The Best of the Best
by: Dana B

I went through the course in 1997 and to this day, I have not seen the standards to be as high as Candy's were! I don't know why some say that WFA is not nationally recognized? Candy set the standards, started and pioneered jazz aerobics and personal fitness. I experienced the highest standards from her training, which I implemented when I went on to teach. And for those who say that no one recognizes these certifications, they are wrong. I raised many eyebrows and impressed many in the past 15 years when I told them I was trained by Candy Colby's Body Factory. Candy implements the ACE information as it is pertinent to proper training and she has used those guidelines for years. She and the Factory prepares you and encourages you to take the AFAA and actually sets the bar for your training, so that you walk in and ace the test. Some people have to take the AFAA test many times before they pass. I taught at Bally Total Fitness and they accepted my Body Factory Certification without making me take the AFAA. They gave me a test there, after I had filled out a job application, and I passed it..most didn't and they DID have to go take the AFAA before they were hired. I attributed that to my extensive, boot-camp training I received at Candy's. With anyting in life, it is what YOU make it and I encourage anyone who wants excellence in their training and teaching to go through the courses and graduate. Take part in all of the extra training and classes they offer or encourage you to go to as well. You won't be sorry!

Their trainers have to get in shape first !
by: Sergiy

No offense but they are there to make money not to help you or people to get in shape ! They giving "TWO WEEKS certification" to people who never hold a dumbells in their life and completely out of shape!?!?!?! Make just 2-3 visits different time and see your self ! End of story !
Don't waste your money !

Facts about WFA
by: Anonymous

World Fitness Association (WFA) is nationally recognized by most major gyms and health clubs around the country and continues to staff well over 100 gyms and health clubs in the South Florida region alone. This is a direct result of both the quality individuals that are enrolled and the cutting-edge, hands-on, real world practical training that they provide. WFA graduates also work in major corporations, hospitals, resorts, cruise ships, luxurious hotels, spas, private training studios and fitness centers across the country as well as around the world.

Follow the link below for a list of WFA affiliate gyms and health clubs.

I don't like this school at all
by: Anonymous

I recently start taking classes with WFA and I don’t like it at all!
I’m a NPC competitor and was working as a trainer many years ago. Currently, I work as a Senior accountant and have MBA, but I’m trying to get out from the corporate world and do more training on a side. The reason why I’m telling this is that I was treated in WFA as a 15-years girl! I was taking those classes during my lunch breaks and last time when I was 4 minutes late the teacher made me to do burpees up front of everybody. Really??!!! Guys, I’m 36 years old woman and I’m paying to you pretty good money for this piece of paper ( that’s exactly what I need). Moreover, I think the teacher just didn’t like me, because I was way more advance that the rest of the students, most of them didn’t have a clue about workout and nutrition at all. I already paid half amount, but now I reading all the reviews I think to quit and don’t waste my money. And about the knowledge that I’m getting there…well, yes I’ve heard couple of medical terms that I didn’t know, but does it really worth $900???

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