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National Health Educators certification?

by Heather
(Pittsburgh, PA)

I received an email about a certification from National Health Educators. They are looking for volunteers to take their 2009 certification exam, at no cost to the participant, only the study guide, if you want it. Has anyone else received the same email? Or, is anyone familiar with National Health Educators?

** Editor’s Note: This simple question and the subsequent discussion on this page has led NHE Certification to send two legal threats and to orchestrate a smear campaign against our site. You can read about their plans to discredit us (in their own words) here. Seems like a lot of trouble compared to how easy it would be for NHE to answer the questions submitted by our readers.

Comments for National Health Educators certification?

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What test?
by: Ken

I am not familiar with this test?

can you explain?

I received too
by: Anonymous

I received this too and am trying to find information about it

Me too
by: Anonymous

I was wondering the same thing...never heard of them and I've been in the business almost 30 years...Anyone else out there have/had any experience with this organization? Legit???

It sounds like a scam
by: Michelle

I also got this email. I am in the military and I have been in the business for a while. I have never heard of this organization. It may be legitimate, but it is not actually free. If you click through, you find out that you still have to pay $150 for the study guide (it is normally $300). The website does not offer much information about the organization itself. This may be a scam to get people to pay $150 dollars. If anyone has information, please share.

volunteer program
by: Stacy

It's not a scam, it's a quality control program. It's a pretty fair deal because the study guides don't seem to be a requirement. I took the program and got certified and I didn't purchase anything.

Scam? I don't know
by: Rhino

I received the email also. I am trying to figure it all out. If I can pass the exam without buying anything, (which I think I should be able to do, I have been in the business over 30 years) that's great. But if the certification is not nationally recognized, what have I accomplished? I could just as easily make my own certificate and hang it on the wall and save myself the hassle of taking a test! I have never heard of these people and no one that I ask has either. Hmmmmm....

Good programs
by: John

Quality control programs are a common thing. I got certified by NASM a few years back for free and it sounds very similar to theirs.
Unless you plan on becoming a touring trainer, having a certification that is "nationally recognized" is irrelevant. Recognition isn't what's important, the merit and content of the program is all that matters.

Hope this helps.

Master Trainer test
by: Charlie

Hello all. I got the same email and took the master trainer certification test yesterday. I am a medicine resident and a personal trainer, so I thought I had a decent shot to pass without buying anything. However, without the study guide, the most of the test made absolutely no sense. Most of the questions involve picking the one term that "doesn't belong" out of three. You are given a hint. For example, and this isn't exact, but you'll get the point, the hint is "substance." The three words are compound, element, oxygen. What? Exactly.

by: Anonymous

I got this email as well. Upon further examination of it all, you do have to buy the $150 book. I don't believe this is a nationally accredited program. I agree with other posters, what will you accomplish with this? I think it's just a ploy to gain some extra cash and awareness of their name....

** editor's note: title removed unsubstantiated accusation **
by: Anonymous

** editor's note: this comment has been removed due to a specific legal threat on behalf of NHE.

While posting to this forum still remains open, please be sure to post specific details about your interaction with this company. Keep it factual. Any unsubstantiated threats, name-calling, etc will not be tolerated.

- Katie


please help..
by: parker

i got the same email about nhe, and bought the study it legit???

NHE National Health Educators test
by: Anonymous

Ok I just tried to take this test. It's ridiculous. The only way I could see passing is if you bought the book study your ass off and memorize it cover to cover. I'm not going to waste my hard earned money buying a book for a certification that isn't even recognized No one's ever heard of it except through these e mails.
If you type in NHE National Health Educators on Google or yahoo the site doesn't even come up until like you're 4-5 pages in. bottom line don't waste your time take a worth while program like NETA, NASM, NPTI or something recognized they are not free but then again if you want to actually pass NHE isn't either. As far as their site looking so professional, anyone can build a website and make it look how ever they want. Doesn't mean they are legitimate. They even have a page which is supposed to explain why they are not credited and they down grade the other personal trainers organizations but then they except the others as cec's

by: Anonymous

I got this, too. I've been in wellness/fitness industry for 20 years now and have never heard of this company. My guess is that they are a new company trying to get started with a "high-end" certification and they are using the free certifications to get their name out. The thing is, though-- they need to qualify their program somehow for it to be credible. Seriously, any joe schmoe can do this, but without reputable endorsements, it's worthless. That being said, the free certification thing is a brilliant marketing plan! The $150 study materials????? ridiculous. And the comment above makes me entirely question the educational content. If it's not written by a panel of educators including at least one PhD/MD, it's not worthy of my time.

by: Anonymous

How is it legit when anyone could take the exam for me online.

Not happy with them
by: Amy

I have started the process of the nutrition cert. as a volunteer and have had problems. When I contacted them I received unprofessional emails from them. I told them I no longer wanted to participate and they will not refund although the study guide is not a hard copy. It's online only. Be sure you want to go through the headache.

Me too
by: Anonymous

** editor's note: posting removed due to unsubstantiated accusation. Please post facts only **

Got the email
by: Tiff HK

Hi all - I got this email as well for the free certifications. I'm not sure how they got my name. Anyway, I was curious as to the validity of the program and was wondering if anyone here has gone ahead with the cert. I have a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology but probably could not pass the exam without the study guide from the sound of it. I would like to get back into the industry but am not sure this is the answer. Anyone??

Wow, Thanks!
by: April

I am so thankful for this site! I have been trying to find out more information about NHE and cannot find anything. I wondered about the study guide but see it is just an online text. Figures. I am going to take the test just to see what it is about but I will NOT buy the book. I have a PhD in exercise physiology and have taught at the college level for year. If all of us that posted here got together and came up with our own certification, we could make some money! ;)

by: Anonymous

Tiff - I'm not sure what they are up to, but I have a BS in exercise science / kinesiology, plus 30+ years in the fitness industry, and five certifications from nationally accredited organizations and I just tried to take the exam. I waited for the longest time, and then just decided to give it a shot. I basically fell flat on my face. How embarrassing! I get the feeling that the only way to pass this exam is if one were to purchase the study guide. It seems like it may just be a 'round about way to get people to cough up some cash.

Has anyone passed the exam without buying the guide?

Similar to SCIRION
by: Anonymous

I wonder if NHE is somehow affiliated with SCIRION. The sample test question seems the same.

I checked out nhe on bbb
by: MKM

I have been getting emails from the NHE as well. They said that the first 1000 to respond were all that was going to be offered for free. Well, I have been getting emails for the last couple of months. If it was that great, slots would be taken up already. I checked them out on BBB. They did not exist.

by: Tiff HK

Thanks to all who have commented. I'm wondering how April did on the NHE exam. She's the PhD in exercise physio. I have an MS in exercise physio but doubt I could pass the exam...but then what good is the certification? It doesn't seem NHE is a recognizable certifying body. Too bad...I was hoping a free exam/cert would be nice to have.

by: rory

got the same email about nhe. seems like a money making concern to me. also so many people have been getting it shouldn't the program be full by now. as someone said before, why don't we all form a panel or board of directors and issue a certificate? there is at least one phd among us

like Scirion
by: Matt

I, too, thought the samples were like the Scirion "test". I thought that test was garbage. Describe how these terms are connected...ulnar, isolate, deadbolt lock. These types of questions are arbitrary, they don't really have much to do with actual training. I'll take the test for free, but I sure won't give any money to them. I'll stick with recognizable companies if I am going to pay for the certification.

I almost took the test
by: Tina P.

I'm grateful for this website. I have nearly 10 years experience in sport nutrition, dietary supplement and herbal consulting and sales. I was certified through my employer. I was scheduled to take the test today but decided to do more research first. I'm sure glad I did. That would have been disappointing, though I would never pay for the study guide anyway. i waited so long to take it ans was really excited, but knew deep down something wasn't right. I agree with April and others we should form a board. That would be great!

NHE - ??
by: Earl

There's a tele # on the website. I called today for info and received a voicemail as to the recognition of the certification. We'll see if they respond.

I also reside in Tampa, Florida and contact the largest Gym-Chain in this area "Lifestyle's" and the hiring manager there never heard of the company. He said he wouldn't trust their certification.

Sounds suspiciously like Scirion to me
by: Anonymous

I took the Scirion test a few years ago as a requirement to work for them as a proctor and failed. The test was garbage and made no sense. Unforuntately, I wasted money on a study guide that had very little relevance to the questons on the test. I've been in the business over 20 years and know my stuff. I also recently received the NHE email, I'm wondering if Scirion changed their name, the sample test questions seemed very familiar. I'm not going to waste my time.

Info Overload is sometimes good..
by: Anonymous

I'm a certified personal trainer and was curious about the master trainer exam offered by NHE. I always try to research before spending money online...except.. when I purchased study materials from Scirion a couple of years ago. They made the exact same claims as NHE does in their email ads. The study materials I received from Scirion seemed to be copies of randam fitness facts and workout poses (which were hand drawn).
I did not complete the Scirion course. I called their customer service line to find out who they were governed by and to get some referrals from others who would vouch for their credibility. The CSR accused me of trying to cheat on the exam,,needless to say I reported them to BBB in CA., and told them I was going to their local newspaper. I got my money back the next day!

Employment with NHE
by: Liz

I've received numerous emails regarding the certification test. Sure glad I found this website with all your inputs. I am finishing up my Masters in Exercise Physiology and will be looking for employment outside of the Western New York area. I am now receiving emails from NHE about employment with the company.....has anyone else received them? I'm curious how this company can pay $60/hr for instructing when they don't charge anything for their certifications?????

by: Anonymous

Hello. I too receieved information for employment as an exam processor. It seems like it potentially would pay really well... but...

I am wondering if this is too good to be true. Also, you can take the exam for free but then would have to pay to get a study guide. Is this too good to be true?

Thanks for the info
by: John in NJ

I am glad I saw this site. I was looking into this exam/certification. The email I got was looking for exam graders. You could take the NHE exam for free to get any level of certification. Once certified you would be hired to grade exams online either fulltime or parttime. Depending on the exam graded, they would pay anywhere from $50 to $250. Sounds too good to be true. I guess it is..

by: frank

You don't need the study guide if you think you know your stuff! Just take the test and see how your fair!!

cant find website for this Company
by: Anonymous

I too got the email to take the test for free and then to grade the exams and get paid $100 or more per exam graded!!
I have 20 years in the fitness industry as well.
I have a feeling this is a scam

Who are the seven colleges
by: RJ

They claim that they work with seven institutions, does anyone know which ones they are? If you could research the colleges maybe it would help proving their validity.

Bait and Switch?
by: Anonymous

It sounds like there's no real processor job. I am a test processor for other standarized exams and was looking for another option to add to my income when I came across this. It sounds like a ploy to get you to spend $150 on their "training materials". I've seen comments from other that the training materials are stellar but speaking as someone NOT in the fitness industry but simply looking for supplemental employement there's no way and no REASON for me or anyone else to pay for their "training" materials. As with any other employer -and yes they say you would be an employee not an independent contractor, I am expecting my work materials and training manuals to be provided to me free of charge.

by: Anonymous

So glad I found this! I was tempted by the exam proctor work from home.

I believe it is a ***edited: accusation removed***
by: Anonymous

I followed the directions to take the online exam by sending an email 30 min before the test. When I did not receive an email with the link to the exam, I sent another email to an address I had for them. I received an unprofessional-sounding email back. I also remember when I sent an online form to take the test it asked if you had or had not purchased the study guide. It's a joke and I would tell anyone you know in the fitness industry to bypass this group.

Poor Service
by: Timmy Wheeless

I got an e-mail about taking this test, so I signed up.

I had issues with accessing the link for the test. When I sent an e-mail asking for help, I got an extremely rude response.

So I will pass on this "certification".

by: Anonymous

I have been working in the fitness industry for over 7 years. I have asked my colleagues some of whom have been in the industry for over 30 years and none of us have ever heard of NHE.
Also, the study guide and exams have numerous typos and incorrect information in some places. It isn't very well put together or very professional. They do not site their sources either.
How did they get their so called correct and up to date information?
Additionally, if you think about it...$150 for a study guide. C'mon...really...
The NASM CPT book is $69 and the book for the CSCS exam by NSCA is only $79.
Look at the cost of the exam supposedly if it weren't for free either. It is way more than the other nationally recognized well-known certs.
I would say this NHE thing doesn't sound to legit. Don't waste your time and definitely save your money.
Good luck and don't get punked like I did.
I just didn't think about it well because the offer of a free test for possible employment that pays about $100/hr was enticing.
Too good to be true and sketchy at best.

by: Anonymous

I was so interested in this exam processor position as an R.D. with a master's in Health Education. I found the posting on It seems so legitimate, but almost too good to be true. I also tried to research the company and cannot find any information on this company. I am planning on calling the American Dietetic Assoc. to see if they have ever heard of this company. Also went on BBB website and cannot find this company. Sounds like a scam if you cannot pass the test without the study guide. Too bad....

Suckered by $150 study guide!
by: Anonymous

Hey Everyone!

I have been suckered into the $150.00 study guide. They offer a position to be an exam processor and make $1000's of dollars a month. They do not state that you need to take the level 2 trainer to become an exam processor but only offer the study guide for the level 2 trainer. I am new to the industry and I thought I could take advantage of a discounted Personal Training cert. Now they have taken my money and I feel that I should have gone to a more accredited company! If it looks to good to be true it probably is!

Just took exam yesterday
by: Jen

Ok, I just took the test yesterday for the PT 2 exam...and wish I would've found this page before I spent $150 on the rediculouse study guide and wasted a few weeks of my time studying.
First of all, let me say, it is most likely not possible to pass without the study guide. They have fill in the blank definitions that you could only get the answers to from the specific definitions THEY have on the study guide. The study guide itself is poorly put together, has grammatical errors all throughout, and contradicts itself in several places...ex: it gives different recommendations on two different pages as to the RDI of Calcium.
Secondly, the test was a little rediculous. They asked about 10 of the questions twice. And the section where you are given a "hint" and not the topic and then have to remove the word that doesn't belong is also have to rationalize your answer and state what the topic is. Here is a sample question while the test is still fresh in my mind:

Hint: Barbell
Eliminate one of 3: Barbell, Triceps, Hamstrings

Can anyone answer that??

And finally, let me just say, I have my bachelor's degree in Exercise Physiology and Biology, have been in the fitness industry for 8 years, and had the study guide right in front of me to reference their own answers during the exam....and DID NOT PASS!!! Is it werid that I just took the exam yesterday and already have my supposed results this morning??

I just took the exam
by: Anonymous

Hey, I just took the master level training exam. I agree it was a joke! I am CSCS certified and have a BS in Kinesiology. I unfortunatelly paid for the study guide and agree that was worthless. It was just an online copy of a bunch of terms that didn't really help at all with the actual exam. THe format of the exam was very different and don't really believe it was a good indicator of knowledge of fitness...just word games. I have seen some other posts saying this is a great job, but wonder how legit those are. I am going to try and get my money back, but who knows. I really wish I would have checked this out before commiting to it.

NHE Personal Training **title edited**
by: Anonymous

They are supposedly hiring "Exam Processors" to grade exams. You can apply but to be an actual processor, you need to pass the exam you are wanting to correct. The study guides are $150 so I took the PT test just to see how it was. You need an 83% to pass. They only tell you pass or fail and give no exact test score and don't give the results because of "confidentiality". So they failed me and maybe I really did get lower than 83%, but there is no way to know for sure.

The interesting thing is that you are allowed 2 retakes ONLY IF you purchased the study guide for $150. It smells very fishy! I think it is there way to get people to pay $150 to get certified through a company that no Health and fitness center even knows exist. You can pay $150 to $200 to take a real legitimate PT exam like ACE, ACSM, NSCA, or AFAA which is what a Fitness center wants. Also, if you want to get certified through NHE without being an "exam processor", they charge $1500 to get certified. That is rediculous because better organizations are less. Trust me and don't waste your time. They have a sneaky, manipulative way to get $150 a pop from people. Don't fall for it!!

** editors note: title deleted **
by: Anonymous

I signed up for the test just to keep current and check out my knowledge. They had a time payment for the study materials - I have paid and paid (auto withdrawl - and they never administered the test, contacted me or anything.
I have tried several time to get them to send me the test or refund my money - neither has happened and I just saw they took money again!

** editors note: title deleted **
by: Anonymous

I also received an e-mail from NHE. I set-up the date to take the exam. I DID NOT purchase the study guide. I've been a Certified Personal Trainer for over 12 years. I felt if I couldn't pass the test I'm in the wrong business. I did exactly as they said on the day of the test and SURPRISE no test ever came. I was pretty sure it was because I didn't purchase the study guide. Now I see they are hiring for exam processors. But it's the same deal take their test and purchase their study guide. I'll pass on this. I think even if I took the test and passed something tells me there isn't going to be a job.

Don't waste your time, NHE just wants your money
by: Jonathan

***editor's note: comment edited due to unsubstantiated accusation ***, do not waste your time with NHE, *** edited ***.

I applied to be an exam processor for the personal trainer test once I'd heard that it was free for those who are applying to be exam processors. I was in the middle of studying for my ACSM certification, but decided to put that on the side because this was free and I figured an extra cert couldn't hurt. To give you some background I've received a bachelor of science degree in Exercise Science and Kinesiology, and have worked selling supplements and training people for years. So with my experience I figure why spend $150 on this study guide, I already know the material. So the test comes and it is a pretty easy test imo, of course I've had years of education. Basic questions about nutrition, the heart, and some athletic injuries.

Surprise Surprise, I somehow don't pass the exam, but they can't show me the results because I didn't purchase their study guide. Stay away from this company, you're just wasting your time.

Passed the test
by: JFM

I took the test and just found out I passed. I asked about the job opportunity they were advertising and was told it would take eight weeks to find out. We will see.

So Upset!
by: Anonymous

I am an R.D. working on a master in sports nutrition at an Ivy League and thought this would be a great job to have to make extra money. I am a skeptical person so I even googled NHE before signing up to take the test and found various posts of people saying they were legit and a great company to work for. I also found many posts saying the test was nearly impossible to pass without the study guide from people claiming to have master degrees, PH. Ds, and a great deal of experience. Now I?m beginning to think those posts are all bogus. Here is why:

1. Paid $150 for the fitness nutritionist study guide
2. Studied and took the 6 hour long test
3. Hit submit at the bottom of the page and was directed to a blank page with some gibberish written at the top and than automatically taken to a completely unrelated website

I tried contacting the company via phone but received voicemails for every extension I had. Finally someone responded via email saying my answers were not submitted if I did not see a page stating so. I than emailed back requesting a phone call but instead received another email response basically saying my complaint did not make sense and that it was an error on my end because no one had ever filed such a complaint. I than requested a phone call again and got no response. I was given no apology or solutions. I wish I would have found this site before wasting my time and money. I am going to try to get my money back. Here is the last response I received (in lieu of a phone call):

?If you spent the majority of the exam allotted time on the first part of the
exam, it would have been impossible for you to have passed. There are 11
sections to the exam and each section submits separately. In other words,
when we receive a students full exam, it is received in 11 separate
submittals. You are referring to the first submittal, which was never
received. In order to successfully complete the fitness nutrition exam, the
first section would need to be completed within three hours.

I've been working in this department for several years and I have never
heard of a situation like yours. In fact, it doesn't even make sense. The
"submit" button has a code. Within that code, is a specified link, to which
the student is taken. Your account of what transpired, would be like typing
in Google but being directed to Yahoo. The way the exam is formatted, it can
only take you to the page specified within the code. That page is section 2.

Surely, if there were such a possibility, you would not be the only person
having experienced it. In the past year, we have administered over 600
fitness nutrition exams, utilizing this particular format, and not once has
anyone logged a similar complaint. This leads me to believe the problem
occurred on your end.?

The exam wasn't that hard.
by: Keith T.

I took the fitness nutrition exam and did not have any problems. I also passed it the first time. It does sound as though the problem was on your end. Maybe you have an old computer or something? I don't think it was their fault because they would fix something like that. The exam was free. There is no reason for them to lie. No one on this site seems to have actually worked for NHE and unlike the other sites I've seen, only the people who fail the exam post here. It's sort of one-sided. It is hard to believe that absolutely no one but a select few can pass. What would be the point of that? Are you saying that NHE basically exists to administer exams for free and then fail people. That sounds like a big waste of time and makes absolutely no business sense. I did not believe the exam was that difficult.

Fitness Director
by: Anonymous

Yes, I received it to and even took one of the test. However, I did not finish the test in the 2 hours alloted so they said I did not pass. They did not even eamil for for a week or 10 days. I find this organization very "unprofessional". I am actually signed up to take the test again next weekend, but I am contemplating not even "going there" ***edited, unsubstantiated***. What is your take on this? I have a M.Ed and a B.S. in Exercise Science.

NHE is a good company
by: Anonymous

The pt level 2 and the master exam has a two hour time limit. If you surpassed that time limit, you would fail the exam. What is unprofessional about that? I passed the level 2 personal trainer exam and also received my results within a few days, even though they said the results could take about 2 weeks. There seems to be a common theme on this site, promoting two schools of thought: NHE is a great company if you pass the exam or they are a sham if you fail it. This argument will seem go on forever. I think NHE is a great company because everything they have told me was the truth.

Looks like NHE has found this thread
by: Jon

Looks like NHE is already sending their propaganda team here to help with damage control. Among all the legitimate posters here with strong backgrounds in the health, fitness, and medical field.. how could anyone take NHE seriously. Nobody has even heard of this company.. and that in and of itself is a huge red flag.

I've called the schools that NHE is supposedly affiliated with and they've never even heard of NHE.

by: KT

Legitmate posters? Are you kidding. More than half of the posters are Annynomous. How does that make them legitimate? I do not work for NHE but I am certified through them. So I natuarally have a legitimate reason to post here. You say you have called the schools affiliated with NHE. It sounds as though you have spent a lot of time getting to know them. You say no one has heard of them? Everyone on this site has heard of them. You are not making any sense. If you want to be considered a "legitimate poster" than tell us which schools you called and I'll verify with NHE if you know what you are talking about. My guess is, you won't be back and if you do return you will not address my challenge.

Should not have spent the $150
by: Anonymous

I paid the $150, wish I had not. All kinds of troubles with exam passwords supposed to have been sent.

Then, when I took the test, I quoted some of the materials from the study guide for some questions, added my own comments,and was told that invalidated the test. Rude comments from them in the e-mail.

In the hundreds of other tests I have seen in my lifetime, quoting sources and expanding on them is considered to be a good thing! Has gotten me many A's in the past.

Some of the language on this site in posts that defend them seem very similar to that in the e-mails.

Does anyone here, or has anyone actually worked for them? Have you seen any certificates posted in gyms?

Next time don't cheat!
by: Anonymous

It sounds as though you try to cheat on the exam and got busted. Hurray for nhe for not allowing you to copy the study guide. Many of us took the exam without a study guide and it is nice to know we are not being unfairly processed.

NHE has no accreditation
by: Jon

As the NHE internet propaganda machine continues by posting bots such as KT, there is still no in depth information concerning their company, balance statements, number of employees, nor any sort of network built into this huge money making scheme to be found anywhere on their site let alone the entire internet. If you really want to spend your time studying to be a personal trainer, work towards one that is both real and backed up by countless leaders in academia in the health and medical field. These would be ACE,NSCA,ISSA, and ACSM. The top two organizations being NSCA and ACSM. You will get a job in a gym or clinic with these certifications, but will be laughed out of the door when you show them your internet printout from NHE.

It should be obvious how phony they are when they don't have on site proctored tests no require CPR/AED/FirstAid certifications. Don't be fooled like us and others, and whatever you do don't spend the money on their copy and pasted wikipedia study guide.

As an ACSM and CSCS professional ...
by: Anonymous

who has worked for various high-end fitness companies, I can tell you that:

1. NHE is an unrecognized and unaccredited name in the field. FACT.

2. Their website, though seemingly chock-full of words and content, provides no real information or substantiation of their credibility and actual business existence. FACT.

3. Call or email them, and you will get rote responses that don't really get to the bottom of your question. Majority of the time, it will be about you taking the test, and being tempted to purchase the materials, which, enough experts on this site have attested to as a poor measure of knowledge, skills, and abilities. FACT.

I'd stay away ...

This is not news.
by: Anonymous

Who are these posters, really? Do they have any idea what they are talking about. NHE is only new in the personal training industry, so of course many gyms are unfamiliar with their certification. They also describe on their site everything about the accreditation system, which I found very enlightening. NHE obviously fails a lot of people who are not really qualified to be personal trainers. I feel sorry for these people who appear to be obsessed with NHE because they failed the exam.

by: Anonymous

"It sounds as though you try to cheat on the exam and got busted. Hurray for nhe for not allowing you to copy the study guide. Many of us took the exam without a study guide and it is nice to know we are not being unfairly processed."

One of your people in an e-mail told me to make sure that I limited my answers in most cases to one or two sentences. How exactly do you do short answers without using some very specific wording. You can reword some things to a limited degree, but not many. The person who wrote the e-mail does not seem to be there any more.

In every case, when I quoted something from the study guide, I qualified and expanded upon my answers. As I said before, when you take an exam, you must stay on the subject referred to in the question. Don't sell the $150 study guide unless you expect people to use it.

Other peoples comments about making content with the company are true. These days, if you call them, you must previously know an extension number to even leave a message.
Is there anyone even there to answer the phone? Who knows.

Seems very unprofessional to me. I also asked how many people have been certified and hired anywhere, including within the company. Questions were ignored.

If you think it's a scam don't do it!
by: Anonymous

Well I just got my interviewed lined up for next wk. I've spoke with Lisa several times and am hopefully going to land the job. You can't hate on the company just because you can't pass a test or have the option to buy a $150 study guide. Don't buy it if you think it's a scam and take the test for FREE.

Stop obsessing!
by: RH

I agree. The offering of a study guide as an option, not a requirement, is not a scam. No one would think to post anything bad had they all passed. I'm going to get certified by them regardless of what anyone says because I like the intensity of the debate between respectably difficult programs and the ones you don't need to study for. Apparently, the nhe programs are difficult and challenging and that's the way it should be.

thank you everyone
by: Anonymous

thanks for the heads up everyone, although few say its a good company, most of you say no way. and yes I will take your warnings I read all the comments and yes I will stay far far far away. hmmmmm maybe I will get some legal action involved. This call for serious investigation.

Please let us know
by: Anonymous

If your interview goes well, and you are offered a job, please let us know how it goes.

If that happens, it would be the first that anyone has heard about anyone actually working for them.

Please understand: I hope it is actually true.

It's a SCAM
by: Anonymous

I paid for the study guide and was ready to take the test. The email with the link to the test did not arrive. The instructions said that if the test did not arrive to email them. I did that and in a return email, they claimed that comcast blocked the email. Why would comcast block the test email, but not the response email? I spent 30 minutes with an analysist with comcast who said the test was never sent. Please, don't waste your time or money. It is a scam.

They offered me a "job"
by: Jonathan

So I happened to get another e-mail last week from someone named Lisa Mirakawa, the head of this shady NHE organization. So after they said I fail the test, they just happen to tell me I qualify for the position?!? Right..

I just trashed it in my junk box and took my ACSM certification test friday. I passed, and now I know I can get into any gym as a personal trainer. Don't waste your time with NHE, there are no jobs. They make money off suckering people into buying their study guide.

This Thread is now CLOSED
by: Katie - Admin

Due to legal threats by NHE we are closing down discussion on this thread. Any additional comments will be deleted.

It is unfortunate that NHE has chosen to make legal threats rather than address the questions and concerns people are expressing about their program. Rather than contributing to the discussion people associated with this discussion thread have chosen to attempt to discredit our site by posting bogus "scam" and "rip-off" complaints about our community on various discussion forums and the BBB.

This is not the first time this has happened. And like times before, none of the nonsense will stop us from allowing personal trainers to discuss various products and programs openly.

Thanks for your continued support.

- Katie

why can't we post anymore?
by: Anonymous

I just got word that you have decided to shut the forum down. That is unfortunate because there are a lot of NHE trainers who have received the email to post here. If this forum is closed, then it serves no purpose but to try and discredit those of us who are certified by NHE. We have been advised to show support to nhe and take this fight to, which dwarfs this site. My advice is to delete the thread because interest is growing and some of these meatheads have nothing but time on their hands. I have already seen a thread that posts all of your personal information and really mean things about members of your family. I have to say that I respect your stance but like all acts of freedom, there is always a price to pay. Each day this thread remains online, you will propably anger more nhe trainers. good luck!

well i showed up but no ones home
by: Anonymous

WTF! I got an email to come to this shitty site and post a comment but it's closed? This site is a scam and I'm going to post somewhere else. By the way... who the hell is Katie? She looks like a whore.

Karl "the blazzer"

by: Anonymous

This site sucks! I'm NHE certified and I'm proud of it. You are a liar and I'm glad I know about this shitty site. I'm going to help bring it down. Talk to you soon loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to Rip Off Report to write some truth to this.


How sad
by: Rhino

Katie -

You have my support. I think it's sad that our right to free speech is being curtailed by those who fear the truth will be exposed. And then they send their witless drones to post unintelligible dribble in an attempt to make you and this site look bad. This site has done nothing but help me in my fitness business and supply me with worthwhile, applicable content. I will continue to read and post here as always, and do whatever I can to help this site continue to succeed. Let me know what I can do.

The Rhino

If this is the language NHE trainers use............
by: Anonymous

who would want to be certified by them, and who would hire you as a trainer?

Are those of you who added the last 3 posts actually trainers who work in clubs?

If so, why not be proud and say who you are and where you work?

Yes, I am posting as anonymous because I don't want to be open to a lawsuit even though everything I have said is true. It still costs money to defend the truth.

I certainly have no way, or the desire to "come after" you even if I did know who you were and where you work.

As it stands, we are still at square one. We do not know of anyone verifiable as an NHE certified trainer working at a club.

No change.

** editor's note: there are certainly NHE trainers working in the industry. This thread is primarily about the promise of high paying jobs working for NHE if candidates pass their exam. This will be an endless flame war if this turns into a good cert/bad cert discussion.**

Where's the Moderator?
by: Mrs. Haynes

Where's the Moderator?

Excuse me but this thread is extremely unprofessional and offensive. Isn't there supposed to be someone watching offensive content? There are young people who may visit.

** Editor's note: We would normally discard posts that don't meet our forum guidelines. But the nature of the previous posts illustrated the smear campaign perpetuated by NHE. **

Sent a link....
by: Stephen Weller

This site is pathetic. Who are these posters and why are they all anonymous? Also, only someone with a vendetta would come here are try to scare people away from NHE. It's a nice try but I don't think it'll work. I'm certified by them and I was told that you won't post my comment because it speaks favorably. I was told that you only post negative opinion that support your agenda. I was also informed on what to do when my comment doesn't show up here. I guess I'll wait and see what happens.

** Editor's note: Stephen, you should read the whole thread again. There has been a mix of positive and negative posts over the last 18 months. Most of the early posts are about people trying to figure out if NHE's promise of high paying jobs was real. This is not an issue of good cert or bad cert... but rather if a candidate passes the exam are they guaranteed a job working for NHE. This question has not been addressed by the NHE to date. **

by: Anonymous

This is an email that you sent and is now posted online :

All posts go into a queue for review. We don't filter based upon positive and negative views. You will find plenty of both all over our site. If you set the notification options after making your posting you will receive an email when it goes live. Occasionally we don't publish posts that contain profanity or consist of duplicate questions, etc. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.


This is a lie because real nhe certified trainers have posted on this site and their messages were deleted or never posted. I'm ACE certified but I will still file a report on the better business bureau. I heard you are not Katie. Shame on you for trying to deceive us. I'm sure this message won't show either. I don't care because I'm going to do what I was advised to do.

** Editor's note: only posts that didn't meet our forum guidelines have been deleted. Many of the deleted posts have been critical of the NHE. We have removed many unsubstantiated accusations against the NHE including posts that use inflammatory language like scam, rip off, fake, etc. **

no comment title
by: KC

Is this a joke? Isn't it obvious that these people who are complaining are people who could not pass the exam. This whole website thrives off of trainers searching NHE. Without NHE, no one would come here. What a scam this is. Apparently you do not post all comments and so I guess I will just write the better business bureau tomorrow and let them know of this sham.

Kristy Chang

** Editor's note: Hi Kristy. The discussion page is one page out of over 3500 pages on our site. According to Google Analytics, it accounts for one tenth of one percent of our total site traffic. And the bounce rate is 85%. That means that 85% of the people that visit the page leave our site after reading the page. There are no ads on this page and no revenue is generated as a result. **

Third post....
by: Dr. Akers

Well maybe that's the problem. NHE doesn't offer "high paying" jobs. The compensation is industry standard. Many trainers make a few bucks an hour and so to them the pay seems "too good to be true". To the rest of us who make a good living in the industry, it doesn't seem "too good to be true". It's about right. NHE is a legitimate organization and they seem to only hire the creme de la creme and obviously many of these posters are sub par at best. Being certified by them is one thing and working for them is quite another.

** Editor's note: While we agree he term "high paying" is a subjective term, NHE lists on their website compensation for the exam processor position for grading the Personal Trainer Level 1 (Written Exam) at $250 with an average grading time of 2 hours. I think most reasonable people would consider $125/hr high paying.

Source: **

NHE is not accredited or recognized in the Industry
by: Jonathan R

The NHE organization is not real. It's obvious by the responses from the so called NHE trainers and NHE staff that they are foreigners from overseas who are upset that someone is digging into their internet business which thrives on the sales of a study guide that doesn't relate to a real personal training certification but simply something they have created themselves.

I repeat, NHE is not known by anyone in the industry. It is not a real accredited organization. Do not spend your time or money trying to get this certification off their website. I challenge NHE to post one gym in the entire United States that employs one NHE certified trainer and who they are. They will not be able to do that because NHE trainers simply don't exist or operate in any gyms across America.

You have misrepresented the thruth.
by: Anonymous

You wrote, "** editor's note: there are certainly NHE trainers working in the industry. This thread is primarily about the promise of high paying jobs working for NHE if candidates pass their exam. This will be an endless flame war if this turns into a good cert/bad cert discussion.**"

You are the owner of this site and you are obviously biased toward NHE. No where on this site does it say NHE promises anyone anything if they pass the exam. In fact, I know it is the exact opposite because before you can even take the free exam you must sign a waiver stating you have not been promised anything. Where did you get that accusation from? It came from your own mind because no poster has claimed that NHE promised them anything.

** Editor's note: please refer to the many posts starting at the 29th post to this thread which refer to employment with the NHE. **

This entire thread is fueled by your personal hatred toward companies like NHE and I am going to contact the BBB and the California attorney general. I can almost promise you that you are going to receive some legal heat due to your personal involvement.

** Editor's note: We actually had never heard of the NHE until this thread appeared. And frankly, we barely noticed this thread until the NHE legal threats, harassment and lewd behavior started. **

by: Anonymous

FYI... Steven has provided many trainers the entire email list. It consists of 138 personal trainers. On his web site, he asks us to post here. He doesn't tell us what to say, but he asks that we copy and paste our posts to his website so that we can all see the exact messages submitted and also to see what posts and what doesn't. Also on his site, he has a "add a friend" link, which brings more people to his site.

You are a liar!
by: Anonymous

NHE doesn't promise jobs to anyone. You are making shit up to prove a point that no one has made. Show us your proof. Where does NHE promise jobs if you pass the exam??

** Editor's note: please refer to the many posts starting at the 29th post to this thread which refer to employment with the NHE. **

This is libel
by: Anonymous

"Most of the early posts are about people trying to figure out if NHE's promise of high paying jobs was real. This is not an issue of good cert or bad cert... but rather if a candidate passes the exam are they guaranteed a job working for NHE."

This is libel, written by you the owner of this site. It is not a claim that can be substantiated, as no one has claimed NHE guaranteed them a job if they passed a fitness exam. I will contact NHE and advise them of your participation in this forum and how you are not stating opinion but instead falsify the NHE protocol. Why would NHE or anyone for that matter promise a job if they passed an exam? That is not logical. If you cared so much about NHE, why haven't you contacted them yourself? I will report you to the BBB as recommended.

** Editor's note: please refer to the many posts starting at the 29th post to this thread which refer to employment with the NHE. **

I passed
by: Anonymous

So I was told I passed and will hear from them via mail within 8 weeks if they're interested in offering me the job. Part of the selection I was told is based on my score, which I cannot obtain because I did not pay for the exam. In response to the posts regarding unreturned phone calls, the reason I was given is that it is easier for them to respond via email because all emails get sent to the "main board" which avoids misinterpretation and "he said she said". "Most large companies operate this way now" according to NHE.

Still waiting
by: Jonathan

I'm still waiting for NHE to respond with proof that they have one real life NHE certified trainer working in a real gym in the United States.

NHE is not accredited by any educational institution and has not produced one certified trainer that currently works in a gym under NHE certification.

Official NHE response invited
by: Editor

*** Editor's Note:

We have been trying to come up with a way for keeping this thread on topic and avoiding endless flame wars and differences of opinions. While there have been many posts from both sides, there has been no "official" NHE response.

So we have summarized the questions posed in this thread to allow NHE to respond to them once and for all. We welcome a post by an NHE corporate officer with verifiable contact information addressing the topics below.

Other posts will not be published.

The following questions remain unanswered in our forum:

In the midst of the worst economic climate in 70 years, why is it necessary to send a mass Internet mailing to fill a high paying exam processor job when you have a pool of NHE certified trainers presumably available to choose from?

How many exam processor jobs are actually available?

How many jobs have been filled?

How can you give the exam processor $250 in compensation to correct the Personal Trainer Level 1 exam when you offer the exam for free?

Several people noted that the exam questions were computer based and in the multiple choice format, why would you need an exam processor to correct the exam when the computer can do it instantly?

It was also noted that the exam questions didn't make sense without the study guide which can be purchased optionally for $150. Is the offer of employment and/or free certification a lure to sell expensive study guides?

Why has NHE chosen to send legal threats and post bogus customer stories about this site rather than address the issues above?

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