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NHE Certification

It seems the NHE certification has declared war on our community because we are all "too stupid to pass their exam" (their actual words, see below).

It all started with a simple discussion about the NHE Certification in one discussion forum thread.

Rather than addressing the concerns raised by readers in this forum, people associated with the NHE have chosen to attempt to discredit our site by posting bogus "scam" and "rip-off" complaints about us on various discussion forums and the BBB.

Here are samples of the dozens of threatening, lewd and gleeful taunts our customer service staff have received from the NHE in the last few weeks. All of the postings came from the same person (IP address confirmed).

nhe legal threat

nhe certification

ripoff report nhe

steven nhe

nhe scam rip off

NHE Certification has had over 14 months to answer questions in this forum about their offer of high paying jobs for people who passed their test, but they chose not to answer. Instead they sent us legal threats and posted nonsense about us around the internet.

So everytime they post nonsense about us in discussion forums, we will refer people back to this page so they can see the whole story.


The following questions remain unanswered in our forum:

In the midst of the worst economic climate in 70 years, why is it necessary to send a mass Internet mailing to fill a high paying exam processor job when you have a pool of NHE certified trainers presumably available to choose from?

How many exam processor jobs are actually available? 

How many jobs have been filled?

How can you give the exam processor $250 in compensation to correct the Personal Trainer Level 1 exam when you offer the exam for free?

Several people noted that the exam questions were computer based and in the multiple choice format, why would you need an exam processor to correct the exam when the computer can do it instantly?

It was also noted that the exam questions didn’t make sense without the study guide which can be purchased optionally for $150.  Is the offer of employment and/or free certification a lure to sell expensive study guides?


I recently received this thoughtful letter from Sandra, an NHE Certified trainer talking about how she is being asked to discredit our site.

nhe email

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for your insightful inquiry. I can tell you are uneasy about posting false comments about us. I thank you for your integrity. Let me try to explain this from our viewpoint.

I can understand your concern as an NHE certified trainer, however, this thread is not about deciding if NHE Certification is a good cert or bad cert. It is about people who were promised high paying jobs with NHE if they passed the exam. And after 14 months of having this thread open, there hasn't been one person who actually got a job with NHE.

While we would have welcomed an official response from NHE to these concerns, they chose to try to shut us down and smear us. Their actions in this manner have done more to discredit themselves than our single discussion page.

As far as making money from this... The discussion page is one page out of over 3500 pages on our site. According to Google Analytics, it accounts for one tenth of one percent of our total site traffic. And the bounce rate is 85%. That means that 85% of the people that visit the page leave our site after reading the page. Not exactly a money maker and there is no advertising on the page.

As an NHE Certified trainer, I would be very upset that the management of NHE have behaved so poorly. If I published the lewd and threatening messages we received targeting our employees and their family members, you would not want your name associated with them in anyway.

- Katie




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