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Personal Training Degrees

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What you Need to Become a Personal Trainer?

The answer is surprisingly little. Legally you don't even need to be certified or licensed in most parts of the world (the UK and Australia are the notable exceptions).

But declaring yourself a personal trainer without having the proper education and training is just dangerous. You may be an expert in the gym, but not know anything about how the human body is designed to work. Designing programs for yourself is completely different than building a program for a diabetic senior citizen.

personal training degrees


So where do I start?

The more educated you are, the more value you will be able to bring to your clients. This will make you a better personal trainer and you will make more money.

You have a choice as to how to get educated. You can pursue one of the many personal training degree programs available which include associates, bachelors and masters.

Or you can go the certificate route where you take a short course ranging from a weekend to a couple of months.

Obviously, you will know a lot more after getting a personal training degree than taking a weekend workshop. And often times even certified personal trainers just don't feel ready to train clients if they have skimped on their education.


No Bachelor's Degree Required

While you don't need one of the personal training degrees to become a personal trainer, you can definitely benefit from the experience that a degree program will give.

Ask yourself this, which personal trainer would you rather work with:


1) A personal trainer that studied exercise science for four years and understands anatomy and nutrition thoroughly.

- or -

2) Somebody who completed a six week mail order course and passed the unproctored open book test.


The answer of course is obvious. While you can shortcut the personal training degrees to become a personal trainer, you still have to put in the hard work and long hours to be good at what you do!


Follow the Pack

You may be comforted to know that the vast majority of personal trainers do not have a college degree. Or perhaps horrified if you are a consumer...

You can safely and quickly start your new career by selecting one of the certification providers reviewed on this site. You can become a certified personal trainer quickly by selecting an entry level certification and start working in a gym in just a few months. Granted, you will be making entry level wages (see our average salary pages for more on that), but you can practice your new career all with the comfort of a steady pay check.

If you find that you like personal training and really want to make a long term career out of it, you should pursue more advanced certifications or one of the personal training degrees. Use this link to search and browse the available personal training colleges near you.

by Katie Donnelly


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