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TRX Certification

Does anyone know if it's required that I'm certified as a TRX trainer in order to train my clients on it? A gym where I'm a contractor said that I could use all of their equipment, except the TRX because I'm not certified. How about my clients that I train in their homes? It looks like a pretty cool system. Thanks.

Comments for TRX Certification

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No TRX Cert.
by: Anonymous

There is no actual certification for the TRX. They only hold workshops to teach trainers how to use it.

The gym you work at should allow you to use it as you would use any other prop such as a bosu or med. ball.

TRX cert
by: Anonymous

TRX® Professional Education Course
Fitness professionals: get the basics of using your TRX® Suspension Trainer for yourself and your clients. This expert-led course gives you the essential information and hands-on training you need.

After completing this 1-day course you will be able to:

Understand why the TRX® is a unique and valuable training method for sports performance and general fitness.
Properly set up and use the TRX® Suspension Trainer in a variety of locations and for a wide array of exercises.
Use the TRX® as an efficient and effective exercise tool regardless of fitness level or performance training goals.
ACE .7, NASM .7, AFAA 5.5, NSCA .8, Can Fit Pro 4, NESTA .8, PTA Global 7.0, ISSA 7, (ACSM accepts ACE CECs)

Course Materials:
You will receive a TRX® Professional Education Courses Manual the day of the course - View a Sample


Certification is great
by: Anonymous

My gym requires a certification also. You won't need it to train your home clients but it is a great course and I learned a lot. You also earn CEC's

We still live in America
by: Anonymous

As far as using the TRX or any other "name-brand" fitness equipment, there is no law against training clients with said equipment. However, you should avoid telling anyone that you are a "Certified" TRX trainer. Whatever credential you have as a trainer, be it fitness club owner, professional athlete, PFT, martial art school owner or whatever... you can instruct to your level of expertise.

certification in Asia?
by: Anonymous

I read a post that there is a 1-day course. Do they offer this anywhere in Asia? Like Manila because I am from the Philippines?

Trx workshop
by: Ade

Has anyone taken the TRX workshop? If so how was your experience?

TRX Workshop
by: Anonymous

I recently attended a TRX workshop twice at a fitness conference. Each class lasted almost two hours. The first class I used the equipment for the full class and learned how to use the suspension band. I think it is the Perfect tool for at home training! However, in the second class I took, I decided to sit out and write notes on what the TRX presenter was saying concerning proper form, the routine, etc. and found that I needed to do that to understand the TRX program better. I did not purchase the suspension trainer there, but I will! Start using it yourself if you dont already before you try to utilize it in training sessions. That way you know exactly what you are doing.

by: Anonymous

It seems the TRX is an overpriced for what it really is. $250 for a class and $150 for the straps? That is $400. Rings from Rouge are cheaper and do the same thing! Don't waist your time and money.

TRX not that complicated
by: Kimo

TRX is nothing new. It's just a tool and is pretty easy to figure out. Been using one since they came to market. Some of the exercises they promote are gimmicky, much more sensible ones can be thought out by someone that is an experienced trainer. Do you need certification to use it? Heck no. Are there alternatives? Yes, there are many products out now and some are much more resonably priced.

TRX Certified
by: Cecilia

I'm TRX certified. The first commenter obviously wasn't a certified fitness professional. Go to and look at all the courses listed under professional education. You'll surely find the one that's right for you. Keep in mind that to attend the level 2 courses, you must first have attended a level one course. So I would say yes, you do require a trx instructor certification to teach it. This certification is now just like other fitness certifications. You must do this to have a successful legitimate certification. Otherwise, what's the use if anyone can just teach it when they want.

Not a certification
by: Anonymous

Be careful. TRX does not offer 'certifications' you are 'qualified' by trx.

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