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W.I.T.S. Certification

by Joann Cummings

I am considering taking a stab at following my dream and try to become a Personal Trainer. A local college is host for a personal trainer certification program offered by W.I.T.S. Do you think this is a reputable certification program?

I don't want to just become certified but I really want to learn something. I have a full time career so the W.I.T.S. personal trainer certification program is very appealing. It is a 6 week program (6 consecutive Sundays). It also requires 20 hours internship and training experience before you get your certification. What do you know about W.I.T.S. please?

Thanks for your feedback. You have the best website for someone like me who is starting out as a personal trainer, just looking for information/answers about Personal Training. THANK YOU SO MUCH.


Comments for W.I.T.S. Certification

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W.I.T.S. Certification is growing
by: Katie - Admin

I am starting to come across WITS certified personal trainers more frequently lately. The description of the program sounds decent. It is good that they require practical time and that it is through a college. That tends to weed out the sharks.

The downside is that very few people will have heard of WITS. So you may still need to get another certification to get the job. If you know where you plan to work, ask them if they accept the WITS certification.

Can somebody with first hand experience with WITS share their thoughts?

- Katie

by: Anonymous

My old gym (Golds Gym) would use this cert. IMO the cert doesn't make the trainer so I never looked into it.

Running Techniques WITS course
by: Sheila

I have been toying with signing up for the W.I.T.S. personal trainer program. To check it out, I took a 3-hour "Running Techniques" workshop through them. It was by far the worst waste of gas and time I've ever spent. The "instructor" was a hack who had experience as a coach, but only for a children's rec program. He had no idea how to organize, motivate or educate any of the students. Be Wary of W.I.T.S!

Go for W.I.T.S. !
by: Joe Bartovic NASM-CPT,PES

It's great that you want to be a trainer and want to really get a education. W.I.T.S . is the best way to go for a new trainer because it has the real classroom time, real gym time and not only a classroom exam, a live gym exam plus an internship. No other certification does that and is college credit too!

Afterwards you might want to expand into others like NASM, NSCA or ACSM ( W.I.T.S. uses the same book as ACSM ).

If you are looking to get the best foundation, go for W.I.T.S. but study hard, the 6 weeks goes by fast.

Best Health
Joe Bartovic NASM-CPT,PES
Personal Training Director
Wow! Fitness Middletown Cromwell, Glastonbury, West Hartford Connecticut

WITS Waste
by: Clarkey

I took WITS. What a waste.

I took it as I wanted something 'hands on'.
It was badly organized, instructors didn't turn up. We didn't get the practical experience promised.

They offered all 10 students the opportunity to retake the course again free as we all complained about it.

That said, I did land a job. But I also have prior experience and am group fitness and cycle certified, and the club knows me. All that was taken into account.

I am now taking ACE as my employer now requires more from me.

Certified with WITS
by: Rances Perez

I am certified with WITS(world instructor training school),I Took The course in New Jersey. I find that many people seem to be impressed simply with the process that I went through to get certified. The way it was for me was like this; first I had a course for three months half in a class room the other half in a weight room. The class room part was all the science and written stuff and the weight room was all the hands on and equipment familiarization. Then you take a written test and a practical test, after you've past the tests you go on to do a twenty hour internship where you shadow a trainer in a gym, and when that is completed then you receive your certification.

Also, my Instructors for the course where very well prepared and knew their stuff. one of them had a degree in sports science, and the other (The instructor in the weight room)had many years experience and runs his own personal training company.

w.i.t.s certification compared to others.
by: Mike

I'm considering my p.t.c., i live in Connecticut, & 95% of the courses offered are on-line with the the option of a practical course offered as an extra option. w.i.t.s. offers 6 eight hour days, which are divided in half, so you get as much practical time, as text book. Then you do a 20 hour internship at a gym for more experience. Also what is offered for there curriculum is very close to the other certs.,

any input from anyone?

Thanks Mike

Requesting a Full-Refund from WITS
by: Anonymous

The best part of WITS is that you get a kick in the pants to start studying. In my opinion it is not worth $550!

WITS is worthless
by: JimB

I took the WITS course at my local community college last fall and passed the written and practical exams. In order to get your certification, you have to perform a 20-hour internship at a fitness facility. They tell you they "help" you arrange the internship. The "help" consists of giving you a list of gyms and health clubs in your state, and it's no more helpful than the Yellow Pages. They lead you to believe that these facilities offer an internship program, but when you call them they tell you flat out they don't offer internships. Clients who are paying good money for an experienced trainer don't want to be trained by an intern. I got my gym's training director to reluctantly agree to grant me an internship, and I got through the 10 hours of observation and the first four hours of alternating training/observation, then hit a brick wall. Clients wanted their money's worth from a certified trainer. I interviewed at one gym where they said they would take me as a trainee, but that WITS is not actually accredited I would have to get ACSM certification within two months. So now I'm blowing off WITS and going for ACSM.

by: Karen R

I to attended the WITS class, I am already certified through a few other organizations and I took this course manly for the CEC's and to compare this 6wks course to the basic weekend course(AFAA,NETA,ACE). In my opinion it was a waste of time! one of the proctors never showed up for the practical testing( about 10 of us sat there for hours waiting to be tested then had to leave then wait to be scheduled for anothere time)the other guy got lost and was never notified that the gym moved so he was late starting, he had no phone # to call to see where to go or find out what was up w/ the missing proctor! VERY UNPROFFESSIONAL considering we all spent almost $600 for the course. I sent emails, called to complain and was trated very rudely by their reps!!!!!!! I would strongly advise get your cert thru someone else ( AFAA ,they are proffessional and reputable) I have worked in the fitness field for 20 yrs. and have never attended anything that was soooo unorganized or treated so unproffessional like i have been w/ the WITS organization!

Worth it!
by: Anonymous

I took the course in NJ and was very impressed! The instructor was very organized and his knowledge was second to none. You have to put in the time to study but you learn so much by the end of the 6 weeks. I am currently employed as a personal trainer (yes, I passed the course) at a major health club in central NJ and WITS definitely set the foundation for me.

I think WITS programs are just about in every state and I was fortunate to have a great instructor (Monmouth county area). I'm glad that I went through their course.

by: Anonymous

W.I.T.S. is only good if you want to learn basics for your own personal use. I was mislead by all the hype the college wrote about W.I.T.S......they claim to help you get an intern ship, which they require for you to officially get certified. THEY DO NOT HELP! And worst of all, the gym's I called (on their so-called gym's that participate list) said they want nothing to do with the company. I passed the certification tests at the end of the 6 weeks of Saturday's course.....but I can not officially get certified because I cannot find anywhere in which to do the internship!(They give you 2 years to do so) When I call the corp. offices, they just give me the a bunch of used car sales people. And the instructor of the course was just a fast talker with no personality and non-motivational speak. Now I have to spend more money and time.....or everything I have done so far will be for nothing. A word to the wise....if you want to be the best you can be...go somewhere else! $700 and 2 months of Saturdays gone, not to mention feeling stupid about it for the last year....try to explain that to everyone who knew you were taking the course.

WITS worthless
by: Anonymous

I inquired about a refund after askiing several gyms about WITS certification and discovering none of them recognized it. However, I spoke to the community college and the instructor and was told it was too late to obtain a refund. That said, the classes were so elementary amd the instructor refused to answer any in depth questions (said he had 2 masters degrees in sports science, exercise physiology).

Quite a waste. I thought maybe the classwork would be better than an online course but this is not true, at least at this course. Furthermore, the instructor said if one could not arrange to take the test on the last day, he would schedule another test date. I cannot get off work and was told I have to wait months until I can take the test and then do the internship--which as said, they do not help you set up.

The community colleges should look into this instead of telling you their is always a waiting list for the class.

Un-Professional Company
by: Anonymous

I took the course and it was OK, I could not test at the end of class because they moved the date and It conflicted with my schedule. They told me I would be able to test at the next testing date. They told me I would be contacted for the testing date, I was never contacted so I kept calling, no reply, four months went by. I went to the college and found that another class started (I missed one week)and I talked to the Instructor and was able to join the class to refrest the material. I was able to talk with someone at WITS after I started the class and they told me I could not join the class and I would have to wait until the next class, I told them that the Instructor said it was OK and I was already in the class. I was able to test and passed the written but missed the other test by 3 points, so I have to retest. I called around and found another college testing in a month, but WITS would not let me test and I would have to wait another four months to retest, they said they would contact me, but guess what I tried for over six weeks to get a reply and none. They finely called me four days before the test. I told them I need more time than four days and I also need to get thhe day off work. They told me that I could take the next test which is another four months from now, and they would follow up with an email to confirm, guess what it has been three weeks and they still have not replied to me. I have been working on this certification for over a year and still do not have it. I WOULD NOT RECOMEND THIS CERT to anyone, they do not seem to care about the students.

I have already taken other certs and passed in the last year (AFAA), I am working on other certs. I may or may not ever get WITS cert but I have learned that I can move on to better companys that want their students to be happy and certified.

Look to AFAA, ACE ect... To get certified

Good luck to all in the fitness field.

Unsure W.I.T.
by: Anonymous

I also took the course at the community college. It was also a 6 week course. For somebody who worked out for years but only took Jazzercise classes, I had no idea what the machines were all about. We had no access to weight machines during the 6 wk course. We were brought into a local gym for 1 day (about 1 hr) and were to familiarize ourselves with all the machines. Needless to say I was lost and on my own because everybody else worked out in gyms and were familiar with machines and left early. I did pass my practical/written, but still felt stupid. I never was required to do an internship, which I believe would of definitely of helped... re-think W.I.T.S

by: Anonymous

I read all of the comments and I guess your experience is based on how good your instructor was. Well I had an excellent instructor, but the class before me had a very poor one. Also I could not find a gym and trainer in my area to do my internship, well after six months I ended up calling the instructor that I had and he helped me with my internship. 45 minutes one way from my home.

After I turned in my paperwork to WITS, CPR card and internship hours they sent me my certification.....but with the date of when I finished the classes not when I finished my internship.

I lost six months of training, I could not train any clients until I could show them I was certified. Because of this I contacted Jay D and told him it was not stated anywhere on his website about when your certification starts but he told me that was the industry's practice. They are the only certification to do this and now they increased it to thirty hours. Also after I told me about the information not being on his website he has now added it.

At first I thought it was a great company to go with but now you never know if you are going to get a good instructor and I believe they want you to drag out the internship training so they can get the money for the Continuing Education Credits and the renewal fee.

Also the college I took the course is no longer is offering CEC classes. I would have to buy them online directly from WITS

I know they will be contacting me when my certification gets closer to its expiration date. I think I will look into another company, even if it will cost me more money.

Bottom line...if you want to take the chance of what kind of instructor you are going to get (Which I had an excellent one, the only good thing out of all of this) and getting your internship hours done as soon as you can and not being concerned if any one has ever heard of them then maybe you should consider this certification.

WITS Practicum Test
by: Anonymous

I am in my 3rd week of the WITS program. I am very unsure of the taking the practicum test. We have not done very many assessments protcols, to practice our skills. Does anybody have any suggestions for study for the practicum?

I was scammed
by: Anonymous

The community college I took the WITS course with did not mention ANYTHING about an intership in their course booklet. The first day of class (when it's too late to file for a refund) the instructor informed us we'd have to do a 30 hour internship before we'd get our certificate, even if we passed the exams. As stated in another posting, the "internship" list consists of gyms with outdated email addresses who no longer offer internships. I've spent $550 on the course, $88 on the book and $55 on a CPR course (also required), six Sundays in classes and no certification to show for it. No wonder they made us sign a form the first day of class saying we'd have to go to Virginia(their HQs) if we were to file a lawsuit against the company. The couple of times I called instructors they either did not return my call or told me they couldn't help me.
I was scammed.

My WITS Experience
by: Anonymous

I am currently enrolled in the W.I.T.S. program, and I am quite underwhelmed with the company. The classroom lectures are disorganized, disjointed, and feel very fragmented. The practical hours are better, and I feel I will have enough basic knowledge about offering personal training once I am done with the class.

I have been fit and active my whole life but I am not familiar with any practical part of being a personal trainer which is why I chose the WITS program offered by a local community college. I have been aware before I started that WITS may not be industry standard, but it was worth it to me to spend $500 for the practical experience. Our instructors are doing an adequate job giving us practical skills, and I know I'll be okay with the practical skills I am currently learning once I start working in the field.

Having said that I have no plans to make WITS my certification of choice, so it will make no difference whether I pass the exam or not - I will consider it a practice exam for what I really want. I will take from the class what I can, and then go for either the ACSM or at least the ACE certification. I also have no intention to even worry about the internship because that means I would not be able to get the WITS certification for another 4-6 months, and I want to be certified ASAP.

For someone who wants to do just WITS, please know that you may or may not get decent instructors. If you already work in the industry or are at least fit from working out in the gym, go for ACE or ACSM certification, and don't waste your money on WITS.

If, however, you need some practical experience like I did - you may want to give it a shot. If you are lucky, and your instructors are half-way decent you will get something out of the practical part of the course. But order the required workbook at amazon - it's a whole lot cheaper than ordering from WITS.

Not Bad
by: Audrey

W.I.T.S. isn't a bad entry into fitness. I did the course through a local community college. The course instructor was fine and made sure the basics were covered. I think the quality really depends on the instructor.

I did the course for personal interest and satisfaction. I started training a few years ago and so did my husband. I wanted the short course to help me understand my own fitness and help my husband in his fitness and running. The W.I.T.S. classes did this for me. Having a hands-on class was the real plus for me.

Is this a top notch premier certification? Not in my opinion. Is it a good starting place for someone with no formal fitness education? I say yes. It can be used as a starting place to take more recognized tests such as ACE.

W.I.T.S. is not bad, just don't expect to be a master personal trainer after 5 classes and a test.

by: Carole

After reading all the above comments, I too agree that it depends on who your instructor is. I was lucky enough to have a very knowledgeable instructor who was also a good teacher. I took the class because it was the only hands-on one available. I liked the time spent in the lab classes. It was also great being able to ask questions as they arose. That all being said, I did encounter some big obstacles to certification. I, too, called several of the gyms on the intership list and was also told they did not participate. It took me 4 months of calling and going to local gyms to find someone that would allow me to shadow a trainer. I also should add that not 1 gym had ever heard of W.I.T.S.-and these were all people in the business! You are required to do a 30-hour internship with the last 10 hours being with you training the client by yourself. When we reached that segment of the internship, everything was put on hold as the gym was not comfortale allowing an un-certified trainer to train paying clients. Luckily, I was in the process of studying for my NASM cert and once I passed that test, the gym allowed me to finish my internship. I don't know if I would have ever finished otherwise. So my advice would be to take the W.I.T.S. course if you want in-person instruction. If you know a personal trainer who has been certified for at least 18 months and is willing to do your internship then it you will be able to get your certification. Otherwise, trying to find a gym that will allow an un-certified trainer to train paying clients is nearly impossible. Also, at the end of it all, my W.I.T.S. cert is an unknown in the industry whereas my NASM cert opened every door and I now have a personal trainer job.
Hope this helps!

by: Anonymous

Listen to anonymous. I could not find a single gym that ever heard of it and thus none of them accept it. I mean thats the important part, getting a job right?

too basic
by: Anonymous

I took the WITS class a couple of years ago at a community college. I took the class just for my own knowledge and was not intending to become a trainer at that point so I didn't take the final exams or practicum. The instructor was OK and I got something out of the classes, but when I asked local gyms their opinion of WITS they all said it is not a respected cert and it's better to get certified by a more reputable organization. I'm working on getting my NASM cert now. I think WITS is good if you're just interested in the field and need an intro course.

I kept in touch with some classmates who told me they weren't able to schedule the practicum anywhere (except for one guy who was already working at gym before he took the class) so that is definitely a problem.

Weight your options/needs
by: Kat

I've been looking into W.I.T.S. I have a 4 yr degree in Kinesiology and a Group Instructor Cert through AFAA. I've been looking at the HFS Cert through ACSM as well. Based on my experience, W.I.T.S is at least legit, though not very popular and very brief. The website lays out the program for you well, and the fact that it "offers" an internship is fantastic so, unlike one of the above comments, don't bitch that you went into it and were surprised/disappointed there was an internship. It doesn't seem like they give you much support in finding that internship, but even in my internship course in COLLEGE they didn't set it up for you! YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK HERE. YOU find your internship, YOU put time and effort into learning. There are places and people that want to help you, sharing knowledge is the only way we better ourselves. As is the case with any education. You get out what you put in. That said, the instructors for W.I.T.S can be almost anybody, which is the downside. Depends who your instructor is, as to whether you'll have a good experience or not. It's a 5-week course, so if your instructor is knowledgeable you'll get a lot out of it, and if they aren't...well, study on your own like you would if you were taking an ACSM or other national cert. People study for months for the ACSM exam, so a 5-6 week course isn't bad at all...just make sure you make an effort to learn the material.

Well said Kat
by: Anonymous

You all sounds like a bunch of lazy idiots, some of which with serious inabilities to spell correctly which leaves very little likelihood that you can market yourself with a certification of any kind.

W.I.T.S. is great if YOU do the work and don't expect to be spoonfed. Oh and by the way, they can't help you get a list of future clients either so don't cry a river when everything isn't done for you. GROW UP!

What you do
by: Anonymous

I went thru WITS. My instructor was well informed and organized. We did lecture in the am and practical in the afternoon.

When it came to finding an internship it is true about thre is a list on their website and they mislead you to think these companies accept internships. I literally had to go to gyms in person. The good thing is I did come across a WITS graduate who is a manager at a nationally recognized gym but was unable to allow me to do an internship for the company, how ironic.

I did complete my hours and now I am hired at another nationally recognized gym. However, I think the only reason the manager of this particular gym allowed me to is because he was unsure. Plus I'm a female and they don't have a female trainer on staff at the time. But now they do (me.)

Howerver, after reading these review I think I am going to get my ACSM cert as well.

about wits or any certs
by: BIG AL

i have a wits and it was over all good training..hands on expereince is still the best thing you can do for fitness training--all the certs up your or my azz wont make you a great trainer..a great trainer is simply one you can access a clients needs,be personable,be communicative,be sincere,train with a safety first mentality and call and pamper your clients when possible...these skills don't come outta no freaking book...PEOPLE SKILLS AND SERVICE AND WARMTH TO YOUR CLIENT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT-OR YOU WILL HAVE 20 CERTS AND NO DAYUM CLIENTS.

by: RM (NJ)

I was certified by WITS in 2011. The course was great and I learned a lot. I got a job at the facility that I interned with and have been there since. Unfortunately, they have now told me and others who are WITS certified, that we must obtain an ACCREDITED certification, something that WITS apparently is not. So now, I need to get a new certification in a few months, or I can no longer work there.

Good value for the money and you earn what you get.
by: Fletch

Just finished the 9 week WITS PT course. Classroom sessions followed the instructor powerpoint slide show with little time to add a lot. I would have liked to have some more time in there with an instructor to pick their brains on working as a PT.

Labwork in the gym was all about basics of warm ups, stretching, fitness assessments and cardio and strength training. Very basic, but hey, that is what a PT cert should be. If you are a gym rat looking to work with bodybuilders, power lifters or athletes, you might be disappointed. This course gets you started and gives you an idea of what you might be doing working with sedentary clients who want to lose a few pounds and improve their overall fitness. That is what 90% of PTs will be doing anyway.

The written test was BRUTAL! No joke. Study and know your stuff forward and backward and don't leave it up to the instructor to prepare you. The responsibility is yours. The practice quizzes in the workbook were very easy compared to the questions on the actual test. It was tough and if you passed it, you earned it.

The hands on was basic and if you paid attention during the labwork, you should not have too much trouble with it. Just be prepared to role play and show off that you know the material.

I still need to do my internship, but I realize that it is on me to set it up. As far as I am concerned, I am only half done with the course because I will learn a lot with working alongside a PT in the field. Setting up your own internship allows you to shadow someone working in your field of interest, whether it is a gym or a boot camp or a private training service so don't expect a cookie cutter program already set up by the company.

I don't know of any other program that makes you complete an internship as part of graduation so I don't understand the complaints. It seems that people wanted to "buy" their certification... which in my opinion is what is wrong with this industry already.

by: MsKat

I have had my W.I.T.S. certification over the course of 9 years. I certified out of Southfield, Michigan. The first certification was before an internship was required. I was blessed to encounter highly qualified; very professional teachers. Within the first 2 months of my certification, I was hired by a leading gym in the fitness industry. I have to admit that I was uncertain of myself as a trainer when I started, but with the assistance of others (and of course, close observation of what other trainers were doing) I managed. I got a job as a trainer in a private gym as well. Because I did not take the required continuing education workshops/courses, my WITS certification lapsed and I had go through the certification program over again. By that time, the internship was a requirement. I actually completed the internship at a Crossfit Gym, and was able to secure my certification the second time. I am now certified as a Level II trainer... (Level III if you count the one prior to internship requirement). It is true, the lists WITS provides is no help to the student; and when I inform others that I am "WITS" certified, they look baffled. This can be embarrassing; but, in an industry where the States do not require any certification, thereby allowing any "Joe Blow" to set up shop as a trainer, I am SATISFIED that I at least went through the process of lecture and lab training as well as interning. I also like the fact that WITS requires you to continue your learning and to present your CEC's every two years in order to renew your certification. I think that WITS leaves a lot to be desired as far as aiding you in gaining an internship, and if what some are saying about shoddy instructors is true, WITS MUST do better. Otherwise, the reputation of WITS' alumnus is jeopardized.

However, if you have a chance to sit in front of a credentialed and knowledgeable teacher (where you can ask questions and have them answered) as well as go into an actual gym (where you can train on current gym equipment); versus merely reading a book and sitting before a proctor--choose WITS. I don't believe any classroom course can sufficiently prepare you for EVERYTHING you will need to know in this industry; it is truly trial by fire. Your clientele will only benefit from your knowledge if you bother to go beyond what you learn in a single course or classroom. Personal Training requires great salesmanship. If you go with WITS your salesmanship will probably begin with your ability to gain an internship and it will carry over into selling yourself to a client. TIP: If you find you are unable to get an internship with a national fitness center, try a private gym. Last note: I attended class with several students who paid their money; missed classes, did not study, FAILED the exam...and had the audacity to be surprised about it. I expect that some of the whining about the WITS program (with the exception of poor instructors)is coming from that group. The course is short, you know that going in. Therefore, you have to do more than read "cliff notes". The client is real and the results they wish to achieve is real; and they deserve your best effort at learning the classroom material and then attaining more knowledge beyond the classroom. No matter what Training program you go with...DO your best and BE the best student, and trainer you can be! The industry will be stronger for it; but it is the client who will reap the greatest reward.

by: Anonymous

I can't speak for all the instructors at WITS but before being hired, I underwent a thorough screening process despite the fact that my resume spoke for itself.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science

a professional Master of Physical Therapy and had worked in orthopedics and sports medicine for close to 15 years

I taught group fitness for over 10 years

have taught continuing education for Massage Therapy students

I also have 15 years of continuing education as well as a half-dozen fitness certifications under my belt.

WITS also required that I complete the entire course (instructor module) through them and test. I also chose to sit through the class being taught by another instructor (all on my own time.)I've since completed other online courses through them.

I'm sure there are people who have had bad experiences, and I assume there are some instructors who do poorer jobs than others, but I also know from teaching the course now for over three years that there are many students who are unprepared emotionally or mentally and do as little as possible to succeed. They think showing up is enough (and sometimes don't even bother to show up). It sounds as if too many people expect to be coddled. (really complaining because you can't find an internship?) Some may think that 600 dollars is a lot (the cost of the course where I teach) but imagine the amount of money most people spend on their education. It's a six week course. It's designed to cater to a diverse group of individuals often with huge variation in their backgrounds and many lacking the science foundations that are fundamental to training concepts.

As far as WITS reputation...again, I think a lot depends on where you go and just because somebody hasn't heard of it doesn't mean it isn't valid. It is what it is and the course content and testing is comparable to other recognized certifications. The exam is hard and there is a lot of material covered in a short time. There are tons of certifications out there that are complete day/weekend certifications. I think WITS does a significantly better job than many or I wouldn't be teaching for them. It is an entry level certification. I have over 7+ years of higher education, close to two decades of experience, multiple current and past certifications and I am still paying for additional certifications, continuing education, etc, etc.

The benefits of a course like WITS is there is increased accountability, live interaction with and instructor, live practical sessions, and internship and a real practical assessment. Again, not all instructors are created equal, but that is the nature of the beast...these are professionals from the community, many of which have limited teaching experiences. Some are going to be better than others.

why should i hide my name
by: Tyler

I want these scumbags to know who they lied to.. first off, to anyone looking to take this class: It will begin with the local community college offering the course lying to people who sign up. No one in my class was told about supplies (after the starting date we ended up each spending $200 extra on books and CPR which ud think would be with the original $730 or theyd at least tell people)We also found out about the 30 hour internship that's required before certification (take note wits is the only one requiring an internship)The pro wits "instructor" stood in front of a slide and read off terms from the book, which is something any 8th grader with autism can accomplish.. I found the physical instruction to be average. (also keep in mind wits is the only one to require a physical test) My advice to anyone wondering which cert to get is NASM or ACSM ..nasm is just about as expensive as wits but very reknown, acsm is much less expensive than both wits and nasm (pay $270 for a chance at testing)Bottom line is I don't like being lied to for any amount of money which is what wits does, very few gyms have heard of it, and its always a gamble. So, anyone reading can choose to listen to the %80 of the comments saying they got taken advantage of and help us take their business away, or they could get scammed. Choose wisely.

disatisfied member
by: Anonymous

Its disturbing after 20 years as a member WITS decide not to take some of my credits...instead they like me to petition my courses that I spent so much money on and pay them above the renewal fee and the required CEC fees $25. If I want to expand on my knowledge as a personal trainer then I don't need a company to control where I should be learning...I did pay for their 2 credit that they required from me and I did pay for the renewal fees...why isn't anyone out there complaining that it is ridicules how this company wants to control your business.
Hope this message reaches enough students.....if you want to change companies...please reach out and I will lead you to a better company that doesn't rip you off or tell you where to study.

Nadia Ellis Fitness​

CEC requirement
by: Anonymous

WITS has changed their CEC requirements and never shared it with their members. Crazy to think that you only need one company to survive in this business. I also certified with PTIA which allows you to not only expand on your horizon with your career but highly suggest that you take courses from all over so that you are a much better trainer in the end.

The PTIA is a company that is always there for you and helps you advance as a personal trainer/ Pilates instructor...

I am very disappointed in the WITS Education program and their customer service individuals who seem to just let you know that they don't care. I wonder if the owner of this company has anything to say to keep his/her members satisfied.
I for one am not satisfied nor would I ever post a good review for this company.

Go ACE or ACSM Instead
by: Anonymous

I took WITS training a few years ago when it was offered by our local community college thinking it would be helping me with getting into a new field and career. I was wrong. It was most definitely a huge waste of time not to mention the money. After the WITS training I never even took the test. On the contrary, I was so discouraged that I stopped considering becoming a personal trainer. It took me quite a few years to get back into the field of fitness, and this time I am taking my training with ACE via their online training which I love, and which inspires and encourages me to finally go for it.

Waste of money and time,
by: Anonymous

The WITS program held a 6 week course at our local college. I don’t know where to start with this disaster. It was hybrid, which consisted of watching videos and chapter work. (BORING) . We met an instructor in the college gym, who reminded us how awful our gym was and how he would try and manage with our equipment. Everything about the course was unorganized and unprofessional. After being in touch with the college and WITS.,(all of my classmates felt the same were very disppaointed.) I was told to take an incomplete and try back later!!! Waste of $700 !!! Wouldn’t recommend to anyone .

Don’t take this certification
by: Anonymous

I took this at our local college. The instructor was great. The problems raised with the testing. They focused on the little things, very little on any concepts or knowledge.

They didn’t tell you what to bring to the exam. One guy ran out 15min before the test to get pencils. The exam was riddled with typos. So bad that question 9 had euro sign and other symbols that you didn’t even realize it was a 2 part question. The instructor looked at it and told me he didn’t know and go to the next. I would have been off by one question for the whole test because it looked like 2 separate questions.

The practical was a joke. I asked if we needed our metronome, tape and measuring device, he said no. I got to the 3 min bench test and asked where the metronome was, he didn’t have one. I got mine and he took off points.

No integrity. I was partnered for the practical, I went first while he was the client. When it was his turn, he copied everything I did. Everything. The instructor didn’t ask him to change his exercises. After the test, he told me if I didn’t show him, he would have failed because he didnt know the muscles.

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world instructors trainers

by verneshia
(charlotte,nc us)

this certification is a 6-week class at central piedmont comm. college. can this be a good certification?

Comments for world instructors trainers

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by: Anonymous

I'm a student of WIT In Las Vegas, NV. I'm going on week 5 and attend 1 day a wk for 6 hours. Three hours are spent in class for lecture and 3 hours for practical in the gym. I think this will be a good cert.

However I do not feel that it can be obtained in 6 weeks. Exercise Physiology, Functional Anatomy and Biomechanics is very in depth, which is a great thing, but after a one hour lecture and then studying at home, I personally feel I will not be prepared for the exam.

I am not alone with these feelings many and I'm referring to over half the class feel this way. I understand now why ACSM, ACE , NASM, ISSA, AFFA etc. have you do their study program 3 to 4 months before the weekend work shop. This is tough stuff and that is the only way you could be prepared.

I have a new respect for certified personal trainers, this is not a cake walk.

Good luck.

by: Ru Ru

I have been a personal / fitness trainier for 21 years now. I have had a number of certifications W.I.T.S. being one of them. I think that it is a good program especially for the individual that has no experience. You get practical information and hands on experience. You also can ask a lot of questions to your instructor ( Something you cannot do with others because you are just reading a book ). For the record, ACE, NSCA, ACSM,NASM,and countless others have you simply study the book and take the test at a testing site. However, The study materials used were the "Ace Instructor Manual" and a small WITS book. They have you do hands on fitness testing as well which gives you practical experience. Ultimately it takes more than plain old book knowledge to be a good trainer. I feel like I have learned much more from my own research and practical knowledge throughout the years than from one book. I am not saying NOT to study the manuals. They do help a great deal as well.
Hope this helps.

by: Anonymous

I just took my WITS Exams last week and I do think this is a great certification. I was a bit skeptical when I recieved the text book in the mail, just because it was very thick and I did not see how we would get through the hole thing in six weeks. Along with the text book they give you an outline which is the WITS manual which makes this much easier. As long as you are active in class study all the key terms in the manual and do the outline there is no reason you should fail this exam. I am still awaiting my results but I am very confident that I passed. When I do get my results if i passed they do not just hand you the certification. You have to do a 30 hour intership which is what I think really makes this certification worth while. Wish me luck!!!!

WITS is worth the effort
by: Mark Laube

I am fitness director at my gym and a graduate of WITS, now about 5 years. The program is intensive; the local community college uses 2 full school years for their personal trainer program as an AS degree. If you have no background at all you will have your hands full to understand this material in the time allowed. Still, I think this is a far better program than simply reading a book and far more practical than spending 2 years for an associate's degree where the material depth is better suited for a nurse practicioner than a fitness pro. BTW: any recent grads still have their study guides? I need one for a student.

Loved It!! Central Jersey
by: Vanessa

I am not someone who can read and then take a test. I found the instructor to be extremely intelligent and professional. It was great to be able to ask a human being a question and get an answer! The other programs have a "name", while I feel WITS has more to offer, do to their presentation. The class was intense and if you didn't prepare weekly, you were definitely at a loss. We did both classroom and practical instruction. Many thought the practical was going to be a breeze. In all reality the evaluators look for key components, that many self-proclaimed gym enthusiasts overlook. It was great to have my eyes opened to techniques and explanations. A textbook will NOT give you all of that :) Go for it and Good Luck!!

Witts = nit witts
by: Anonymous

Witts stinks I spent money and time to take this cert they want you to do externship at gym. Thats great if you have nothing else to do like work a regular job. Your better off going online. They offer no help at all to find anywhere for you to complete the required hours for hands on in a gym.

by: MsKat

Two years ago, I took the class a second time (the first time I let it lapse).

As you can see, the short program is rigorous. So you have to know going in that the learning that is to take place is only "supported" by class lecture and practical lab. You have to study outside of class. It is no different from college courses. The majority of the reading and learning is attained on your own.

The WITS program is unique in that not only do you get support in the classroom and in the gym (practical) you will also increase your knowledge of fitness training during the internship phase.

Hopefully, WITS has improved on aiding the graduate in gaining an internship; but, if not, this is your opportunity to improve your salesmanship skills in order to gain access to a gym internship. This experience will prove invaluable as you apply it to building your clientele.

Get the MOST out of your classroom experience; and put everything you have into your home studies and internship. Be the best you can be the industry will benefit and your clients will
be greatly rewarded. Whatever you do....don't stop learning!

Best wishes to you.

by: Anonymous

My university had offered a WITS certification course, and being that I was in school for exercise science and my ACE cert had expired, I thought I'd give it a shot. It all seemed good on paper, a practical setting where you learned hands on, it was convenient being that it was at my university rec center, and I had a decent discount because of being in school for exercise science at the university.

Then the course began. The instructor didn't really seem to know her stuff, her assistant was a worthless mute that just was there to stand as a technique dummy. The instructor also was not WITS certified and had no real experience with the material!

The practical exam was pretty basic. If you failed it, you have no business being a trainer. Questions like, show me a chest exercise, show me a leg exercise, show me a back stretch. And you were done.

As for the exam itself, I found multiple grammatical and punctuation typos which I made sure to bring up to the instructor. I mean, an accredited exam should be edited multiple times to make sure there are no errors. And the fact that the exam is the same across the board every year and nobody fixed the typos between delivering the exam is unacceptable.

So i passed the exam and I'll tell you, no reputable employer will give a shit about WITS, or even know what it is. Also, when you pass they give you a joke of a log-in to their website that is like 'fitness instructor' and 'workout' or something generic like that. AND everyone who passes gets the same log in and password! How bootleg is that? You can't even personally log in to their website!

Needless to day, I ended up getting my ACSM, which is cheaper and a much more reputable cert. I wouldn't waste your hard earned money and precious time on this cert.

by: Anonymous

WITS took my poor college student money,ive learned more from watching fitness youtube videos than i have learned from wits.

It's what you make of it....
by: Brian

There are two reasons I chose WITS. (1) It has class time and not just online classes. (2) They have a "practical" test as well which eliminated 4 out of the 6 people in my class. Without the practical test those 4 would have automatically been certified. My internship was 30 hours. And IF the gym you contact is running a "proper" intern program, you are suppose to be WITH certified trainers with at least 18 months experience. My first gym experience was with a lame manager so I left. My second experience was awesome! The lady introduced me to her clients and told them why I was there and what I was observing. THAT'S how it should go. However, I already had 35 years gym experience and I wanted to do something I loved after I retired. WITS is NOT for inexperienced people because there isn't enough practical "teaching". You can have the knowledge but if you can't TEACH it, what good are you as a Personal Trainer?

wits personal trainer feedback
by: Jennifer Ruby

I completed this course a few years ago with a wonderful instructor. The practical portion of the course and the internship really set this certification apart from the others. I came out feeling prepared and thankful to have worked with such experienced trainers. I was able to confidently work with clients right away after training with an instructor in a gym setting. I highly recommend it. I work primarily from home in Florida, but all of the gyms near me, including LA Fitness, list WITS as an accepted certification.

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