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American Academy of Personal Training

This academy is in NYC and cost ~$5000 for 260 hours of course work and 130 practical and 130 academic over a 3 or 6 month period. They are certified by NYS Education Department. Does anybody know anything about this particular program?

Comments for American Academy of Personal Training

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Don't get ripped off

Personal training is a hustle, you should never pay that much for a certification, (hell you might not make that money back in your first year)

Personal Training is basically you teaching someone how to exercise, thats it. Some gyms will hire people because they look great(without a certification) some gyms wont pay you more for having a better certification) or the increase wont be that significant. Besides the way the make the most money in this business is by running your own business. (most gyms don't pay that much money to trainers)

I worked a personal training studio and I only made $14 a session and you get paid based off the clients they give you, or the clients you recruit. Plus you gotta think REALLY how much do you think is a realistic price to charge someone for 1 session (i'm talking your average person) making an average income, you will probably make 20-30 doing your own thing) $50 at the most for 1 session.

Thats the truth behind personal training. A lot of certifications get way too technical. Most people just want to get lean asap, you just give out basic nutritional info, you vary exercises like crazy, then you teach a little bit, your job as a training is to teach the client everything you know then let them fly on their own,(I bet your certification company didn't tell you that)

its about time
by: Anonymous

finally someone started a career school to help change this discusting industry full of bad trainers with no education.

Licensed and Ready
by: Anonymous

For the first time in this industry full of bad trainers with zero knowledge or any practical training,a real career school has opened in new york city. Licensed by nys.dept.of education.

In the next few years all trainers are going to need a license to work just like a hair stylist, or a nail salon, or massage therapy. Way to go a.a.p.t.

i know a little about this school
by: Anonymous

Small correction.. the school is not accredited. It's licensed by the NYS Dept of Ed. Acceditation is a very ambiguous distinction because little is known about the legitamacy of the 2 to 3 agencies that accredit certification..either way, no one has accredited AAPT.

need more schools like this
by: Katie - Admin

While there is some truth to the rant above about the "industry". We actually need more schools like this. The whole argument about accreditation seems silly to me. You either take a 500 hour course full of practical hand on training, or you take a 12 hour weekend workshop that the certs often offer. Neither are accredited but which one do you think will teach you more? For this industry, accreditation really only counts for the certification exam you choose, it doesn't really matter for the education provider you select.

- Katie

People are so dumb
by: Anonymous

A.A.P.T is a state certified training program!! Does anyone really know what that means for this industry? Because if you don't you shouldn't speak. This industry is unbelievably ungregulated. What that means is, is that you can pretty much go online to a million different sites and "sign up" to be a personal trainer and recieve a certification in the mail.

Even people certified through A.C.E or A.A.F.A don't need much knowledge to get certified. This school is putting the best trainers out there, so we don't have idiots telling people the wrong way to work out. And yes, there is many different wrong ways.

For example, idiots - stop telling your clients that leg lifts work lower abs. Are you insane!!? A.A.P.T is a brilliant breakthrough that will actually launch a breed of new, acceptable trainers

This school is a sham!
by: Anonymous

AAPT is just a wanna be NPTI, which is also sham!

Senior students spend half their time playing trainer to the newer ones.

Trainers need to train to be good, and it is complete BS that a certification cost that much. AAPT trainers don't get paid more, they actually get paid less because while anyone who took a weekend cert is already at the next level of pay, when these guys are finally getting into the industry.

I've seen this schools website for info, they brag about being state approved...they are approved the same as bartending school and beauty schools. Way to go AAPT - Make mine a rum and coke!

by: Anonymous


I see your point. It would seem that any significant amount of actual class-room time would trump an online certification or 1-time exam.

Except that if no third part/governmental agency is regulating the course, than students cant expect they'll learn much more than studying on their own and taking a $200 exam. (if Im going to pay 5K I want to make sure the course imparts a high-level of academics). The NYC state department of education's division that oversees vocational schools, has no fitness experts on staff..they very casually review a curriculum outline, that looks like the table of contents of any health and fitness book.

And unfortunately, the truth is that if you have two candidates for a personal training job...candidate one is a graduate of a licensed program..candidate two is a good looking/charming trainer with an online certification.. candidate 2 will get the job!

by: Anonymous

AAPT was founded by health professionals committed to changing the abhorrent lack of regulation in the fitness industry. Read about the co-founders on the website: None of the information in the above comments is accurate. The amount of money you make as a personal trainer depends on a number of factors: 1) personality, 2) knowledge as demonstrated through helping clients achieve their goals, 3)# of years of experience, 4) what type of gym, health center you work at (all pay scales vary). And yes, AAPT graduates do make more than the average trainer.

The truth is, it takes both hard work and education to earn money as a personal trainer. If you were only making 14/session, that's probably what you were worth (my assumption is you thought experience as some sort of athlete or active individual qualified you to be a trainer so you took one of the 200+ certs to get certified).

And the bit about AAPT originally being founded as a bartending school is incorrect. You're confusing AAPT with NPTI. Do your research.

by: Jason

"I've seen this schools website for info, they brag about being state approved...they are approved the same as bartending school and beauty schools. Way to go AAPT - Make mine a rum and coke!"

The previous person was not stating that AAPT originated as a bartending school, but that the process of a school becoming "State Approved" is the same process that beauty schools and bartending schools go through.

by: Anonymous

If you're going for the argument that a cert course trumps an actual school, whether accredited or not, would you make the same argument for someone spending 4 years in college to become a personal trainer as well? Certainly people do it, and yes, they could take the cert and be done with it in a couple months, as opposed to a few years, but isn't the idea to have the most knowledge on a subject you're trying to teach someone else? Taking and passing a cert, and then bad mouthing a state recognized school is like solving a math problem and then claiming a math teacher is stupid for the time they've devoted to learning to teach.
And looks and charm can only get you so far before people will realize you have no clue what you're doing. I've worked with personal trainers who wouldn't know the difference between a barbell and their a-hole. You have to know how to teach it before you can be an effective trainer, no matter how good you look, it won't matter if your clients know more than you.

by: Anonymous

AAPT is a school where you get a pratical education based around personal training. You DO NOT get a certification and you DO NOT get licensed. In fact you will never be licensed as a personal trainer because it is an unregulated field, not like beauty school, massage, etc. When you graduate from AAPT you get something close to a "diploma", again NOT a certification, and NOT a license. I know because I competed the program in 3 months and it was extrememly easy. I would not reccommed spending $4900.00 dollars on this program when you could probably put that money toward a college degree in something exercise related, and get an ACTUAL certification like from NASM, ACSM, ACE, NCSF or any reputable personal training certification orginization which has been recognized for some time. You WILL need at least one of these if not all of them to be a top level tainer in a gym. AAPT neglected to mention this, until our class was about to start looking for jobs in NYC, then they told us "don't be surprised if gyms require you actually get one of those certifications in addition to the schooling you had just gone through". I think you could get a better education in the subjects they teach from a community college, or a university. I would not recommend this school as an option if you want to be a personal trainer, if you''re going to invest your time in a program such as this just go to college and get a normal certification, it's much more worth while.

Not so black and white
by: Anonymous

If you have the discipline and study habits to prepare yourself for one of the more reputable certifications you mentioned, by all means skip the time and expense of formal training.

However, most people looking to embark on a career in fitness lack the ability to buy the right text books, study on their own and most importantly, pass an exam from the NSCA or ACSM etc.

by: Anonymous

I have been a trainer for 14 years with multiple certifications and high profile clients.
5k is a rip-off and ever meet one of their trainers? Some good people with no clue how toi sell and lack the ability to talk to anuone other than a medical professioanl without frightening them. P.S. Comment guys a few above, it's spelled Disgusting. Don't throw rocks.... Anyway you make your money either owning the gym, a sub-contract to gym training program, hotels, and homes that's it period. And you better diversify. Sorry to say that the old Eddie Robinson ad make 50k a year as a trainer doesn't hold water unless you do any of the above and do it very well. Period. Go get an ACE or ACSM, it really doesn't matter, just national and get educated, look the part, and learn your business and craft. Then put the other 4500 in the bank, cause you will probably need it!LOL

by: Amanda C.

This school is the real deal. Everyone is amazing -- super nice, super motivated, and professional. They know this profession inside and out and their main goal is to educate people so they become the best PTs in the industry. There are so many "PTs" out there that have no idea what they are doing and give the whole industry a bad reputation. AAPT is raising the bar. They actually want you to succeed and it shows. Going to AAPT was the best decision I've ever made.

im ready
by: Anonymous

i want to start this school i believe its going to get me were i wanna go

I went there!!
by: Albany NY

In short : it was a pretty intense training that had a good balance of classroom and hands on.
People will have there opinions so take this for its worth based on someone who went there.
I actually drove from Albany Ny to the city every weekend for 6 months and spent another $3000 in expenses. and would do it again!!
was tired of 15hr days in a kitchen working for some @ss%$#@

Yeah got the state cert from a lic NY State school ok... But it was tHE PROGRAM that got me prepared to take the NSCA Exam .Not just some BS Cert you can get over the weekend at your local gym.
57.2% of people who take it pass.
passed with 89. no problem

got the gym job (5000 members)
and it looked like a circus and the random independant trainers were the ring leaders.

3 weeks later the gym hired Jim Warren (barry bonds(Per hgh) trainer) as a consultant to start a personal training team. he used to tell many of the trainers to spend time with my expertise .next to my pt manager i was the guy every body in the gym Trainers included came too for info.I knew more than people who spent 4 years in college knew. not kidding!!

"He knows his shit" is how they termed it.

when corporate decided they knew more about training than we did and a mess of lies i quit!
i'm running my own business with group fitness classes going on in two locations and a good 1 on 1 client base.
it started with the knowledge base i got there which allowed me to get the respect in my area as a fitness profession that has led to the opening of my fitness studio along with my Jiu-Jitsu instructors studio. Which will led me to become best MMA conditioning trainer on the east coast.
Thats my story.

response to: don't get ripped off
by: Anonymous

AAPT isn't a certification!
in short :it's an intense course for the person who wants to make personal training a career which allowed me to get my NSCA Cert.
Yeah it's a hustle in the beginning (as with anything else) when you work in a gym for 14$hr.But i guess if your not self motivated and have no vision will stay in that gym or stop training all together.
I went here and what i got was well worth it. I spent thousands more in travel expense etc from Albany to NYC every weekend.
Made no less then 22.50$hr at the gym where i spent 1 year then quit. Spent 8 months renting space and now own my own studio which recently opened. 30+ clients between groups and 1 on 1 and 1 trainer with his own 1 on 1 clients. Living my dream and getting new client every week. No Bullshit!

by: Anonymous

AAPT fills you with a bunch of lies to get you to sign up. I did that. Towards the end of the class, they will indirectly let you know, that this isn't a certification. WOW REALLY?

Do not fall for the lies. They tell you it's a lifetime certification before you sign up. I goes from being a 'lifetime certification' to not being a certification at all. Interesting.

Angela Corcoran is a smug, unfit, instructor at AAPT
by: Anonymous

I took a $5000 three month class at American Academy of personal training. Angela spoke about things that were not entirely relevant to being a trainer.

She blabbed on about nutrition, and detailed workings of the body's organs which never comes up in training someone. Personal Training students don't come to school to become doctors or nutritionists. WE want to learn to train.

Angela wrote this curriculum and it is entirely impractical toward the objective of becoming fit. Angela NEVER exhibited HOW TO PERFORM EXERCISES. Angela jealously guarded her own cache of exercises. Anglea LIED about being NSCA certified...she is not, I checked.

Angela is not even a fit person.

***editor's note: personal comment removed***

and admitted that she cannot do one pushup. She obviously hates to train and is in the wrong business, ripping us off, and being smug about it. Dr. Steve, you may be discrediting your reputation by associating with Angela and this school.

by: Lisa

I'm considering signing up for their course but they never mislead me and implied that I would get a certificate at the culmination of the course. They were pretty clear that this course work would prepare you for your test.

In their video they state that they have 98% job placement. I'm hoping that's true. Anyone have any real experience with their job placement?

by: Anonymous

AAPT is a certification school! I got a job right after I graduated, and my company recognizes the AAPT cert as one of the best around! I didn't even need to get an additional cert other trainers had to get. I receive a diploma from AAPT, which lasts forever. This industry does lack standardization, and can be confusing to those who are new to it. I'm not sure what others think, but AAPT does certify trainers.

Attended last year
by: Anonymous

I went to the AAPT in Boston
Did the 6 month class on weekends
Had Ted - best teacher ever
Got a great education - Hands on
They helped me get a job before graduation
Been 4 months now and almost booked full
Love where I work and the people there
Recommend to anyone wanting to be a personal trainer

Thinking of attending AAPT in Boston
by: Anonymous

I am strongly considering attending AAPT in Boston and just want some feedback on if it is truly worth the 5,000. I know it is a lot of money but i am willing to pay that amount as long as i receive proper training to become a certified PT. I actually had a visit with the school a couple months ago and they never told me i would get certified. They informed me that the course would PREPARE me for certification. It seemed like a very nice place with decent sized Gym and small classroom sizes. Anyways i just want feedback on whether i should go and also what are the most important Certs?

AAPT Certification
by: Anonymous

AAPT is a vocational certification with classroom and hands-on career training. They are not an exam certification.

by: MR C

I went to AAPT (personal training school in Boston) back in January , I spoke with Ben from admissions , I told him that I was interested in going to school at AAPT. I told Ben that I was dyslexic and told him that I needed special accommodations in order to attend the school. He promised me the world what ever you need ,what ever you need , so I signed up. But a week before school started (5 months later) I sent Ben a e-mail , with an accommodation letter that needed to be signed, for some reason there was a problem they did not want to sign it.I just wanted to make sure I received the help they promise me. It's really kind of sad I really wanted to attend the school, talk is really cheap, when he came down to sign the paper to make sure I got the help I needed there was a problem.

How to get started as a trainer.
by: Fitness Manager

With all the above comments I was reluctant to answer. If you want to be a trainer go to the gym you want to work at and find out what they require. ALL require a certification from a NCCA accredited program. (This is not AAPT nor any other vocational program that I know of). Find the easiest cheapest cert and BAM! you are a trainer. I've been training people for 24 years. I work with the average person (most of your potential client base), injury rehab and prevention, young, old, athletes, Fitness competitors, bodybuilders and power athletes. Knowledge is everything to me. Yes a 500 hour hands on program is better than a reading a book and and taking a test online, but 500 hours is easily wasted if you are in the wrong course with the wrong instructors. I am familiar with the curriculum at AAPT and it is lacking. The gym they use to teach in is archaic and yes they will promise you ANYTHING to get you to sign up. I don't think I can give my info on this site so I won't try, but if I hired you, you would become an expert. If one of my colleagues hires you I can't say the same. Where you end up will have quite a bit to do with your development. Beware: Everyone thinks they are an expert.

what school would be better
by: Anonymous

what school would be better, if not aapt?

by: Finess Manager

There are no schools that impressed me. I would avoid AAPT. Who ever that person is bragging about is attached to the school somehow. It's a good idea but they need better people and raise the quality of the curriculum. They wrote it themselves and it is a little sad. I started my own school. It is approved by the NY board of Ed. It is not a distinction to brag about it is simply necessary to start the licensing process. I teamed up with ACE and teach their curriculum. Training is what you put into it. The description at the beginning it not very accurate for NYC. You can charge at least $100 a session. After class with me you will be hired and hit the ground running. You CAN make 6 figures, but its not easy. How hard do you want to work? If you study on your own and take a test you will be at the mercy of who hires you. I interview lots of fitness people who have worked out all their lives and tell me they will tear it up. They last a couple of weeks. What people think being a trainer is and what it really is are two different things.

Quincy College
by: MR C

I went to Quincy College in Quincy Massachusetts, Quincy College has both a certificate and an associate degree program in exercise science. The teacher is Wayne Wescott ,Wayne wrote the exercise chapter in the Ace CPT book and in the NSCA CPT book just Google him. There are of some good schools out there you just have to do your research. Let me know what part of the country you live in and I will do my best to find you a decent school. Even after you finish the school you might want to do a internship some wheres and go to some weekend seminars . I have my NASM CPT and NASM CES , and ISSA cert and Nesta you don't need all those certification but I just like see what's going on out there. I just can't recommend AAPT is just 300 hours long for over $5000. I think you would get more out of getting a certification and taking some weekend seminars. I've been told that you might need a certificate from a school like APPT or a college in Massachusetts soon if you want to work at a gym as a personal trainer.

looking to gain experience after getting certified
by: Anonymous

What advice do you have for someone who is already certified (ACE) and wants to gain practical experience? I am considering AAPT.

by: Anonymous

Go work at a gym. Don't go to a school. you are already certified. If it is a big health club you will get quite a bit of experience very quickly. If the Fitness Manager is good you can learn a lot. If the FM is bad they attach yourself to the top trainers.

why AAPT
by: Anonymous

there are so many of you that have no idea what it really takes ,i can see that from all these comments . i own a gym and am sick and tired of trainers wanting to be hired and tell me how they have their cert from NASM....i could care less means absoulty noting to me. now if someone walks through the door and went to AAPT i hire them right away . because i know they are trained and know what they are doing right from the start. there is such a HUGH difference between trainers that come out of a school like that or not. we people who own gyms know the difference it must be good to know if you do spend the money and go to AAPT you can get a job when you graduate ...

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