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IFA Certification

by Jim
(Erie, PA)

I am considering the International Fitness Association personal trainer certification (IFA) but I can not find any information on them except on their web page. It makes me wonder if they are for real or just a scam. Please help. Thank You

Comments for IFA Certification

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by: Anonymous

I was wondering the same thing. I did a google search and found a lot of trainers who are certified under them.

by: Anonymous

I was looking into personal trainers at Gold's Gym and found one in San Antonio that most of the staff had IFA certification. Does that mean that it's legit? I'll leave it up to you to decide.

by: Anonymous

To add to what previous statement. Usually when people that work at big gyms get cheap certs like IFA, usually they got some skill that the gym needs like either they are a kickboxing expert instructor, aerobics guru, or some kind of resident expert that has little to do with being a personal trainer but having some kind of cert is necessary to get hired quickly.

So they obtain these cheap certs just to check the block. But I think that if you want to be a personal trainer at the gym and you are not well known for any special talents you better get something that is nationally accepted.

Is IFA legit?
by: Heather

While searching for fitness instructor certifications, I came across the International Fitness Association website. The site offered free online testing and free study materials that could be downloaded. It claims to be NOCA-accredited. Has anyone ever heard of IFA, or have you gotten certified through this organization? The website said the only payment you make is for the certification certificate.

by: Anonymous

I have talked to insurance companies that offer liability insurance that do recognize this IFA certification as valid, yet no gym I could find would hire me. What are your thoughts?

by: Anonymous

I have researched several certifications including IFA and have found that the information that they provide for their certification is comparable to the recognizable national and international certifications. I think it depends on the route you choose to take when it comes to fitness. I have just currently passed the IFA certification and found it challenging. Gyms will except what they want to except. I have interviewed with gyms that offer their own personal training certification and workshops and some that won't hire or even interview if you don't have ACE or ACSM certification. But who is to say that the person carrying the high-end certification is a people-person/customer service savvy in order to teach an aerobic class or even offer personal training. It's the same as becoming a doctor or becoming a lawyer...just because I pass the bar and I held the highest grades in medical school doesn't necessarily make me the best in that area. When it comes down to it, the fitness industry should be based on experience and continuing education...just because I may not have a $400 certification doesn't mean that I am not capable of teaching 'kickboxing' or 'step'.

overall passion and experience with ifa
by: Anonymous

I am ifa cerified and I studied ace and issa before but didnt get certified! I have had employment opportunites with ifa- it all depends on your passion, experience and personality! Also how you use the information you learned and apply it! Reality is this- you will always learn and have a growing knowledge of health and fitness- it still up to you to learn more as the industry grows regardless of what certification you start off with!

Thoughts on IFA
by: Anonymous

I have been a visitor to the IFA site for quite some time now and have read their textbook as well. I am scheduled to attend an upcoming AFAA workshop and I just wanted to check my knowledge so I took the IFA test. I passed the test and actually found it to be quite challenging. I think that most people are skeptical of IFA because they don't do practical examination workshops or require any kind of CEUs for recert while most everyone else does. I believe that what a person shows in the interview is just as important as what is written on their resume.

Is this certification reputable?
by: Anonymous

I mean how can an individual who is not certified, take an "online" True or False test in 30 minutes, pay $99.00, and be legit.
What's to stop an individual fro having Google open on another screen to get his answers.
I'm sorry, but I've spent years getting where I am, getting certifications from ACE and AFPA and developing myself as a reputable Personal Trainer taking tests going to conferences and obtaining CEC's to improve my knowledge.
This quick fixes really piss me off, hell I could IFA certify my dog and who would know.

IFA Certification
by: Anonymous

I think as with everything, things are what you make them. I too am IFA Certified. I became IFA certified because I was a dancer for years, used Pilates and Yoga as a way to train myself as a dancer as well as other dancers. The truth is some of us are already personal and group fitness trainers. I taught based based cardio classes in reputable health clubs before I was even certified. My reason for becoming certified was simple - insurance - for my own private classes. I wanted to be responsible and cover my clients. I personally found it absurd when I attended a fitness conference by an instructor who claimed to have years of experience yet did not know nearly as much about anatomy, physiology, and training as I did. If you are a person with limited teaching and fitness experience then IFA is NOT for you. Go the more traditional route. But if you are a person who has been doing it for years like me prior to being certified, please do not let anyone attempt to devalue your life experience and hands on training. As far as IFA's lack of CEU requirements, I was never a person who just read a textbook in college to pass a course, I read what was necessary to research the topic. The same applies to my training. Attending a workshop or taking an online course to keep your certification does not make you a better trainer. Educating yourself to enhance yourself as a trainer and provide contemporary twists on an age old profession does. You owe it to yourself to attend workshops, conferences and read as much as possible about fitness and trends in the industry. Hop this helps.

Certs in General
by: Anonymous

People will train with you based on your knowledge and ability to teach. That's it! Most people I train do not bother to ask what my certs are (ACE/NASM/RKC). You can have all the book knowledge in the world but if you do not now how to apply it practically, having every certification under your belt will not help you.

IFA may seem like the easy way to go, but let's be honest, ACE was a similar route for me except that it cost me a lot more money.

Bottom line: if all you are looking for is an easy way in, you will find yourself unable to hold clients.


I have been certified as a IFA trainer for the past 5 years and I believe my skills are greater than those trainers that got the $500 certification... IFA offered me a certification on things I already had knowledge on. I trained as a amature bodybuilder while serving in the Navy. i did not have the time nor the money to waste on a "name brand" certification. i would bet my skills against any other certified trainer. to the guy who posted that he is pissed off because he spent all that money on certifications and IFA offers cheaper alternative. go Squat your self" I have afamily of 4 and run a saftey company having a IFA certification Helps me provide services to people who want to train with me not my certification...

by: Anonymous

I think it is completely acceptable for someone who has tons of experience under their belt to get a cheap cert. Example: A former body builder training people interested in that type of workout. However, if you're saying the IFA test is challenging, you need to rethink your study habits and brush up...alot. The majority of the test is T/F. I took all their cert. tests last night just to see how I'd do. I PASSED ALL OF THEM (Aerobic Instructor & Personal Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, Senior Fitness Instructor, and Aqua Fitness Instructor. Incase anyone is curious, no I didn't pay for the certs.

To cut to the chase. Unless you already have a pretty in depth background and just need a title to go with your experience, then look yourself in the mirror and ask:

"Why do I want to be a trainer?"
Hopefully, "money" isn't your answer. If it isn't, then ask:

"will this cert really help me become a good trainer?"

by: Norse

Hi there lots of comments on IFA-CERTS, first I am IFA-CERTIFIED and proud of it well I also could pass all BASIC test on IFA well cause I been in business for 30-years and have seen the most of a expanding fitness industry,I have been there since all "serious" sports denied weight training couse if maked them stiff and slow, I have teached wintersportmen the benefit of weighttraing for their sports, well my experienced is not better than others but still I have opinion, IFA-CERT is good basic skill if you dont know the basics you have nothing to build your experience on for future.And for the pissed of man I am Master Sportnutritionist, try IFA mastercertification if you need challenge it is not a "walk over"

IFA and 6 joke
by: Anonymous

I hope this helps...I have been IFA Certified since 2000 and have made a good living as a NASCAR Pit Crew Coach.THAT certification has earned me 6 figures for all of those years.
Now, I am retired from NASCAR and am building my own health clubs. My IFA Certifications have stood the test of time and challenge. The most important issues are safety and personality. NO certification makes you a doctor or physical therapist. DO NOT PRETEND to be anything but an exercise expert...back away from ANY INJURY ADVISE beyond "I recommend you see a doctor" ...and have your waivers signed and filed...because people DO get injured. Be caring and back away from giving medical advise. Facility owners want to see a certifiation and they want personable employees who know their way around a gym and athletes. Develope your personality and get your certification...I recommend IFA.
Wayne DeLoriea
FB Wayne DeLoriea

by: Jim from Lynbrook,NY

I am IFA certified and happy with my certification.Other certifications are certified by a testing agency which most are computer based tested.To me the testing agencies and the expensive CPT organizations are just all about money.I think that they are not even recognized by the dept of education.When I was in the army I used to train troops inside the gym for strength training and outside the gym for PT and cardiovascular training.Just because your not certified by ACE,NASM,NETA,ISSA ect does not mean you don,t know how to train people.As for the ACE,NASM,NETA and the issa orgs,they are also all multiple choice tests,no hands on testing required.You read the material ,register for the exam,pay a lot more money and take the exam.So where is the difference between the IFA and these other organizations.What is important is that you get all the information that you need to make you a top notch personal trainer,read,read and read all old and new things about strength,aerobic and fitness training.As for nutrition we as trainers should not be suggesting much of anything because we are not registered nutritionists.So to all people IFA certified stick to it and don,t let the others discourage you,because they paid a lot more for what you have.One last thing before I finish,the testing agenencies and the ,ACE,NASM,NETA etc.want to push all the other orgs. out because they want all the money and don,t really care if men,women and children get fit,maybe they don,t but I sure do.

Thanks For Advise
by: Spike

I am currently in the Army for 23 plus years and I consider fitness to be in excellent due to my physical fitness actions and knowledge. I plan to share my experience of fitness with others and don't want to pay a lot of money. I will go the IFA route. Thanks again.

by: M

I'v been a personal trainer for over twenty five year, and have had many certifications.
If you think getting a ACE certification or other
big name certification make you a better trainer,
you don't have a clue. A good trainer is a motivator and a coach.

The so call big name certification company try to justify the big price by tell some gym not to hire anyone unless they have one of their certications, because they
BS, the study info. is the same.
IFA is good!!! and for that guy who said he can get his dog certified go ahead he can probaly
do a better job then you.

by: Anonymous

I have been training, bodybuilding, and competing for 8 years now. I have learned so much over time being in the industry of physical fitness. I was looking for the perfect marriage of what I enjoy doing with, all the questions I get for advice and tips. I admit I never knew it all, and who actually does? I too was interested in taking my knowledge and having it legitimized by an official certification of some sort. I've seen ISSA, NASM, ACE, ETC. I have even purchased ACE. Long story short. I liked IFA because it was very consistent with my knowledge, however it was also very consistent with industry standard knowledge that I had not had, nor known at the time. So I learned alot and applied it. I was seeking a position at one of those corporate gyms also. However I was ignorant to the facts of that company and the "bottom line". So they allowed me to work and train, however required me to get and "approved" cert on their list. So I paid $500 for it and still have yet to complete it. Is it good study? yes it is, but does ACE make me better? no. I agree with most people posting their thoughts here. Big name cert have the same testing format as IFA. IFA just offers a way to for you sift through the extensive reading and sometimes rhetoric with the other certs. Whatever one chooses is their own path. But IFA is accepted by insurance companies and you can certainly continue your education with IFA. I know someone at this corporate gym who boasts no one knows more than him in this city about training. He is one of those guys that has 17 certs literally but has )no (bed side manner) if you will. So what is it good for? Bragging rights. I would rather, be independent with IFA ,and make more money supporting people to change lives, than to have 17 certs, claiming to be the best, working for the gym who takes the bulk of the money from sessions. No one in any given professioin will ever know it all. But you can become the best at how YOU do things.

Certifications are not the end!
by: A Master Trainer with Academic Credentials

IFA is a decent certification given the type of assessment component of the certification.

Though the free manual is inadequate to pass the test. You will need an additional book on personal training to fit the missing link here.

Most certification manuals are inflated books that attempts to cover a wide range of topics in a few chapters.

If given the chance, attend a proper course in sports science - not a "certification" course. Look tot your local college for such programs.

On the IFA, they are a decent organization as noted above. However, they are not accredited by a recognized agency; NOCA or the NCCA.

Most gyms will accept them though, since they do offer professional liability insurance - a consideration factor when gyms recruit trainers.

Do not be taken in by organizations that offer "accredited" programs like the ISSA claiming accreditation to the DETC.

Yes, ISSA are accredited, but only up to 3 credit hours in a traditional college program - which basically means a single unit of learning or lesser.

To really be well prepared to train and guide a trainee, one must possess fundamental knowledge in sports science - not just personal training.

Basic knowledge in biomechanics, exercise physiology, coaching, program design, and a host of other skills are not adequately covered in any single certification program currently available in the market.

Yes, even the gold standard ACSM and NSCA's CSCS still lacks such fundamental knowledge.

This is the reason why most established and knowledgeable trainers and coaches all possesses a related academic degree in addition to their certification. They know the importance of a good foundation.

Be informed. Be smart.

IFA for convinience
by: beck

I recently became IFA certified, and there are tons of reasons why I chose IFA.

I originally signed up for ACE. I've been exercising for nearly ten years, but there's a lot I didn't know when I first set out to get certified. So I signed up for an exam a month or two away, got the book, studied...and didn't feel 100% ready the day of the test. Due to an error I made while signing up and not catching it until the night before the test, I had to cancel, $249 down the drain. My bad, of course. I'm not one to read a textbook and "get it" then take a test and pass. When I discovered IFA, I printed out the manual and test for practice and went over every question. That night I felt comfortable enough to take the exam, and passed. To say it's easier isn't fair. I attend an online university and trust me, I'm doing far more work than I've ever done at a on-site college. It's not easier, just more convenient for those who prefer that method.

One could argue that if you're truly dedicated, you would put in $400 for a certification, much like you would for any career or educational degree. For some people, that's easy. I have university finances to deal with, and don't have enough money for the more expensive exams. Since the test is online and doesn't cost IFA anything to distribute, the additional money you have to pay for the exam doesn't exist. It's not cheaper because it's easier. Also, IFA gives you certification in both personal training and group exercise, eliminating an additional certificate and more money plus studying.


IFA is legit. It's just your own choice. i don't see anything wrong having IFA certification it so happen they are only not expensive does not matter whether the exam is easy or the other is too difficult. You're knowledge in the industry is still the main point there. I still believe thata Good Trainer comes to its hands on experience. I have been in the fitness industry for many years . I had my basic training with AFAA but i took my certification with IFA. Why? Because it,s my choice. "You will not always be same like her/him but still you do the same good thing." i explore, expose myself to different organization , took courses with different certifying agencies and from them you learn many things you pick up the best from each of them there is nothing wrong whether you are from this or that being certified i still continue to update myself taking some continuing education courses and i believed that certification is just a formality, for me you get trained , you update, attend workshops , seminars , conventions, and you're knowledge, learning and hands on experiences will count most,the results and benefits that your client get from your training and the results you are giving to your employer will be the answer how good Trainer you are. Your Certification does not give you good credit You are the one's who give credit to them. Certification is just like a KEY to open a door or a gate pass.

If you do good as a trainer you lift your Certifying Agency who certifies you and thats a big credit for them because of you they will be more better and better Certifying agencies. I believe that no certifying agency who are not good at their field, they always wanted to be at their best.. Whether its IFA, ACE, AFAA, ISSA etc, they all serve and teach the best for you! they come from the same industry. .. so they all serve and teach the best!

No one could tell to guarantee a good certification because you yourself do the work not your certification its just add on. If you do good as a trainer your credit will be a credited too to your certification. We are all in the same industry which means we should just help encourage everyone with the same method and promote safe exercise and healthy lifestyle same like our fitness certifying agencies do..they have same goal, methodologies. Come'on Guys , take off that crab mentality syndrome. let us just help each other promote fitness and healthy life style. Well i do understand that everyone just give their own opinion. and i respect! Let's just open our mind. its still a choice! Just put in mind that we are all at best with our specializations. Lift each other since we are all in one fitness industry.


you'd never get a job in the UK with this "qualification"
by: Anonymous

$99 to become a Personal Trainer/Aerobics Instructor/Nutritionalist/Senior Instructor/Aqua Instructor... ridiculous. I've just sat through all of the tests, passed each and every one with 100%, and there is NO WAY you would be able to use this qualification to get a job here in the UK. If this is indicative of the fitness industry standards in the US, then perhaps I ought to move out there - I'd be a national celebrity and acclaimed expert within weeks, and I'm only a Level 3 Advanced instructor over here.

Really guys/girls, some of you use this as the basis of a career? I cannot fathom how! How on earth can you call yourself an instructor when there is no practical element?

People will argue that experience is all you need; - not so! Bad habits creep into technique over time, so all you'll end up doing with a joke qualification like this is teach people your own bad habits! I can see why the person nearer the top mentioned that "injuries DO happen" - I'm sorry but they don't if exercise is undertaken in the correct way! ACCIDENTS happen, but INJURIES do not, unless due to impact, poor positioning, or third-party involvement/accidents!

IFA and CEUs
by: Anonymous

I'm IFA certified. The only reason I'm certified is for insurance reasons. I'm a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor at a health club. They asked me to teach a MMA program, but the insurance company needed me to be a certified group fitness instructor to be permitted to use any fitness related equipment.
Also, I feel that the CEUs are a way to get more money from people. My actual occupation is a CPA and we are required to do the same thing to keep our license. However, unlike fitness the accounting environment is constantly changing (i.e. rule changes, tax systems, etc.). I think if a trainer wants to be the best they can be, they should seek this knowledge out and not be required to.

IFA certification
by: Anonymous

That is quite right. If you have already worked as Personal Trainer and are just looking for to be certified,go for it! But if you want to study TO BE a Personal Trainer look for ACE. It is the more hard test that I ever took! you really need to study a lot to pass in their test. I hope I could help in some way :)

by: florent

There is very bad coments, you dont know for fitness for nothing ifa fitness ofer course for personal trainer and is not scame is true but is not like ace ace is the most famous of the schools for fitnessis true but ifa is good for people who want to begin job of personal trainer. Because ace programs are like university programs and this and we know that for personal trainer is not required to go in university to leran 3 - 4 yesars but whith 3 months learning every day we can be good instructor and not profesor. Yu dont know want is required to know, if you are able to learn all manual of ifafitness you can be good instructor of fitness. I am profesor of fitness and in university learn same thing like ifafitness, afififtness, ace etc and i tell program of ifa fitness is good for personal trainer.

doesnt mean its not good
by: Anonymous

I went to college for 2 years for a certification and downloading books online and reading them myself and doing the online test I learned more in a month than the 2 years at college just because sometimes you get a good teacher and sometimes you don't I had a teacher let us grade are own test so I don't think it matters online just makes it quicker

To be or not to be IFA
by: Anonymous

I obtained the certification while going to a 1 year school following the NSCA cert. i was doing an internship at a boot camp and i was launching my own chapter of it just before i graduated form school. the only reason you should get something like this is if you have affiliation with with a gym, bootcamp, have a clientele or need it to not get any future legal issues. there are very few gyms that are desperate enough to take someone who has virtually no exp or real school backing you.

17 years of Fitness Experience and owner of a gym
by: Anonymous

I recently got the IFA Personal Trainer Cert and I’m very happy with how it went. The Test is online so you don’t have to travel. The study material are simple yet complete and to the point. And it’s not 400-900 dollars for a big book that I will never use and a two hundred question test that is the same as IFA. When I started my gym I had a trainer come to me who had degrees in Exercise science and physical therapy. He was the single worst trainer I have ever employed or seen. Sure he knew what he was doing but he had no people skills and couldn’t keep a client to save his life. I would take someone who knows what they are doing and has great people skills over a Master’s degree but bad personality in a heartbeat. Don’t get me wrong trainers need to stay on top of the latest fitness news and safety tips. They also need to have a continuing education to make sure they are current with the times but a fancy certification does not make the trainer.

by: dave

Hi there guys im dave ive just passed my IFA aerobics instruvtor and personal trainer step kick boxing and group exercise Ive read alot of comments on here so thought id just input my own. It took me 30 minutes to pass this test i simply opened the manual and opened the test in another browser and flicked through all the answers think i scored about 87 out of 100 or something so now im fully qualified lol I can quite honestly say that i no hardly anything about what im qualified in as i cheated! Now im also wondering if i can approch gyms in the uk and attend a interview confident lol Luckly i was in the army for 8 years so i do no a thing about fitness and i train in my gym everyday however for people that dont and want to pass this test YOU CAN PASS IT AND NOT NOW A THING ABOUT KICKBOXING OR TEACHING GYM CLASS I have mixed feelings about this as id love to teach in a uk gym but think i require more knowledge first! DID ANYONE FROM THE UK USE THIS QUALIFICATION TO GET A JOB IN A GYM???

Its a certification
by: Perosnal Trainer

I have been actively involved in fitness and personal training since 1996. I am ISSA certified in personal training and sports nutrition. ISSA is well known, but not the most popular. I was also a personal trainer at Gold's Gym in San Antonio, Texas.

To be honest All personal training certifications are a money making scam. Let me explain, I have no problem with taking continuing education classes in the field of fitness.
1. The problem I have is that the certification is void if you do not complete CEU's.

2. CEU's to renew cost about the same, as orginally getting certified.

3. Most certifying agencies, only allow CEU's from limited vendors.

4. You still have to pay renewal fees, in addition to paying for the CEUs.

Why do all these organizations void your fitness education. Once a trainer, always a trainer. Just not up to date.

I am waiting for a company to have a permanent lifetime certification/diploma. If I do not do CEU's my knowledge is not lost. How would you feel if your high school diploma mandated you keep CEU's every year, and if not completed it would be void.

Lets get real, we need a good program for Personal Training. CEUs are nice. Organizations should only note that you are an inactive personal trainer, if you do not maintain CEUs. but once you complete some CEUs you should be active.

Currently I let my certification expire, due to the birth of a child, and personal training is not my primary income. So why pay $400 in CEUs to ISSA, plus two renewal fees of about $100, when I can just get certified by IFA for $200 for two years. $600 vs. $200 is no comparison. I still have all that knowledge, experience, and books.

Best bet is to get a diploma from an accredited university such as San Diego State University. It does not expire. Then on your own continue to take CEUs or other fitness certifications.

by: Anonymous

Im a physical therapist assistant, as well as an occupational therapist. I also have my CSCS and certified both by IFA and ACSM. To be honest a certification is just a piece of paper that tell you, that ur certified. I started of with IFA and worked my way up. Experience is the way to be.

Proud IFA CPT and Kickboxing Instructor
by: Anonymous

I am an IFA Certified Personal Trainer and Kickboxing instructor. If you have practical knowledge and hands-on experience you shouldn't have to pay so much money to make yourself look better to potential clients. I have over 20 years experience and have had other PT certifications in the past. I learned so much from the manual provided, and I love my job! I'm proud to be IFA Certified and have been very successful because of it. I am fully insurable and have never had a problem finding a job. Success comes more from experience rather than how much money you have spent on the training.

IFA, ACE NESTA, NASM, AFPA, and on, and on, and on!!!!
by: courtellis

How about this, a person with a degree in exercise physiology doesn't get much of a break in the personal training department. It really shouldn't natter as far as where you got your cert from, I mean after all it is not like you went to some fancy school for most people. I have been doing this for over 22 years and I truly believe the knowledge is valuable, very, very valuable. I just don't understand how people get wrapped around the piece of paper which is only designed to get you in the door. I say take the IFA or which every certification you believe in. Do get crazy over where someone gets their cert, just ask if they have the experience. I mean most trainers get their certification from an online source, and if they are cheating when they take that test it will show up in some way shape or form. All of these certifications are fantastic in their own rights but it is still cool to hear professionals from all over comment on which one is good or bad in the industry. I have an IFA certification in addition to my ACSM cert, ISSA was my first, and before that, it was simply me just training people on the side. I say do your research and if you are new to the industry and have very little money to start with go for the cheap certifications and when you have more money go for the ones that will allow you to advance in your organization.

Thank you

IFA works at most places
by: Kenny

First off, IFA is a hireable cert. in Florida where I live. We have trainers who are IFA certified who make over $25 a hour and some as high as $35 a hour. In all honesty I know one trainer who was ACE certified and has a degree and got IFA certified and said it was comparable minus the price tag.

ACE, NASM etc. are prestigious certifications, however in working in this field I do not know any personal trainer who only has one cert. If you have a budget and are just starting out get a IFA and save money for the more prestigious ones. They even say on their website that in New York a person with their cert./ was offered jobs at 80% of the gyms they applied for. Our gym takes IFA and most people at our gym have more then a IFA cert. I am multi certified and started off with the cheaper ones, but even then I shadowed a experienced trainer who was multi certified. Even if you get a NASM or ACE certification you still want a multi certification as well as a CPR/AED. I even have a First Aid cert. on top of all of that. So let’s just be honest here and say the gyms will accept what they want to accept.

I went to school for health and business so I would rather be competitive and save people money and then take in more money for myself. I had a trainer from our gym that was making more money working for himself then he was at the gym so he left and he was charging $25 a hour working 50 hours a week. At the gym he made the same but had to convince people to pay $65 a hour and advanced trainers had to do it for $75 a session if someone did 6 sessions or more so that was a deal.

So IFA is good and even if you get ACE or NASM you still may find that a gym is not all it is cut out to be. So research the restrictions for a gym and ask what you can and cannot do. Start off with the IFA and work your way up. It will get you in the door and then you can go for the more prestigious certs. later when you have money. Remember: A cert. does not make you a great trainer. It only gives you the advantage of knowledge and training but personal training and fitness is like anything else in life, a work in progress and experience will make you a better trainer if you strive for it.

SO I agree the bigger certs are worth pursuing, but if you were like me, go for the ones you can afford, still shadow a experienced trainer (5 years plus), for 3-6 months and work to get those more prestigious certs. and go for the ones you can afford and it doe snot hurt to take some college classes or pursue a degree. I suggest nutrition, anatomy and physiology, qualified kinesiology classes, and I even took medical terminology.

Hope that helps.

IFA certification
by: A. Stanton

IFA certification is a great start if you have the experience, ability and the discipline. If you do an honest self appraisal of your skills and your aptitude, experience and other qualities are lacking, then it makes sense to go with other certifications if you feel you need too, to achieve the training they (e.g. ACE, ACSM, etc) provide along with the status (if you need it) of the certification.
Bottom line: organizations ask for certification and IFA provides a knowledge base to start and build from, to achieve that goal.

by: Anonymous

I am going to take the IFA exams for both personal trainer and senior specalist.I have been working with the Alliance Rehab SeniorFIT program for over a year.I also have been reading and studing fitness and watching DVDs. Most of the expensive courses spend a lot of time teaching you things you really will never use in real life training. Experience is more imortant than any certificate. Remember one thing,all these schools in business to make money.I'm going to start my own business later on.

by: Mike

I was IFA Certified Back in 04, got my CPR certification and Insurance and got a job right away in a health club. After getting the job I trained alongside trainers with exercise science degrees and found out I knew more than they did. I actually helped one of my co workers who happened to have an exercise science degree land a job in a different health club by letting her train under me. being a good trainer is not having a nationally known certification. Its having years of experience and putting in the time to do research. a degree does not make a Dr. a very good Dr. Years of studying, experience and research does. the same goes for a personal trainer. your certification may get you in the door, but you have to continue to acquire knowledge to become a successful trainer. I will gladly take the IFA exam every time my certification expires.

Just did the IFA Test!!
by: @Theaugustus_Premium

I am happy for an avenue to certify myself quickly. I have been training for around 15 years. I have also represented my country on numerous occasions in both Rugby League and Rugby Union. IFA will allow me to get insured and hired if I choose to go that route. The qualification does not make the man, the man uses the qualification. What you do and how well you do it is totally up to you . Me personally, Im IFA Certified.

by: V

I am reading everyone's comments. I am not new to health and fitness. I am 46 years old. I lost over 130 pounds and MAINTAINED that weight loss still-TODAY! No EXPENSIVE TRAINER TAUGHT ME THAT! When I started, I got up off my fat ass and walked the REDSKIN stadium, twice a day until I reached my goal of walking around the entire stadium, four times without stopping. Then, I added TAEBO! Yesss! I started at 292 pounds. Today, I am 160 pounds, and I don't look a day over 30. OKAY?! So, that motivated ME to motivate OTHERS. My personal friends is where my market started. I say all that to say, people have their own reasons why they want to help others and finding a way to start a business financially CORRECT without going into debt before it kicks off-I'm going to go with IFA! Hustle Smarter Not HARDER! I tried NESTA, I tried ACE, the tests didn't have the same key words at times...It was more money to this and that. Signed up for a workshop at a local gym to be certified-hands on after the workshop. CANCELLED! The gym had no idea about anything. So, I already have built a following on IG and FB. People already trust my judgement with pass experience, OH and I am licensed to teach ZUMBA. A community college degree still makes you qualified! See Ya'll haterzzzz later! Oh maddbodymakeoverbyv@ig!

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