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AMFPT Certification

by Henry

Has anybody heard of AMFPT certification? Is this certification recognised? It sounds too simple to be true.

Comments for AMFPT Certification

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by: John

I am AMFPT certified. And it's not much. Basically you pay for the certification, study, do an online test and a simulation question and that's it.

But Ive been training for years and wanted something to just get started. I'm now doing the ACE program which is nationally accredited but believe me I will put AMFPT on my list of certs. Hope this helps.

by: Anonymous

Does anyone know anything about AMfPT online certification for $69 and $100 for master trainer cert? They say they are Internationally accredited

AMFPT Essay exam

Here are some scenario questions to help study for the AMFPT personal trainer essay exam. Your advice is necessary in about 3 kind questions.

1. Design a routine for a forty-year-old woman who wants to lose 20 pounds of fat without "getting too big." What will you do to help her lose the weight? Include routines, exercises, sets, reps, and diet and supplements you recommend. How many days per week should she train? What days of the week should she train? Explain your reasons for making these recommendations. Note that you cannot include a low rep bodybuilding-split routine as you answer.

2. Design a routine for a twenty-year-old man who wants to gain weight and build muscle. Include routines, exercises, sets, reps, and diet and supplements you recommend. How many days per week should he train? What days of the week should he train? Explain your reasons for making these recommendations.

3. Design a routine for a thirty-year-old man who wants to tone up. Include routines, exercises, sets, reps, and diet and supplements you recommend. How many days each week should he train? Explain your reasons for making these
recommendations. Note that you cannot include a bodybuilding-split routine as you answer.

by: Roger Ortiz

Its been greaT FOR ME. i AM ALSO A CERTIFIER FOR THE COMPANY AND i get a chance to teach and train new trainers every day.


by: WL Sandy Watts

I am a former body builder and personal trainer... the bottom line is that while ACE,NASM,ISSA and the others charge anywhere from $450 to $700 for the certification and are well respected they too will certify anybody who can pay and pass. The certification credentials carry a whole lot less weight with me than the trainer and thier personality knowledge and technique.
Even IF you take an onsite course at Cooper or some other "accredited" institution the only difference is the quality of knowledge.
If the trainer that recieves that knowledge is a jerk... all the knowledge in the world won't make him a better trainer. My point is that in my opinion certifications are all more or less formalities. AMFPT is one (inexpensive) avenue to fulfill that formality... The test questions are graded and screened... you get feedback on your answers. AMFPT provides a service just like ACE, ISSA and all the others. AS FAR AS I KNOW none of the PT training and accredidating services screen for jerks, idiots, incompetance, or in appropriate motives.
What makes the difference is "the person"
A good trainer will continually accrue new knowledge, learn new technique and seek to enhance thier scientific method regardless of thier certifications in order to ply their trade in a professional manner that benefits the welfare of thier clients. The trainer who is providing stud services and playing the social gym sex games or trying to turn a quick buck... could be accredited out the wazzoo and not be worth a hoot. Just my opinion.

Sandy Watts
Former NPC Masters BB

AMFPT is worth it
by: Melvin Goodrum

I was working as an engineer but I liked exercise and wanted to do it on side but needed to get certified for insurance. Because I wasn't planning to make a career out of it at the time, I wasn't wanting going to spend 100's of dollars. So a friend of mine told me that Greg Ladd had started his own certification course. At the time it was only 30 bucks in 2001 so I jumped on board.

The course is pretty straightforward and focuses on doing the job. I got my course, took the test with consist of multiple choice and case study and got certified. I then got my insurance and I was in business.

Fast forward to to 2007 and I got laid off for the third time so I decided to go full time and I was able to transition it into a decent living.

Even though I now have a Diploma in Fitness from College and am about to complete my ACSM course, the AMFPT gets your foot in the door and allows you to start your career in training.

My opinion
by: Chris

The AMFPT cert is a great stepping stone, it is a shorter program but goes ver many of the important things a trainer needs to know to be succssesful in training and business. I'm NASM Certified as well and it was expensive but before I had the AMFPT and still do. If the price is what is making you weary if its up to par with other certs it is, if you were to do the Actual course that AMFPT have at there locations you would spend the same amount as you would for a home study for ISSA cert.

Amfpt trainer
by: Sandy

There was a time when no one had to be certified. This is for us, we know the gym, the job, and all we need is a piece of paper. All certifications are the same in my mind. You either know it or you dont. In the gym is where you learn the most, not in a book

by: Anonymous

I recently was certified. I got a job at 24 hr as an instructor for classes. The course is great.

AMFPT has Changed my world !
by: Angel Varnfield

Since I became a Personal Trainer- it truly was an eye opener. Being a IFBB Bodyfitness competitor for the past 6 years now- Becoming a South Africa Champion - reining as North West Provincials Queen for the past 6 years, I can just Imagine WHAT this would have meant to me had i done my PT 6 years ago!! I have come to study the Body- i know exactly how the muscle operates, nutrition etc !! So, at the age of 50 and STILL competing- im sure to give training my all as next year ( 2012) is gonna be mine again ! I will be hitting the Stage harder and leaner than ever before. My goal is to have 5 of my clients on stage as bodyfitness Competitors! They are show remarkable results- I am happy and so are they !!Thank you AMFPT !!!

by: Steroidfree

A friend of mine took this course and is now giving nutritional advice as well. The first thing I learned when I took a $600 Canfit Pro P.T. course (30+hrs in class and about a months work of reading/studying)is that you are NOT to give nutritional advice unless you are certified in that field as well...maybe it's different in the U.S. I don't know...

Sports Nutrition
by: Mike T. Scott

From N.A.S.M. there guide lines in the U.S. is that you can recommend foods and supplements that are beneficial and how they differ but you must also advise them to seek only a registered dietitian for the proper diet for them.

by: Anonymous

There are no individuals that you can contact. There are no institutions besides some neighbor gyms that would accept their Personal Trainer Certification award, and that is only they offer or refer a low cost liability coverage. Supposedly a bodybuilder endorses the program to make money by charging you $80 dollars more or less for a 70 page manuscript that talks about basic principles of having a personal training business. It mentions nothing about the exercises or anything about the pysiology involved. You can't become a PT from spending a few hours reading a manual.
But they say you can, and thats why they are considered a joke to recognised wellness centers and YMCA's that have guidelines to certifications. On December 31'st 2012 laws will be in effect in many states like Florida that require proper certification and AMFPT is NOT one of them. ACSM, NASM, ACE, are recognized along with a few others. There are really no short cuts. Its funny how AMFPT does not even allow running in their manual, because they consider it for athletes only. Personal Trainers are not Nutritionists, yet they pretend to be. No one can set up a menu except a registered dietition. Just because the author says he used 25 grams of creatine a day does mean that it is safe. The FDA only recognises 5 grams a day. Obviously the author is not involved with the site further than getting his share or percentage from this scheme.

comments about AMFPT
by: Anonymous

I train with one of the AMFPT trainers locally and she is excellent. I have been training with many trainers in the past and i can on my word of honor state : I have never been this happy and gratefull towards a PT as i am now after 3 months of training with her, i have lost 10kg and 24cm.
I am amazed and would like to become part of your team in 2015.
Well done AMFPT for creating Smashing Personal Trainers in North West - South Africa.


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