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Vatterott College Personal Fitness Trainer

I took my son to visit the Omaha Vatterott College program, its a 52 week course runs about 20,000 it a rip off or legit my son is very interested but of course I need to know if this is something he needs to succeed in this business

Comments for Vatterott College Personal Fitness Trainer

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by: Christopher

Good GOD, Your son would be SO much better off going through top online courses that are PENNIES compared to that, and hed be accepted with those certificates MUCH more seriously then if he went to Vatterott. Think of it this way..." You wouldnt go to a burger joint for spaghetti would you? " If he wants to get into this, go to the trades. Let him read up on some online courses. Google personal trainer certifications and the top ones will be in yellow. And they are less then 1000$ and he would be accepted with that just as good, if not better then a degree from Vatterot

Vatterott College A+
by: Tyler Cappel

I attended Vatterott College in Omaha. I was one of the first classes to go through the program. The instructors are awesome to say the least. They are all top notch personal trainers themselves. At the end of the 50 weeks you go to take your national certification test in Las Vegas. The certification is through the NSCA which is in the top two certifing associations. I now have a job making great money and couldn't be happier. I can make a certificate on my computer that says I'm a personal trainer and that doesn't mean I'm qualified to be a personal trainer. If you go to a burger place to get a hamburger and it's made out of chicken, then it's not a hamburger. Go to Vatterott College and get a real education.

Worth every penny.
by: Anonymous

I agree. Vatterott's Personal Fitness Training program is one of the best in the country, and your son will not only come out of it with a top notch certification, but the working skills to be able to train people in new and inventive ways. You get experience training people throughout the program as you build training sessions, and constructive feedback by professional trainers. The money is worth it. You will not find a better program than at Vatterott!

by: Anonymous

I used to attend Vatterott! I was receiving an amazing education until the school felt it needed to SHUT DOWN the evening programs leaving a lot of students high and dry. Very unprofessional if you ask me. Was enrolled in a 90wk program they only let us complete 40wks. After they opened a new program they would only take 3 out of 68 credits that were their own. Do your son a favor and go somewhere else! They are an unstable school!

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