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Worst Part of Becoming a Personal Trainer

Personal training can be a very rewarding career....most of the time.

worst personal trainerWhile mostly everyone who works as a fitness professional is quick to agree there are huge rewards to the job, there are some less than enjoyable parts, too. For those wondering what is the worst part of being a personal trainer, here is a look:

There may be client turnover. Due to factors outside of your control, a client might have to stop training with you. Job losses and other factors causing a lack of discretionary income may play a role in outcomes such as these. The worst part of personal training is you can never really predict your income because clients can come and go.

grumpy clientsNot all of your clients are a joy to work with. There may be very difficult and outright hostile clients personal trainers have to suffer through dealing with. These clients might outright challenge the knowledge of the trainer or just refuse to co things in the suggested manner. A person can really suffer a lot of anxiety trying to figure these clients out. A better plan would be not to try and do so. Just chalk dealing with them as a common hazard that comes with the territory. Yes, there are times when the worst part of being a personal trainer is the people you have to train!

The times of the day you might have to work can be a little difficult. Clients might have limited availability which means they may have to work out very early in the morning or very late at night. This can lead to the trainer having to work a very staggered schedule. While not a horrible situation, this can be an inconvenient one as you bounce all over the schedule all through the week to earn a full-time living.

gym gossipThe gym does have its social component and that is fine. The worst part of being a personal trainer is when you are dragged into the drama and personal lives of those who work in the gym. Even those trainers who wish to totally avoid the soap operatic nature of certain fitness clubs find avoiding the drama to be pretty difficult at times.

There are many wonderful rewards associated with being a personal trainer. No profession, however, is without its rough spots. Not every client or coworker makes life easy. A trainer who grins and bears it more than once will quickly be able to put such things aside and simply concentrate on the good parts of the job.

by Katie Donnelly


So check out our reader comments below and if you are a trainer, be sure to tell us what you hate about your job using the form below.

What is your Worst Personal Trainer Experience?

Tell us the worst part of your job. What do you enjoy the least about being a personal trainer? Is it the pay, the hours, the gym managers, the clueless clients? Here is your chance to blow off some steam.

Worst Personal Trainer Stories

So you have probably had a long day of clients missing appointments, administrative headaches, and dealing with annoying bosses...Here is where our trainers gripe about the worst part of being a personal trainer.

Clients who roll their eyes, challenge, or question techniqes 
It is so annoying to me when a client will come in with an article, or friend's advice, or what their "secretary's son's coach" said & ask me "well, what …

Respecting other trainers 
It burns me that some trainers out there will bad mouth myself or other trainers. I see it too often in the 4 clubs I direct at. Hold yourself to a standard, …

Part two.. The thing that is hard is to explain to clients that they must do cardio. Again, I always get the same excuse.”I don’t like to run, swim, …

Slow Months, Economy, Natural Disasters 
The worst part of having a career in personal training is having unexpected slow times. One big client that pays you $600-800 a month suddenly goes out …

Worst of Personal Training List 
1. When a client pulls at a microscopic piece of flab on her thigh and asks, "What exercise can I do to get rid of this one little squidge right here?" …

Worst Thing About Being a Personal Trainer 
I used to be a personal trainer, and the worst thing about it was the frustration I felt from never being able to help all the clients that quit their …

Unrealistic Expectations 
The worst part about being a personal trainer is dealing with clients that have unrealistic expectations. It's tough when somebody comes in expecting immediate …

Lack of Results 
I find it extremely frustrating when you're working with a client who is really motivated and is committed to getting in shape, that just can't reach their …

Testosterone junkies 
Dealing with these over hormonal individuals really puts a damper on my day. For one thing they are constantly asking you questions, but only waiting for …

Dealing with Unmotivated Clients 
Nothing brings me down like dealing with an unmotivated client. You would think that they would put in some effort since they are paying good money for …

sexual harrasment 
The worst part of being a personal trainer is having a client who that wants to make sexual comments to you and about other females training or working …

Gossip friend, not Personal Trainer! 
I am interested in becoming a personal trainer. However, one thing I have noticed from years of watching trainers at my health club is that most times …

Don't quit your day job 
The worst part is working for a chain such as Bally's or 24H Fitness. They want you to sell,sell,sell! I understand that it is part of the business but …

Nutrition Advice 
The part I have experienced with being a personal trainer is clients do not want to take advice on nutrition. I seems as they want to take a magic pill …

Lack of patience 
It is very disappointing to me as a personal trainer when I see some people coming to the gym hoping to get some magic done to their out of shape bodies. …

Downsides of being a Personal Trainer: Unrealistic Expectations 
There are two things that come to mind as being the downsides of being a personal trainer. 1) If a personal trainer is not in absolutely perfect shape …

Blamed for lack of Client Willpower 
The absolute worst thing about being a personal trainer is getting blamed for clients not getting in shape fast enough. You do all you can, but all the …

Rudeness or just plain ignorant? 
Rude clients are the roughest thing about being a personal trainer. I don't know if it's because they're paying for a service, or the way they were brought …

Worst of all: Explaining everything 
I have had a lot of clients and experiences in my 23 years as a personal trainer. The pay depends on the clients and what you offer, if you are qualified …

If you hate sales jobs, then don't become a personal trainer! It's all about selling yourself! If you're a very quiet person and find it hard to approach …

Opportunists Not rated yet
They aren't really coming to learn how to get in shape, they are coming to lay their emotional baggage in you. In any way you allow them to in the name …

Dealing with Stinky Clients Not rated yet
The worst part of being a personal trainer is to deal with the personal hygiene of the client. The first part of my training session deals with the importance …

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