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Worst Thing About Being a Personal Trainer

by Jay
(Bel Air, Maryland, U.S.A.)

I used to be a personal trainer, and the worst thing about it was the frustration I felt from never being able to help all the clients that quit their fitness programs. Many people would sign up, but only a handful would stick with it. It was very frustrating to form great personal relationships with people at first, and then watch them slowly disappear. I would try to call them or track them down, and they'd always have some lame excuse, but in reality they just couldn't hack it. It made me feel like I somehow failed in my efforts to keep them motivated, even though I know deep down they couldn't keep themselves motivated.

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You cared about the clients and you did your best
by: LC

Its great that you care about people when you train them. As any place or business there up and downs and you should not be discourage by that. You may need more experience and knowledge.

Good Luck

Worst Thing About Being a Personal Trainer
by: LW

THE most important aspect of Personal Training or any thing else that entails attempting to help or motivate someone is that no matter what, the #1 aspect is that it is THEIR choice. They are responsible for applying what you took years of reading, studying and lots money to learn. If they come to you, there is a reason and/or desire. But if they leave without a ligetimate reason and you follow-up and they still choose to walk away, it's their choice. You made the attempt and showed them you are professional to follow up. Maybe they'll come back. maybe they won't. But it's still up to them.

The flip side of all that is as a personal trainer somone should make every attempt to support, train, motivate and teach an individual to their level and need.

by: Anonymous

Jay: It's not you. You can lead a horse to water......
Whether you need more experience I don't know, but clients not sticking with it is not the measure for this. I think most people will quit. Lazy or Life something always gets in the way. All you can do is teach them, instill your passion and hopefully someday they will come back. Maybe not to you, but to fitness in general. I'm sure you touched your clients in a positive way. Something they will never forget and will hopefully expand on in the future.

Group training
by: Anonymous

Your clients did not come. Why not try again, and this time do it as a bootcamp or as group training. Why? Because they feel apart of a group. What do people in a group do when someones missing from a class? They call them and they tell them they were missed. If they feel like they belong to something they will be more commited:)

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