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The Best Things About Being a Personal Trainer

best personal trainerThe Best Personal Trainer Stories

When working on the path towards being a personal trainer, it helps to think about what the best part of being a personal trainer is for you. There are a lot of different things that can inspire you about the job, since it’s easily one of the most satisfying jobs in the world. Here are a few examples.


Sharing Your Experience

One common thing that people often site as being the best part of being a personal trainer is how they get to share their experiences with others. Many people start down the road to this profession by having troubles with their personal health and fitness themselves. It’s common for future trainers to be unhappy with the way their body looks, or with how they feel physically. They might spend too much time hanging around and not really doing anything, and not enough time going after their goals. As a result, many trainers think the best part of being a trainer is using the energy they created through getting themselves in order and passing it on to other people.


Watching Progress

Another common reason cited as the best part of being a personal trainer is the fact that you get to watch someone make progress and improve. It can be one of the most rewarding things in the world to watch someone become motivated, to decide that they actually do have the power to change their lives and their goals, as well as their bodies, and improve on that goal on a week to week basis. As far as a rewarding job, there are few things better than that feeling according to many trainers. It leaves you feeling like the best personal trainer in the world!


Rebuilding Someone’s Self Image

best personal trainerHelping someone become physically fit often has a much greater effect than just on their body. If you can help them learn how to be healthier, it can often completely transform their self-image as well.

Many trainers take great pride in watching people gain more confidence. It can be gratifying to watch your efforts turn someone into a person who believes in themselves and their own abilities.


Being Your Own Boss

own bossAnother reason to love being a personal trainer, especially an independent one, is that you get to be your own boss. Many independent trainers have remarked about how great it is to have complete control over your own life and finances, and how enjoyable it is to be your own boss.

A career in personal training definitely has its ups and downs. But for me, I wouldn't do anything else. But just so you get a chance to understand what you are getting into, I have compiled our readers comments on the best and worst parts of their personal training careers.

So check out our reader comments below as they share their best personal trainer stories. And if you are a trainer, be sure to tell us what you like about the job using the form below.

by Katie Donnelly


What is your Best Personal Trainer Story?

Tell us the best part of your job. What do you enjoy the most about being a personal trainer?

Best Personal Trainer Stories

When you are getting down about the pay and long hours, sometimes it helps to remind yourself about all the wonderful aspects of being a personal trainer. Here is what our readers love about their personal training careers.

Personal Trainer's Transform Clients 
I feel the best part about being a personal trainer is having the opportunity to transform not only my client's body, but their mind as well. Being a personal …

Being an inspiration as personal trainer 
Being a personal trainer has been a great experience. As I myself had a high opinion of my personal trainer. I chose this profession merely on the basis …

Enabling people to stay healthy and avoid work related health issues 
In today's world there are only a few people who have to be physically active as part of their job. Mostly people are confined to desks doing only a limited …

Helping people help themselves 
One of the most rewarding things about being a personal trainer is helping people believe in themselves and achieve their goals. While its a simple idea, …

Doing what you love 
There are lots of things that CAN be good about being a personal trainer: pay, hours of work, etc. But definitely the best of all is the satisfaction of …

Best Part of Personal Training: Helping other People 
Helping someone feel better about themselves is my favorite part of being a personal trainer. Whether it's because they've lost a few pounds or improved …

Best part of being a personal trainer. 
When you market yourself to potential clients, you subtly make them a promise that you'll get them looking and feeling how they've always dreamed of. Some …

Grandma and Bruce Lee 
One time I was asked to write a memoir in class regarding food. The memoir ended up being a story about how my grandmother nourished my life with nutritious …

Being Self Employed Not rated yet
I really shouldn't complain. I have been a personal trainer for about 16 years now. I have my own private studio. I have about 30-35 training hours per …

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