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Personal Trainer's Transform Clients

by Stephanie
(Anchorage, AK)

I feel the best part about being a personal trainer is having the opportunity to transform not only my client's body, but their mind as well. Being a personal trainer means being there for my client through the good and the bad, answering emails and being on-call if a client has questions from muscle soreness to protein powder.

I have a small training studio where I do one-on-one training and I love it! I make my own hours, I control my income and I get to help people which is the most rewarding of all. My clients are amazing and they inspire me everyday.

When I meet with a client and they tell me they lost another 3 lbs. they are fitting into clothes they haven't worn in years or they are not taking blood pressure medication anymore- it brings tears to my eyes because their transformation happens right in front of me at each session. I see in them what they don't yet see in themselves and I have the opportunity to be a positive influence in their lives.

I love this job and I encourage anyone who is seriously interested and committed to changing lives, to become a personal trainer. It is an honor.

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You inspire your clients
by: Katie - Admin

Stephanie, It is awesome to read that you are making a difference in your client's lives. Sometimes I forget that personal training isn't just California and Miami, but its dedicated personal trainers making a difference all over the world. The people of Anchorage are lucky to have you!

- Katie

loved your comment!!
by: daniel

i am very interested in becoming a personal trainer for the exact same reason that your saying! can you help me out with any information on becoming one? (schooling, what to know, where to start etc...) sounds like your great at what you do! please email me if you are interested in helping me out. please and thank you!


e mial.

Transform your clients minds as well as their bodies...

Do you know who designed the food guide pyramid?

A quick fact: did you know that the food guide pyramid was designed by General Mills? If your not familiar with General Mills, they produce the largest amount of grains in the U.S.
Grains are by far the leading cause of all diet related dis-eases in the country. By the way, I spell Dis-ease the way it was originally written. It means, the body is at a dis-ease, or not at ease... Nowhere in that definition does it say that dis-ease is permanent...

My first question I ask clients when we tackle their diet is, "what part of the world are your ancestors from"? This gives a quick guide of where to begin with what to eat and what to avoid. You can read more about this topic in 'The Metabolic Typing Diet' by William Wolcott. His book is very easy to understand for people unfamiliar with real nutrition, (not what is being fed to us by the U.S. Government).

If you do some real research on the true facts of historical eating habits of people around the world you will quickly understand why people are healthy eating what is bio-available in the region of the world they reside in. Let's take Eskimos and look at what they eat. Did you know that they eat primarily whale blubber and sea kelp. It ranges 85% fats and protein and 15% carbohydrates. There is virtually no heart disease or cancer or any other typical dis-ease that we see in America. Lets move around the globe and go to South America where people typically eat lots of fruits/vegetables and small amounts of lean proteins. This is more like 85% carbohydrate and 15% proteins and fats. The same goes for lack of the typical American dis-ease in that part of the world as well.

Everyone throughout history has developed the ability to consume and assimilate foods from their geographic location on this planet. Hence why two groups of people such as the Eskimos and South Americans have such a dramatic different diet and yet stay healthy.

I invite you to come ask me some questions if you want to know the truth about anything in Nutrition, Wellness, Fitness, and Corrective Exercise.

Personal Training is a Reward!
by: Drew Edmonds

Hi Stephanie!

I agree... seeing a client reach and exceed their personal goals is extremely rewarding!

I spend a few moments each evening reflecting on the successes of the day, and it never ceases to amaze me how truly lucky I am to have such an intrinsically rewarding job! To be able to touch someone's life and help them regain or build self esteem is a real gift and something I do not take for granted!

In Savannah, GA fried foods and a "take things a little slower" mentality have led to a population that needs our help. As a personal trainer, I know that to make a real difference I must impact as many lives as possible. My wife, also a personal trainer, has joined me in the crusade against obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. We WILL make a difference, and we WILL change lives!

Personal training has been a reward in my life, and I hope that my clients see that they are rewarding themselves by leading a healthy lifestyle!

Yours in health,

Drew Edmonds
Personal Trainer
Train Me 24/7
Savannah, GA

Great Post
by: Anonymous

Awesome article, well done. I became a trainer because exercise transformed my life for the better, and I love sharing that with others.



Nice Comment
by: Mounir

Hi Stephanie,

I am also interested in becoming a personal trainer for the exact same reason and many more but I've got some concerns, please contact me if you're willing to clear some things up for me.

Thanks in advance for ur help :-)

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