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Lack of Results

by Steve

I find it extremely frustrating when you're working with a client who is really motivated and is committed to getting in shape, that just can't reach their goals, no matter how much effort they put into them.

Now I'm not talking about people that just want to define the muscles and great bodies they already have, I'm talking about people who seriously need/want to get into shape and lose some weight to better their health. It's frustrating on both ends.

One, it is hard to see someone struggling so much with this kind of thing. Two, you feel like you haven't done your job to the best of your abilities if you can't help them reach their goals.

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Maybe they have a medical problem?
by: Rachel

For these clients who are working really hard but aren't seeing results, do you ever send them to the doctor to get tested? Maybe they have a medical problem that is preventing them from losing weight.

are you actually a trainer
by: Anonymous

maybe you are not training them right in regards to the type of program they are on, how long have they been on the program? do they eat the right amount of calories? (calories in vs calories out), and are they over training?
lack of results is a common symptom of over training.

by: Anonymous

It depends on your knowledge level and their goals. I mean their goals must be REALISTIC or you need to acquire more knowledge.


You need to make them fill out a health form such as the Par-Q. If the client checks any of the boxes on the health form you need to advice them to see a Doctor before engaging into a Fitness Program.

Health Issues will definitely affect their goals.


getting results
by: kevin

It's common for people to say their excited and serious about making changes but the fail to due their part when away from the gym.

I've found giving them very simple task produces the best result. An example is a current client that needs to lose over 100lb never performed any activity away beyond the two weekly sessions with me.

She always had intensions on performing cardio at home on her treadmill but always felt overwhelmed and as a result failed to do anything.

So my solution was to have simple stand on the treadmill. I told her I don't care if you stand on it and then walk away but you have to physically step on it every day.

the simple task of stepping on the treadmill evolved into her performing 20-40 minutes of cardio on her days away from me.


eating habits
by: Anonymous

Maybe they're not eating right at home. I've known many people who will workout, but eat like crap and expect magical results. Too bad for them, that doesn't work. They need to be educated on healthier food options, and why the foods they are currently eating is aiding in the lack of results (even if they feel they are working hard in the gym).

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