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ACE Personal Trainer Certification Test

ace personal trainer exam If you are interested in an ACE fitness certification you are going to need to pass the ACE exam. This is a very popular test and opinions fluctuate widely on it.

Some people think the ACE personal trainer certification test is easy. This is especially true for people with some background or experience in exercise science. People who are just starting out on the path to becoming a personal trainer find the ACE personal trainer exam a lot tougher. Find out what our readers have to say about the ACE personal trainer exam below.

So What Does ACE say about their exam?

ACE recommends that you spend three to six months preparing for the test. This is a good guideline for people with no exercise training experience. But more experienced trainers should be able to tackle the exam with just a few weeks of preparation. ACE also recommends attending a 2 day exam preparation workshop for $219 or a 4 part webinar for $199 or take their pre-recorded flash-based online course for $149. As you can see it starts to add up quickly.

Preparing for the ACE Personal Trainer Certification Test

You've got a choice of study materials. You can purchase the official ACE study program that includes manuals, flashcards, and a practice exam for between $149-$399. Unfortunately, you have to pay for the test on top of that.

We used to recommend the Morrison products but we received a lot of negative feedback about them. When we searched for better solutions, we just couldn't find anything we were comfortable recommending.

So instead, we built our own Certification Exam Review Course. With over 750 exam practice questions to help you prepare for ACE, we think you will like it. And at $32.95 we think it's an exceptional value.

Of course you can always take our free certification practice test. But we think you are going to want a lot more preparation to get through the ACE exam.


ACE Certification Sample Exam Questions

Here are a few sample questions that were submitted by our readers.

1. Which lever class is typical of most joints of the human body?

2. John is 54 years old and has a RHR of 75 BPM, and his goal is to exercise at 60% of HRR, what is his THR?

3. What is the prime mover in a shoulder extension?

4. What is the sliding filament theory?

5. What are the rotator cuff muscles?

6. What are the PRIMARY movement descriptors, and what plane of movement does each move in?

7. What is the job of the sternocleidomastoid?

8. What is the difference between an open-chain exercise and a closed-chain exercise?

9. What does the muscle spindle do?

10. How does direction of resistance relate to desired motion?

If you can answer all of these questions without having to look them up, then go right ahead and take the ACE personal trainer exam without studying. I used flashcards extensively to help memorize this kind of detail.


What did you think of the ACE Exam?

The section below gives our readers the chance to talk about their experience with the ACE personal trainer certification test. After you take your exam, remember to come back and tell us how you did and what worked for you!

ACE Exam Insider Tips

Our readers submit some great tips about passing the ACE personal trainer certification exam. Read the tips and add your comments and ratings to each tip.

Happy Worn Out Student 
Well I passed the ACE exam today with a 532/ 800. 500 is the minimum score. I am a busy student. I have a job and go to school with a lot of hours. I also …

This is the third time I've taken this dammed exam, and I have to agree with most of the people on this site that this test does not accurately, test your …

I just took the Ace CPT exam for the second time about 15 min ago so while I'm still pissed the off so I've decided to write this. First I'd like to state …

just passed the ACE pt exam,,,what was that?! 
I just passed the exam yesterday and i absolutely agree with the others who felt like they studied for the wrong test! I knew the 'essentials' book …

Passed the ACE Personal Trainer Certification Test Today 
I am 51 years old with no prior fitness industry work experience. However, I am a former Div I college athlete and have a lifelong passion for fitness, …

Passed on the 1st try! Got a 687 out of 800! 
I just took the ACE test on 3/13/2010. I spent 6 months preparing for this exam and did so by purchasing the Deluxe Personal Trainer Self-Study Course …

Passed the ACE on first try... but not easy! 
Hello, I just found out I passed the ACE Exam which I took 2/13/09. I got a score of 555, with 500 being passing. I am not sure if this is considered …

Exercise Specialist/BSB/CPT 
Test was awful. Study materials didn't help much. Very misleading as to what actual test questions will be. Highly recommend online practice tests. Study …

Just Passed ACE, not at all what i expected... 
I just passed the ACE exam today and i must say , its almost as if i studied for the wrong exam. it was VERY very subjective and some questions and answers …

Study Aids that Helped 
I am 48 yrs old and just passed the ACE Personal Trainer Certification Exam on the first try. With 800 being the highest grade and 500 being the lowest, …

ACE exam questions-computer style 
I am currently studying for the exam and I've read over the other postings. I'm a registered nurse as well and I took my exam for that via computer. The …

Passed Ace Exam Today 
Hi All, I took the ACE test today and passed it - first attempt. It was definitely hard! Questions were tricky. Not one anatomy question! I had to calculate …

How do you prepare for PROGRAM DESIGN PORTION 
I've heard a lot of people talk about how tough and/or unexpected program portion on COMPUTER BASED PT ACE test is. What is the best way to prepare for …

ACE exam question about Formulas 
Hello everyone, I just began studying for the ACE exam. For the formulas do i need to memorize the ones such as the bike test formula with all those …

How specific is the ACE Exam? 
I began studying for my ACE personal training exam a few weeks. I already have a degree in Exercise and Nutrition, however I was wondering how specific …

Just Passed the ACE Exam 
I had no previous personal training experience, and studied the ACE materials for a month and a half and was able to pass at an average of about 80%. …

Not what I Expected 
I took the ACE personal training exam today and passed it the first time. I have to be honest that I was amazed at how difficult the exam was. Surprisingly, …

Tekva Certification 
Haven't taken it yet (am studying Chapters 2 and 3 now), but do have a question! I'm spending a lot of time with inserts and origins of …

Buying ACE exam materials on Ebay 
I've decided on the ACE personal trainer cert program to start with. I was looking at getting some of the personal training study materials online, possibly …

ACE Exam materials don't cover Program Design 
The best study guide was ACE's Personal Trainer manual. It had a lot of stuff in it that I didn't know and it definitely helped me study. I wish I had …

The ACE exam is written by ACE 
Just know what the ACE people want and then give it back to them. For example, don't always answer a question based on how YOU feel, but how the study …

To all those studying for the ACE exam... 
I would like to encourage all those who are studying for the exam, you can do this, study hard and I promise it will pay off. To all those who write in …

Ace exam full of subjectivity 
I took the ACE exam and failed by 20 points. I am disappointed because I studied for months in preparation but the study material that ACE sells DOES NOT …

Independent study guide or ACE study guide? 
I was just wondering about some study materials I saw recommended here on your site. Is the Morrison Media ACE study guide sufficient on its own for a …

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I failed the ACE exam twice 
I am currently studying for my ACE Personal trainer exam. I have already taken the test 2 times and am getting closer to passing. It is a difficult exam …

Choose the most conservative answer to Pass the ACE exam 
Whatever you do, do not go with what you would do in the situation ....choose the most conservative and least legally liable option. This will give you …

The ACE sample test is a good indicator of success 
The ACE sample test is fairly indicative of the test. As far as it being easy, that depends on your individual knowledge. As with any test, it is better …

Pregnant Woman Simulation - Hmmmmm! 
I just returned from having failed my first attempt at the ACE Certification Personal Trainer Exam. The main stumbling point that threw me for a loop …

ACE Exercise Science 
The first chapter has almost reduced me to tears. For some reason I am having an extremely difficult time retaining the information. Is there any tips …

Do I need the ACE study materials? 
I was hoping you could give me some advice on a study guide. I was going to do the personal trainer exam with AFAA and had already purchased their study …

ACE exam answers 
Here are some of the answers that I choose when taking the ACE exam. Question 1. I answered the question with the option about 3rd class lever. ACE …

Passed ACE CPT 
I took the ACE CPT test today; 4-21-2010. I passed the test on my first attempt. I took the 20 week ACE study course and studied from their premier package. …

the essentials of science book is the best bet. Not rated yet
when i first started studying for this test i thought i was gonna pass it with flying colors but when i got there i had absolutely no clue about half the …

Its hard but definitly doable Not rated yet
I am in my senior year last semester at Kansas State studying Kinesiology and I just took the ACE test. I only had a little over 20 days to study for this …

Lots of very specific questions Not rated yet
What's up crew? I just passed my exam with a score of 551/800, which seems to be the pretty standard passing score around here. My study tools were …

PASSED!! on 2nd attempt thanks to this Online Course! Not rated yet
FANTASTIC Course!!!.. I passed my ACE exam 2nd time round with the help of the online exam prep course from this site. (failed 1st attempt).. I wish I …

Mad in Utah Not rated yet
I must say I felt so ready for teh ACE test I went to college because I am passionate about being a Personal trainer, I took exercise science and anatomy …

Just passed the ACE PT exam today! Not rated yet
I am so glad I used this site to help me prepare for the exam. The comments are true, ACE puts very situational questions on the quiz with some of them …

ACE Exam Sample Questions Not rated yet
Can anybody help answer these sample questions? 1) Does flex ion and extension happens only in sagittal plane ? 2)What is the correct posture and …

Ace Exam Harder than Expected Not rated yet
I took the ACE exam this past weekend and I found it to be a lot harder than I expected. I passed with an 87% but the questions were presented in a more …

Click here to write your own.

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