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I failed the ACE exam twice

I am currently studying for my ACE Personal trainer exam. I have
already taken the test 2 times and am getting closer to passing. It is a difficult exam for me since my background is in IT.

I work at a higher-end club and the trainers make close to six figure salaries, so there is a lot more money to be made than what is published here. I know trainers that charge $40-$60 an hour for their services.

Comments for I failed the ACE exam twice

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Why did you fail so much???
by: Jen

How much did you study before your tests? Have you had much hands on experience with lifting and or a fitness life style?

Why did you fail the ACE exam?
by: Katie - Admin

Jen makes a good point. Why did you fail the ACE exam? What did you do to pass the ACE exam on your third try? If you have failed the ACE exam tell us why and what you did to eventually pass it.

And of course, with our double your money back guarantee on our exam prep course, it is a risk free way to focus your studies.

- Katie

I've failed twice as well.
by: anonymous

I was so gun-ho the first time I bought the full ACE study materials and studied for 4 months. While I have worked out for years I have no background as a personal trainer or a suitable degree. Needless to say using the materials alone did not help, and I missed passing by 38 points.

Two years later I was more diligent in my studies and gave myself about six months to prepare. While I did extremely better in the multiple choice questions, I bombed the simulation portion and missed passing by 14 points. I've gone now to the weekend study workshop and realize you must know your basic math, so practice before hand if you're not good with the numbers.

Also being conservative with your answers on the simulation is great advice. Don't answer as you might really do with the different techniques you've picked up along the way, but as the ACE material suggest you should. This time around I am taking practice test numerous times to prepare and also have gotten some experience working with people to get the practical application down.

Do you have to wait a year before taking the test again?
by: frank

I just wondering if i dont pass this exam, do i really have to wait a whole year to retake it again. Thats a long time to wait, some of these comments from people are saying they failed 3 or more times, does that mean they waited 3 or 4 years to do this? someone please let me know, im already nervous about taking this thing,

The exam is hard, but you can pass it!
by: Anonymous

I passed on the first try. Simulation is a major portion of your score (25%). Know your special population recommendations as you can be sure that your simulation clients will be tough cases. Know postural deviations and how to design programs that will help correct them. Karvonen formula or some portion of it will likely be on the exam. Don't focus too much on formulas and math, but understand each formula and what it is used for. Body fat % and BMI will likely appear in some form as well. Know your planes of movement, prime movers, and physiological assessments... all of these will show up in abundance. The test is tough. Don't underestimate how much time you need to study. Take the practice exams over and over again. Make flash cards for every question you get wrong on those practice exams and drill it into your brain. You will pass eventually :).

You will pass the test
by: Roberta

I passed the ACE test the second time, and luckily when you get the score at the end of the test, you have the chance of knowing which part or parts of the test you need to focus more. Besides practice tests that can always help, I agree that it is essential to study the material at a deeper level, and put together all the most important information you read in the books. I honestly underlined the most relevant info. I think that focusing on anatomy, the major muscle groups, and how our body works it is very important. Then study particularly special population, and understand what is the best approach when dealing with people who have special needs so that you'll be able to provide regression. I would not be concerned about math too much, but rather, as someone else said, it might be helpful to memorize the formulas and understand what they are used for.
The day before the test, I practice yoga for 45 minutes. And above all, I think that if you're motivated you'll pass the test. I can guarantee it to you!

I passed first time today!
by: Anonymous

If I can do this whoever is reading this and feels freaked out about taking the exam you can pass first try. The great news is the ACE test will now allow you to use a calculator and there is no longer a simulation portion to the exam. I'm not saying the test is easy. It is a hard test but if you study properly you WILL pass.
A few notes on what I learned:
Watch every video on each chapter many times until you really understand what they are talking about. I highly recommend buying the delux package. Take all practice quizzes and exam samples but do not rely on that alone to pass. Also watch the two DVD's that come with your manuals over and over again. Make sure you read every chapter in your the manual and the Exersize Science manual. Know risk stratification like the back of your hand and be very familiar with training pregnant women. I am sooooo glad I listened to a blogger who gave this advice. You will find enormous help on the ACE website especially in the study area of Facebook. You do not need a Facebook account to access the information. Also call the study coaches often and ask them questions. They will help you a lot!!!
I only studies 30 days, 9 hours a day (stay at home mom) and did it but I do not recommend my insane approach!! It was hard core! Give yourself three to four months but don't take too long because you want to keep on top of your studies daily. Book your exam right away 3-6 months out and get moving!!

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