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by Kambui Jackson
(Long Beach)

I just took the Ace CPT exam for the second time about 15 min ago so while I'm still pissed the off so I've decided to write this. First I'd like to state that I've been personal training for 3yrs, undergrad at Texas A&M, 2 time all American Track runner and I actually studied for this exam. So believe me when I tell you I know my stuff! I waltz on in and and took it the first time and because I know my Stuff I knew I would pass..WRONG!

I got a 410, I was super shocked because I was absolutely sure about 98% of my answers. So, I took 20days and brushed up and by brushed up I mean I studied like crazy cause I have job offers waiting for me. So today I take it and I score a 429...absolutely no way in F-ing way in HELL did I just fail this exam and I know for sure I was absolutely correct on, again, 98% of my answers.
All the questions asked did not actually test your knowledge as a trainer or anything fitness professional related, the basis of the test was to prove to see if you knew "ACE." outstanding marketing ploy ACE is pulling, it took me coughing up $434 to figure it out. All the questions are simple, and anyone with common sense can pass the test. Question such as:

41. Describe a proper way to execute a Bench Press:
A. Keeps Hips firmly on the bench at all times
B. Lower the weight no closer than 2" above the chest
C. Exhale as you lower the weight
D. in the up position Hold the bar over your chest just below the nipple line

I'm sure you all know how to properly execute a bench press and you're probably looking at these answers and saying to yourself "self, there is more than one right answers available." and guess what, your right, there is!! and about 120 of 150 questions are exactly like this. you know the answer but you have to pick the one that ACE would pick.

I wish I could find a vulgar way of describing how I feel about ACE right now but the english language just isn't diverse enough.
The ACE exam will not test your competence as a knowledgeable trainer or fitness professional, as I now know. So you've been warmed.


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sorry to hear that
by: Anonymous

I am sorry it didn't go so well but I have to disagree that there is more than one correct answer in your sample.
The only correct answer to me would be A) keep your hips on the bench.
Stopping the movement short does not train the full range of movement, in the fully extended position the bar should be roughly at eye level and you should exhale with effort; as the bar is being pressed.

Sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

I've seen lots of complaints concerning the disparity between what ACE asks you to study and what they actually ask on the exam. I understand your frustration, but if you actually missed the question about bench press because their is "more than one correct answer," (when there's not more than one correct answer listed in those four options--the answer is to keep your hips on the bench) then the ACE seems to be right on in not passing you. I don't mean to troll or flame, but if you've been teaching the "jettison your ass off the bench" style bench press, then it's probably a good thing you're not training.

Truly only one completly correct answer
by: Anonymous

I'm a Math, Science, Health &PE teacher, as well as a former trainer, body builder, and aerobics instructor. I have to agree with the others. In reality there is only one correct answer which was A. See if the person does not have proper form than lowering the bar to only 2" above the chest doesn't guarentee full range of motion, nor proper support for the spine. I understand you feel riped off right now. But as a teacher and admininstrator for 16 years, it really is your test taking strategies. Take more time analyzing why each response would not work; you may have too much confidence in your skills that you are not eliminating impossible responses. Don't give up; don't get angry; don't let this stop you. Take time to review the questions you got wrong and try to look at it from another angle. Good luck to you seeking your degree, and preparing for this job.

by: Anonymous

Actually I agree wit the guy who wrote this.....I've been in the profession of pt for years and the ace test is so vague n broad with answers. It's what's the best answer to me? How can ace tell me what the nest answer. What ace needs to do is provide a short word explaimation under those type of questions....

To "Same"
by: Anonymous

Judging by your grammar in your response- it is understandable you didn't pass it.

by: Anonymous

^most hilarious. It is the same for a nationally registered EMT. They want to see exactly how well you pay attention to detail.

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