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ACE exam answers

by Piyush
(Delhi, INDIA)

Here are some of the answers that I choose when taking the ACE exam. Question 1. I answered the question with the option about 3rd class lever.

ACE Question 2.
Answer: 128 bpm

Question 3
Answer: Posterior deltoid

Question 4
Answer: It's a muscle contraction theory, where actin and myosin contrectile proteins creates a crossbrigding in the presence of nervous impules and atp.

Question 5
Answer: I didn't get the question maybe they are talking about agonist muscles?

Question 6
Answer: Neck flexton

Question 7
Answer: In open chain exercise clients foot will not contact the floor.

Question 8
Answer: They protect the muscle for over-stretch, this is muscle reflexor.

Question 9
Answer: All the resistance has its line of pull towards gravity and the all the muscles has its live of pull so they work opposite to each other and desired motion occurs.

That was my experience with the ACE exam. Post more questions and answers please.

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The ACE answers would be more helpful with the questions
by: Katie - Admin

These answers for the ace exam would be more useful if we knew what the questions were. Can anybody help fill in the blanks on this submission. If you can write a question that fits these answers (jeopardy style!) we can all practice. And don't worry about it not actually being a question on the ACE is probably better if you make up the questions yourself because this site will reject any copyright submissions per the submission guidelines.

I bet these are the questions...
by: Anonymous

1. Which lever class is typical of most joints of the human body?

2. John is 54 years old and has a RHR of 75 BPM, and his goal is to exercise at 60% of HRR, what is his THR?

3. What is the prime mover in a shoulder extension?

4. What is the sliding filament theory?

5. What are the rotator cuff muscles?

6. What are the PRIMARY movement descriptors, and what plane of movement does each move in?

7. What is the job of the sternocleidomastoid?

8. What is the difference between an open-chain exercise and a closed-chain exercise?

9. What does the muscle spindle do?

10. How does direction of resistance relate to desired motion?

Rotator Cuff Muscles
by: Karen

The Rotator Cuff Muscles are four muscles easily remembered as SITS:

Supraspinatus - abducts the arm
Infraspinatus - externally rotates the arm
Teres Minor - also externally rotates the arm
Subscapularis - internally rotates the arm

question 4 and 8
by: Anonymous

question # 4- is the sliding filament theory- the cross bridging of the muscle proteins during the contraction.

question # 8- refers to the golgi tendons and the muscle spindles- both help the protect muscle fibers from being overstretch- but the difference is that the Golgi tendons has to do with contractile pressure.

ace exam
by: Anonymous

question 2 is wrong
real answer 130bpm

by: Anonymous

HRR = (220-54) - 75
= 91
THR = HRR * 0.6 + 75
= 129.6

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