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ACE Exam Sample Questions

Can anybody help answer these sample questions?

1) Does flex ion and extension happens only in sagittal plane ?

2)What is the correct posture and what is vertical plumb line?

3)What muscles works during shoulder adducting?pectoralis major, lattissimus dors, are the primary movers. The fixators that do adduction are the subscapularis and teres major. Am I missing anything?

4)What is the proper actions during squat and how to make it more effective?

Move down until the thighs are almost past parallel to the floor. Extend the knees and the hips until the legs are straight. Repeat this motion.
If you get your feet closer then it would be harder and more effective.
Am i correct?

5)Fpr a person who is getting ready for a marathon the proper carb before and after is 4-6 gr of carb per pound or kilo?

6)Lactose Tolerant people can only eat fermented dairy products?

7)What is ACE advise on ERgogenic aids? Advice not to use based on certain research or just not advice at all?

8)is the Immediate effect on cardio is stress relief?

9)Which blood vessel carries the most oxy blood? that would be pulmonary vein .Is it correct

10)Effects of smoking and nicotine is Rapid heartbeat, Increased blood pressure and Rapid, shallow breathing

11)Pregnant women should adopt their exercise according to their pregnancy and not follow the same routine as they did before.Is that correct ?

12)What muscles are contracted during lowering phase of chin up?

13)Disadvantages of YMCA Submax cycle test that muscular fatigue occurs prematurely and fail to reach max cardio output.Am i missing anything else ?

14)muscle Hyperthoropgy is the growth and increase of the size of the muscle cells.

15)People with low back pain should work on extensors muscles ( erector spine, glutel muscle and flexor ( abdominal) and maintain proper postue it with obligues
Is it correct?

During tennis backhand the muscles that works are : subscapularis, pec major, infrasputus. middle deltoid, biceps > Is there anything missing?

17)someone that has a shin splint what are flexibility suggestions ?
· Kneeling position, the runner points his toes out behind and gently sits back on heels pressing the tops of the feet towards the ground.
· Standing arm’s length from the wall, place hands on wall, keep feet and knees straight, lean forward as far as possible.
· Standing with feet flat, bend knees forward as far as possible keeping heels on floor.

18)What liability coverage should focus on ?

19) high altitude effects ? Heart rate speeds up so is respiiratary rate

20)When someone who adopteda baby wants to imrove ger upper body would that call specifity training?

21)During isometric exercise there is no movement at the joint but is there a preferable ankle to to movement ?

22)Someone that are more experience in exercise uses more of a visual learning than newbie.Is that a correct statement?

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