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Just passed the ACE PT exam today!

by Bonnie
(Snoqualmie, WA)

I am so glad I used this site to help me prepare for the exam. The comments are true, ACE puts very situational questions on the quiz with some of them not giving you optimal, or 'textbook' options for answers. You have to find the one that would be the best answer and go with that.
It's a lot of information to take in when you study the manuals and that is why the online test reviews that this site gives are so valuable, as well as the couple of practice tests that you will take on the ACE fitness site.

You can do it! If you are willing to print the 300 or so pages from the test review on this site, do so. Use those tests to practice and make flashcards out of any answers you get wrong. I used the actual tests on the website once I felt I had a better grip of the actual answers so there would not be any prompts from previous tests taken. (You'll know what I mean if you take one test and go back to retake it)

Use the mistakes to review more material, study your manual in a way the picks out the little details that ACE might want you to remember and will randomly test you on and make flashcards out of that as well.

REMEMBER, they want you to think situationally and not text book. They don't want to know that you can recite the code of ethics point by point, but they do want to know that you have that knowledge in your head when you're confronted with a situation in which it's important.
You CAN do this, but it's not easy. Practice test! Review and use your mistakes to learn and study. (try not to get too frustrated)

Good luck!!!

Things to know well:

Program design for all populations, injuries always seek medical attention (even if they're small), know how to help these populations train once they're cleared to do so by their doctor and know your application of which exercises will help which muscle groups and things like reciprocal inhibition.

Go slow, take breaths and get this information so solid in your brain that you can PASS. You won't probably ACE (pun intended) the test but you can pass it and move on to your career :)

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