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The ACE exam is written by ACE

Just know what the ACE people want and then give it back to them. For example, don't always answer a question based on how YOU feel, but how the study manual states it.

For example, ACE says DON'T USE SUPPLEMENTS, THEY ARE A WASTE AND INEFFECTIVE. Well I personally feel that there's some supplements you CAN benefit from. But if you answer that way you will get the question wrong.

I wouldn't say the ACE certification exam is easy, but if you study hard you'll be okay. The tricky thing is, on some questions you'll have 4 answers to choose from and 3 of them are right, but there's only ONE acceptable answer, so take your time and ask yourself what answer ACE is wanting, not necessarily what is correct.

Comments for The ACE exam is written by ACE

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Just took ACE Exam and passed
by: AJAX

I just took the exam today on my first try and passed it.

The material I thought was very straightforward, the only part that caught me by surprise was the program design part, which is the 2nd portion of the test.

Read the options carefully before checking any boxes.You essentially have to design a long term exercise program based on the information given, but you also have to build a relationship with the client.
You have to decide which questions to ask, some of them are rather colloquial, such as asking a pregnant woman whether she wants a boy or a girl.
The trick is that it gives you over a dozen exercise design and question options all shown together, and each one you check get saved as an answer. I didnt realize this at first, and probably lost a few points

Also, legal liability and practice seemed to be emphasized, so know those things well.

Anatomy wasnt really covered, but exercises and muscle groups, definitely know those.

The body fat and body composition questions are there, just know the formulas.

Also, be conservative with your answers. ACE is somewhat subjective with their material. Choose the most conservative exercise programs, and if its says "refer to a physician" do so.

I'm studying now
by: Gina


How long was it when you took your exam. I'm studying right now. I hope I pass on the first try as well. I wrote down your suggestion and if you have anymore advice I will take it. Thanks

Wish me luck =)
by: Anonymous

Just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for taking time to give advice and comments on taking the exam. I am taking it in the morning...i hope to pass on my first try but without the help of others advice i would be very unprepared because until reading some of the comments posted i had no idea what to expect.

THank you and best wishes to anyone else taking hte exam!!

by: Annonymous

Today i took my exam for the second time and passed. The practice exams were more than helpful. Many of the questions on the ace practice exam were on the test along with some other questions on this site. I would recommend this website for anyone wanting an extra study guide.

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