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Not what I Expected

by Alexandra
(KCMO ,Missouri)

I took the ACE personal training exam today and passed it the first time. I have to be honest that I was amazed at how difficult the exam was. Surprisingly, I focused heavily on memorizing the muscles that worked at each joint and what their specific functions were (adduction, circumduction, dorsiflexion, etc.) and I did not have even one question that pertained to that throughout my entire test! I even worried at one point that I may not pass.

I totally fell back on my practical experience in the gym and it helped. My best advice is to make certain you know your risk factors as well as how to perform the various formulas. I was amazed at the amount of questions that involved solving formulas (what is your cardiac output, stroke volume, BMI calculations). This surprised me because you are not permitted to take in a calculator and I even remember reading something that said the mathematical questions on the test were basic-not so!

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by: Anonymous

good to know

by: Tony

Do the training materials teach you how to solve these various equations without a calculator?

by: Craig

I have to agree, I felt the same way... I took my exam today and there was a couple times I said to myself, wow I guess Im going to have to pay to retake this test. Especially with the formulas and body fat calculations... it struck me as unfair to have to do those formulas without a calculator... and I am not the greatest mathmetician so I struggled... but still made it through... so its possible, but KNOW the information do not just memorize definitions... Good Luck

I am a Trainer and i use a calculator!
by: Anonymous

I work full time as a trainer and I use a calculator for all the formulas.. thats crazy they wont let you use one!

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