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To all those studying for the ACE exam...

by Positive

I would like to encourage all those who are studying for the exam, you can do this, study hard and I promise it will pay off. To all those who write in and say they're mad, or this test is the dumbest test ever, no, it's not. This test requires that you know Special populations, and what to do with them. One client they might give you in the test may have hypertension and just diagnosed with osteoporosis. What kind of work outs are you gonna put her through, how are you gonna modify her present workout if she's bored with it, yet keep the modifications within her boundaries. Have functional knowledge of where the muscles are at and how they move, abduction, adduction, flexion, extension, concentric, eccentric, how do breathe "properly" when working out. Know some basic nutrition, for athletes, and for general population. Just your normal Joe who wants to run, yet feels tired and doesn't understand why? Ask yourself, well, what is their percentage of carbs in their diet? Well look at that, they're on a low carb high protein diet, definitely not one made for running a half marathon or marathon. How much do you wanna be drinking? Or another one, you have a guy who wants to work on his strength, yet his reps are @ 25, and he does 2 sets? How are you gonna modify it to help him get his goal?

From what I have read, and the test I took it seems like no ACE test is the same, so give it your best shot at memorizing it all. I never had questions on bones, or origins, insertions, none of that, but that doesn't mean it won't be on someone else's test.. Don't let all of it be head knowledge, go and put it into practice so you actually understand fully what you're learning as you study. Write with pen on yourself to help you memorize where muscles are to really solidify things. Looking at a drawing is way different that writing that name on your skin where the muscle is, it helps you make it real. Doesn't have to be a pen, but just figure out a way of making things REAL for yourself so you actually get it. Change your own diet, go to the gym and work on just your adductors for arms/legs, extensors, flexors, put yourself in the setting. It's all in your head if you think you're gonna fail. Be positive, let there be no other thought than this, "Gee, I should start looking for clients, and selling myself, because I write my final test soon, and I know I am gonna crush this thing".

A good friend of mine from the gym told me, "Suck it up sunflower, you've gotta bust your ass in life for everything. If you sit back, life is just gonna pass you by. Keep the fear in you of always growing, because growing is a scary yet exciting thing. Push yourself". So my words to all you who are studying, push yourselves, you CAN do this, and you WILL crush it just as I did. Suck it up, STOP freaking out, and stop reading all those comments from people who have failed and are just bitter. Those comments do nothing for you, but instil fear and doubt inside. I wish all those comments could be deleted, because it's all just a load of crap, be positive and believe.

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Didn't pass
by: Anna

I just took the ACE exam, and I didn't pass. I was really upset, since I've never failed a test before in my life. But unlike many other posts, I didn't feel cheated or tricked by the test. Much of what I didn't know, I felt like I should know (aside from one random question about some kind of ...myalgia?). Otherwise, I realize I need to study up on my postural screening, antagonist muscles and daily FAT intake.
I got a 487 when a 500 passes. dammit!

ACE is not for cookie cutter cutouts.
by: Anonymous

I passed and it was not easy and happy it wasn't.

Switching from another certification that I was not all impressed with, ACE offers a world more of content and information. Quality information, to help you understand the vast population you may serve.

It was definitely frustrating, but as I said coming from other garbage cert that now in hindsight I am glad I did not pass, I certainly feel more confident in what I can do for my clients now with ACE.

ACE is not 2+2=4, or only based on memorization, or creating template programs. ACE is about thinking about who the client(s) is that you will be training and clearly understanding the variables presented to gain the best results safely and effectively.

Coming from the garbage I had to ACE manuals, I knew this was not a mere weekend course, and subjective analysis. I put in 6 months of study and practice exams, and real life reviews. This is a thinkers Cert, not a robotic one. Study and study hard. Read the questions well and thoroughly. Go in relaxed and remember ACE did not become highly recognized by making it's course easy. Good Luck. !!!

Passed ACE exam on 4/26/2013
by: Theresa

I read alot of comments from this site and really didn't know what to think. The exam was very tough. I actually wondered if I passed it when it was over. My score was 602 and you need 500 to pass. My biggest tip is to make appointments with the study coaches at ACE EVERY week. They are awesome and I couldn't have done it without them. Don't get hung up on the Essentials of Exercise book like I did. 90 percent of the questions (it seemed like that much) are situational where you need to pick the BEST course of action for a particular client. If you take your time to really study hard and regularly talk to ACE coaches you will do fine. I'm cheering you on!!

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