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Personal Trainer Vacation

by BIlly

I am wondering, how do other personal trainers take vacation. I am in the process of starting my own studio, and I am wondering, if I get several clients, what do I do with them if I want to take, say, a two or three week vacation? Thanks.

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by: Mario

I have a training business with a approx. 60 clients and it's very difficult to take a vacation. 2 or 3 weeks is a bit long. You can lose a lot of clients in that time. My advise is to take a few days off every couple of months to avoid burnout and it shows your clients that you are dedicated to them.

Vacation, what is that?
by: Chris Lutz

Just kidding. But, I haven't had a 2 or 3 week vacation...ever, I don't think. I do take them and when you do, you just have to put it in your calendar and stick to it assuming you have notified everyone ahead of time. It's hard to do and clients will not believe that you are going on vacation with your family and act like it is outrageous or something. They'll get over it. If you just go for a week or even two, they will not retrogress.

I'd suggest hiring employees if you're going to be gone 3 weeks or more. Ideally, I like to train a few of my "pet" clients and then spend the rest of the time funneling my employees new clients. Then they work for me and make me money while I have free time. I can work or I can go away for 3 weeks if I want.

Hope that helps.

Personal Training vacation
by: Aaron Varcasio - CPT

My solution for a personal training vacation:
Provide a stuctured routine for your clients to commit to. If you want to follow up with them to see if they are complying with it then e-mail them when you are on vacation. The one vacation I went on recently was through
I paid a discounted rate to travel to Jamaica and taught 3 classes a day. If you want more information regarding this please e-mail me at

pt vacation?
by: Anonymous2

I own a studio. Since I have owned it for 1.5 years, I have taken no vacation, maybe a long weekend here and there. I agree with another comment that you will lose some clients if you go for too long.

On the other hand you don't want your clients to think you're a total bore or aren't doing well financially. So, a long weekend here and there will ensure they know you have an interesting and fun life. (They like to know that).

Have your Clients workout with you anytime, anywhere
by: Ricky BurnAlong

The client/personal trainer relationship is a special one- and of course once someone starts working out with you they want to stick with you- so make yourself available to them anytime and anywhere with a great online presence!

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