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personal trainers renting gym space

by 360Degees Fitness

As a qualified personal trainer, do we need to pay big rent for the gym space? I am working in Australia and many fitness centers are inventing new techniques for outbidding each other on who will make the most money by milking the personal trainers by charging weekly rent. They try to tie you to a large contract that only benefits the fitness centers.

Where is personal trainers association or union to organize and protect us?

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by: Chris Lutz

You don't need a union. Organizing and unifying to combat things like this are fine, but don't go down the socialist road. Next thing you know, the union will only serve to help itself and not you. Then you will be paying fees to 2 organizations instead of one. Forget that, but ally with your colleagues.

I'm in the US so it may be a little different, but I'd look for smaller gyms or small studios. You can be a straight employee or a contractor or open a studio yourself. If you don't like the big gyms attitude, there's nothing to stop you from opening yourself. This is a great site for those resources to do so. The market is there and it will probably support you. Don't think that you can't compete either. So much of this is relationship based between you and your clients. I'd venture to guess that if the big gyms are treating the trainers poorly, they probably are not treating the members very well either. You can CAPITALIZE on that. Obtain them, treat them well, effectively train them, nurture them, be their friend, and they will love you and pay you for a long time.

Take your services on the road and increase your profits
by: Anonymous

Instead of paying the gyms, studios and Health Clubs here are some reasons Why Should You Provide In Home/ Mobile Training?

No Rental or Space Fees:
The competitive advantage of Mobile Fitness training is that you don't have to pay rental or space fees. Because many trainers work out of a fitness facility and have higher overhead costs than mobile trainers, a mobile fitness trainer can provide their services, cover their expenses, pay themselves, have profit and still be able to provide it for less than those trainers working out of facilities.

Flexibility and Freedom:
Why be stuck inside a gym or studio all day when you can be in different places. Mixing up your surroundings helps eliminate boredom and enhances creativity.

Reach out to people who really need your help:
Many people are afraid to come to a health club or gym. It is extremely rewarding to reach out to someone who would never take the step to walk into a health club, gym or studio.

by: Anonymous

I love the advice!! the mobile gym even renting a small studio space! Thank you so much very informative

What to do
by: Mitch

I've been offered a job as a trainer at a large franchise gym. there's a first up fee of $1700 and rent is around $250 pw. I've just finished my certificate and wondering whether to take the job. would be good experience but is it better to start a mobile business or find another gym?

by: Anonymous

I have a gym pagewood NSW but find it hard to get PTs into it. Im not looking big rent just wanting to fill unused mat and gym times. PTs seem to be scared off by the bigger gyms and their rent and always seem to think there is a catch?
excel combat academy

PT's renting gym space
by: Anonymous

Mitch, don't do it.... I've just heard of a PT who has paid the gym $12K in rent and has earned only $9K in income..... and another who worked on a sliding rental scale - the more she trained, the more the rent.

I also have a small studio and I can't get PT's to apply for vacancies to go on wages (yes, an hourly rate, be protected by an award. There's something seriously wrong with this system

Rent space by the hour
by: Matt

In the US, I founded a website marketplace to do just

GymLynx is an online marketplace where fitness trainers and instructors can browse, compare and rent space by the hour, from gyms and studios, for personal training or group classes.

No more expensive rev share or monthly contracts. Rent a variety of space by the hour.

Great company to train with
by: Train Nation USA

Check this company out, they are more then half of the monthly costs of gym set prices.

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