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Personal Trainer Certification Practice Test

You are almost through our personal trainer certification practice test. But first you have to get through the dreaded scenario questions.

Many exams will make you watch video clips or read a case study and then answer several questions. While we don't have any video case studies on this practice test, our Certification Exam Review Course contains over 750 questions including case studies and video based questions. It is a great way to make sure you are ready to pass your exam on the first attempt.

And remember to submit your own practice questions. If you want to start the test from the beginning, start here.

Personal Trainer Certification Practice Test

Practical Analysis(5 Questions)

certification practice test

A 35 year old female visits your gym and asks you to perform a fitness analysis on her. After taking some initial measurements, she weighs 165 lbs, is 5ft and 8inches tall, has a resting heart rate of 75 beats per minute, and a waist circumference of 32 inches.

She currently smokes about six cigarettes a day and has 3 alcoholic beverages a week on average. Her physical activity mainly consists of walking while at work. She has no experience in strength training.

Additionally her family history shows she is predisposed to high blood pressure and diabetes. Her goals are to lose weight, tone muscles, and define her figure.


1) You have prescribed her with an aerobic workout of 3 days/wk for 10-30min per session. What should her target heart rate be while working out?

a) 100-150
b) 75-110
c) 75-195
d) 130-141


2) What is her Body Mass Index?

a) 25.1
b) 29.9
c) 22.0
d) 24.7

3) What type of strength training would you recommend?

a) Advanced Training
b) Super Set Training
c) Circuit Training
d) Aerobic Training


4) What generic advice would you give as her personal trainer?

a) Buy weight loss pills
b) Stop Smoking
c) Reduce Alcohol Consumption
d) Switch to Light Cigarettes
e) Answers B and C
f) Answers C and D


5) Describe a diet recommendation

a) 7oz Grains, 3 cup Vegetables, 2 cup Fruit, 3 cup Milk, 6 oz Meat
b) 7oz Sugar, 3 cup Vegetables, 10 cups Fruit, 3 cup Milk, 6 cups Meat
c) 7oz Grains, 3 oz Vegetables, 2 oz Fruit, 3 oz Milk, 6 oz Meat
d) 7cups Grains, 2 cups Fruit, 3 cups Milk, 6 cups Meat


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