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2/3/12. 700 on ACSM. Thanks for all the help

by Kevin Bradley
(Battle Creek, MI)

Thanks everyone. 2-3 months of studying, using the practice exam here...along with many of the comments helped alot. I scored 700 on 2/3/12

One additional tip...I also purchased a study guide from a lady out of Columbus, Ohio--Kim Fischer. The study guide was $70 and quite helpful. (Note-I am in no way connected to her program and not trying to peddle it to anyone).

I won't rehash all of the tips from others. They are all helpful. I will say I probably went thru the quizes and tests from this site at least 10-15x until I knew every question/answer and the rationale also. Also, I went thru EVERY KSA and wrote out answers to each. There's alot of repetition in the KSA's...but all of them drive back to the test questions.

I will say this... I've worked out most of my adult life. Worked at a gym while in college as a Trainer(if you can call it that--the owner didn't require much of anything to be a Trainer but this was back in 1993). I like ACSM and their reputation. The material is very foundational and very, very driven by an adherence to being cautious in training high risk(especially cardiac risk)people. This is a good thing.

If I have one concern, its that I'm not sure I feel 100% prepared to begin Personal Training today. I need to do a lot of work in terms of exercise selection, how to coordinate a workout(outside of a 10 min warm up+20-60 min base+10 min cool down+stretching), overall philosophies of training, etc... If someone is looking for a certification that will spell out A, B, and C in terms of how to train someone...I'm just not sure ACSM provides this. As I understand it, NASM does do this--though someone might have to comment as I am not completely familiar with NASM.

Anyhow, thanks to this site and everyone who contributes to the discussions. Its a great, great resource and we're lucky to have it.

Feel free to respond. I'll be happy to help anyone pursuing an ACSM CPT certification. If you are debating whether or not you can do it... and hesitant because you've heard its too difficult... You CAN. My science background/physiology/biololgy, etc... was horrible. I have a Bachelor's in Business and didn't know the Humerus from the Femur when I started. It's a reasonably tough test but attainable from anyone with a reasonable level of competency.

Comments for 2/3/12. 700 on ACSM. Thanks for all the help

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by: Anonymous

I was wondering if you would be willing to share your written out answers to the KSA's? I have a huge lab project on them due tomorrow and she just gave it to us Monday! In my opinion that's not fair and enough time to get them all done.

KSA Answers
by: Anonymous

Hey I am not sure if you are willing to share your KSA answers, but maybe you could offer some advice on how to find the answers. I have just started to try and write down answers for all and I am finding it very difficult to do this. I have read all the material for the section I am covering first (exercise prescription) and now I am totally freaked out by my lack of ability to answer the KSA's! Any advice would be great at this point.

by: Anonymous

I too am studying and have been off and on for the last couple of months. I get frustrated because it takes a long time to find the KSA's. I studied 4 years ago when I was pregnant and found a majority of the KSA's. Since then the materials have changed and it seems more difficult to locate.

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