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ACE personal trainer salaries and jobs

I taught group fitness classes of all types for over 5 years before becoming an ACE certified personal trainer. I could get as much for teaching a class - $25-75/hour as I could get for an hour of personal training. Personal training is much easier.

Comments for ACE personal trainer salaries and jobs

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moving from GF to PT
by: Pegster

Many Group Fitness Instructors move into Personal Training for this reason, either because they are burned out on teaching classes, getting older, or have injuries that make it difficult to teach too many classes per week. Also, some of us find that working 30 hours as a CPT is doable, while trying to teach an equivelent number of hours with classes (usually works out to 15 classes per week) is exhausting.

need help
by: Anonymous

i'm 19 years old and i just graduated highschool and i'm going with the ace certification and i have some questions? Should i get my assocites or bachelors degree after i'm certified or before? Also do i absolutly have to have at least 100 hours of fitness experience where i work at (YMCA)they have a youth fitness center should i take advantage of that or it doesn't matter

Get Certified before yor degree
by: Katie - Admin

Getting trained and certified before your degree is a great way to pay your way through college. Plus you will have some practical experience which will make those exercise science classes a bit more meaningful

- Katie

by: Victor

Hey I'm kinda with you there I've ben in college for 2 years now and worked at cardinal fitness for 2 years I just got aed and CPR certified on sat so I kinda want to know what I should do about studying Like how long should I study how hard is the test and stuff like that if anyone has any info on what I should do let me know

What degree program?
by: Tony

My 19 years old and I want to get both a personal trainer certification and get my college degree relative to this field. My goal is to work as a personal trainer in a local gym to help pay for the college. Can someone help em answer a few questions:

(1) What's the best way to get the practical experience that the home study cert courses lack?

(2) Which certification is best for my purposes? The heirachy I hear in this and other blogs is (1) CSCS (NSCA); (2) NASM; (3) ACSM; (4) ACE.

(3) What is the best college major to pursue in this career path: the ones I'm considering are (1) kinesiology; (2) sports medicine; (3) physical therapy. But, maybe there are others that would be better. I'm just uncertain right now.

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