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ACSM certification is worth the cost

by Joanie
(Charlotte, NC)

You are absolutely right about the cost! But I really believe that I have a superior certification compared to some of my peers. Of course, not everybody knows the differences between certification programs, and if you haven't attempted the ACSM personal trainer certification then you have no idea how challenging it is. But I know that I am well qualified and that helps my confidence when dealing with clients.

Comments for ACSM certification is worth the cost

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How much is ACSM worth to your career
by: Katie - Admin

You are right when you say that not everyone will appreciate the accomplishment of getting certified by ACSM. Most of your clients will have no idea and even other trainers won't necessarily know.

But the most important thing is having the confidence in your own abilities and if ACSM certification can give you that then it is worth the price. A few hundred dollars is nothing when you compare it to a long successful career as a personal trainer.

just took the acsm test
by: rick

I dont know who writes the ACSM test, but be prepared for a test thats written by english majors. First some questions I had to read twice, what the hell are they asking, then the answers like for minerals you need to know macro for micro and as far as bmi calculation exact quote from at least 2 or 3 questions is written for a person is 38klg/m2, whats the bmi, give me a break.

The examples in the ACSM reading material are not written like that, its given specific in meter or centimeter or lbs and inches.

Just be ready because if there are two or more words that look alike they will use it for the answer portion of the test. And as far as the risk stratification portions know it very well cause they push it to the limits.

For just the personal training cert I find it simply asinine. I am not taking the more advance test that require a degree. I have trained 5 yrs U.F.C style and fought amateur, trained under water rock running with a lot of plyometrics to surf big waves in Hawaii, and swim and assisted in coaching master swim program. And very well versed in Beary Sears The Zone, I am in state of 7 percent body fat or less always.

As far this information I have learned from the acsm process I will only use a fraction of it in the real world. I can only shake my head at this. Its obvious athletes dont write this stuff but arrogance of the people who do.

Take it for what it is
by: Shannon

The ACSM certifications, especially at the higher levels starting with the HFS are to prepare individuals to work with at-risk populations or those with known disease. The type of questions on the exam have nothing to do with arrogance just more of a clinical mindset. Regardless of your fighting, training, surfing and other athletic history- there is science contained in the exams. If you are really looking to work with athletes you should have done more research and looked for something more suiting like the NSCA's CSCS examination or an NASM certification.

The real world can vary quite a bit depending on the setting that you work in. Most personal trainers that have a certification from the gym they work at are far from qualified to work with people that are diabetic, hypertensive, or any number of risk factors that can dramatically alter their ability to exercise. My question to Rick would be why you even took the test? If you'd done any research at all it's clear to see that this test prepares you to work more with special populations and not just relatively healthy individuals. The ACSM is one of a handful of organizations that seeks to raise the bar for personal training and allow those of us that do want to truly help people from varying health backgrounds to do so. Tests like this weed out people that played a sport in high or those that have a nice body that feel they can be a personal training just because they are in good shape.

That's Too Bad
by: Anonymous

It is unfortunate Rick feels this way about the ACSM exam- it's because he lacks education in the field. Just because someone has "experience", doesn't mean they know what they are doing. I know how to punch numbers into TurboTax, but it doesn't make me an accountant. There's a reason why the field of personal training and exercise science gets a poor reputation, and it's because of people who think education don't matter when it comes to the health and welfare of their client or athlete. Anyway can say, "Let's do 3 sets of 10", but an educated person knows why, how, and how will impact the body.

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