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ACSM Certification

I think that it is always great to have some kind of standard or benchmark to determine a person's level of competence. However, it sounds like ACSM has found themselves a nice "cash cow". I am sure that there are other organizations out there that do the same thing, so I have heard that argument. However, I think those other people are working a cash cow as well. There is nothing wrong with making money but it sounds like they have really tried to monopolize the market and cash in on people.

I have looked at their website and I will be looking elsewhere for certification and if asked I will say why. I have been involved in teaching health and fitness classes for over 30 years. I might pay for their certification on one hand. However their not recognizing other continuing education credits, and charging as much as they do for the CEC they offer, well, like I said, I will be looking elsewhere and expounding on the reasons why.

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Check ACSM website AGAIN!
by: Anonymous

I believe you are wrong saying that ACSM doesn't recognize CECs from other certifying bodies.

I am not certified by them but had read their website and copied and am pasting the following for you:

Can I use CECs earned by other organizations?
The ACSM Certification & Registry Department will recognize CECs, CMEs, or CEUs awarded by other professional health & fitness or clinical organizations for attending their programs without it being pre-approved by the ACSM Education Department. The program must be related to your certification and you must obtain documentation from that organization verifying attendance and the number of CECs earned. ACSM does not accept CECs for certification exams, professional memberships, committee involvement or CPR training. Please keep all documentation of non-ACSM CECs for your records in case you are audited.

(ACE, NSCA, NASM - 0.1 = 1.0 ACSM CEC; AFAA - 1.0 = 1.0 ACSM CEC)

P.S. As I understand ACSM will not count your getting certified by some other body ( if you do) to give you CECs for that. This is not the same as not accepting CECs from others. According to their website they do!

I suggest you go on their website to recertification page and read it carefully for yourself.

Hope this will help.

not a cash cow
by: Anonymous

ACSM accepts cec's regularly from other NCCA accredited organizations.
Additionally, you can easily find distance learning or in person workshops from all 3 of the following cec providers:
DesertSouthWestFitness (DSW fitness)
There are several other places I have noted that offer ACSM cec's they really arent that hard to find unless you are looking at workshops that dont offer cecs for any NCCA accredited orgs, then you might just be barking up the wrong tree.
In fact articles in ACSM journals, Certified News, IDEA Fitness Journal, and I believe even ACE Fitness Matters offer cec's for ACSM

Dont be discouraged, it isnt that hard to find it

They accept other providers
by: Memré

CEC provider list.

I do admit that the ACSM website isn't easy to navigate, but anything you need to know can be found on their site with a little clicking.

Website not the best, admittedly...
by: TP

It IS a bit difficult to follow, and the required materials for the IFT and PAPHS are not listed in their chart. Having to go to a separate website to purchase many of the texts for their certifications is also a bit cumbersome, if you ask me. So yeah, their marketing department needs work...

BUT you are incorrect when you state they don't accept CEUs from other organizations-- they specifically state that they do.

Their certifications are considered the gold standard. I currently hold a NASM CPT, was formerly certified by ISSA, but am currently studying for ACSM IFT and PAPHS.

Although I consider my NASM cert to be very good (and widely accepted), when looking for specializations, the consensus of all hiring bodies is that ACSM is THE BEST.

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