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AFAA Personal Trainer Certification is Good

by Jennifer
(Seattle, WA)

AFAA is one of the top industry certification programs that is accredited and still includes a practical examination. Even with a 4 year degree in Exercise Science and other certifications, AFAA's program is well worth the cost. For trainers with little to no experience working with clients, taking the workshop is highly recommended. It's easy to sit in front of a computer and take a test. It is much more rewarding and challenging to have one on one instruction when it comes to working with an actual client. I highly recommend this certification and workshop. They covered key points others missed!

Comments for AFAA Personal Trainer Certification is Good

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Workshops are definitely better than book learning
by: Katie - Admin

I don't think anybody is saying that the AFAA workshops are not good. In fact, they are very good. But more and more trainers are going the 100% online route which leave them with little more than book knowledge and no practical experience.

I am also leery of any certification where the test can be taken online. It is so easy to cheat or steal the test questions. I think that harms the overall integrity of the certification.

And yes, AFAA is accredited but not by the NCCA which is the online one that matters in the personal training world.

- Katie

Did not pass written
by: Dee

I under estimated the AFAA exam and did not prepare as well as I should have. I thought being a fitness instructor and already having a group X certification prepared me. I am retaking the written portion. I did like the workshop and presenter. He gave good advice and the practical portion is a good learning tool. AFAA gets lesser credit than ACE or some others. However, I think AFAA is a better starting point. You can always get additional certifications later. I think this time I will pass. My advice. FIND A STUDY PARTNER. I wish I could have found one. Otherwise, you feel totally alone.

help with training please
by: Anonymous

Im taking the coarse now and will do the training in Aug 2010 What is the best advise to study and prepare for test

Help too
by: Anonymous

Im also taking the test Aug 2010 , Seemed like reps where very helpful until I bought the package now I cant get any help with questions to prepare me for the test and Im not sure the 3 day reveiw will be held unless they get 8 people or more to the austintown ohio location

by: Granville

I attended the AFAA workshop in June and i was surprised at how much was covered in those three days. The days were long and the sitting was killing me but it was well worth it in the end. I felt like i was prepared well for the test but i was still a little nervous becasue it was such a long test and the anatomy and physiology was all new to me... After starting the test i became more comfortable with each question, by the time the test was over i felt great... Then 4to 6 weeks of waiting after taking the test to find out if i had passed were trying as i started to second guess myself.. But in the end i passed and i fell confident in my ablity to be an effective trainer....

Pleasantly surprised
by: Antonio Luke

As someone who's been woring out consistently for the last five years, I was under the impression that I knew a little about fitness. I seriously underestimated the seriousness of the workshop and am waiting for my results now. That being said, the presenters were wonderful and sparked an interest in me to learn more.

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