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AFPA personal trainer certification

by Roberto Bocchetti
(Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria, Spain)

Roberto Bocchetti, aka musclerob

Roberto Bocchetti, aka musclerob

I live in Spain where I own my personal training business. I was thinking to take an online course in personal training or nutrition, for putting another title in my cv and to refresh my knowledge.

During a search, I came across AFPA website.

Can anyone give me info about this Association and the courses, besides what is written in their website? Are they serious? Is it worth to pay the money?

Thank you in advance for any reply.

Comments for AFPA personal trainer certification

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Don't choose AFPA
by: Anonymous

I just got certified with AFPA. I can't seem to find a job, and most people I talk to are not impressed with the AFPA. I have talked to several people that are hiring trainers, and they have told me to go ahead and get certified with a different company.

AFPA Certification
by: Anonymous

I dont know how old this forum is, but I just recently got AFPA certified and from what I hear, it isnt the best certification to get. I've been on several interviews with local gyms and I explained to them that i did not do too much research on AFPA and I didnt realize that it wasnt the best certification to get, but what they explained to me is that it really doesnt matter which certification you have, it all depends on your experience. Anyone can have a certification but whithout the training and knowledge, the certification is just a piece of paper.

So what i am in the process of doing is getting my experience from a local gym that I am currently employed at, and once the economy is a little better to where I can afford another certification, I will try to receive another certification through NASM as I hear NASM is one of the most well known certifications to recieve. so, for now im focusing on gaining as much experience and knowledge as possible.

I hope this helps people as to which certification they think they should get. I def recommend NASM, but the most important thing to have is experience.

by: Lori

I went through the AFPA certification process about 5 years ago when I applied for a personal training job at a gym. They didn't care which certification I got and this one seemed to be one of the least expensive, plus I didn't have to travel to test. The course seemed fairly educational and I had been training myself and friends for several years prior, so I had some basic knowledge. I met another trainer at that gym who I learned alot from, in addition to the knowledge you receive from working daily with a variety of populations with different conditions. I then struck out on my own and have been running a successful training business since then.

All that being said, once a got a hold of an ACE manual I noticed how severely lacking in information my AFPA manual seemed to be. AFPA covers only the surface of a wide range of topics without teaching you the "whys" of what you are doing. You should not be prescribing a program for a client without knowing why you are prescribing it. AFPA also isn't accredited with the NCCA. I am, for the most part, a self-taught trainer. Along the path to my own fitness I learned the most because I am constantly researching. Second to that was working with someone more experienced than I and the experience you gain from teaching others every day.

Although I personally had no problem with this certification, if I had to do it all over again I would apply for a more widely accepted, and more in-depth course. Many gyms will hire anyone to be a personal trainer, as long as they can sell memberships. I did not get into this business to sell memberships, and that is why I went into business for myself.

My advice in a nutshell - choose a more knowledgable certification than AFPA (you get what you pay for.)

Learn from others (gyms are a great way to start.)

Practice what you preach of course!

Most importantly, never stop learning; knowledge is your most valuable tool.

AFPA certifications are Outstanding
by: Anonymous

As a certified member of AFPA in numerous areas I have not had a problem acquiring a position. What other organization requires 90 percent passing and a practical demonstration before a certificate is issued? None. AFPA has an outstanding reputation, conducting both seminars and conferences worldwide during the past 15 years.

Clubs such as: LA Fitness, Crunch, 24 Hour Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Lifestyle Family Fitness, as well the YMCA where I work recognize AFPA certifications.

Tough to judge an organizations current status on a program that was completed 5 years ago. I know from experience that the books, DVD's, CD included with the course were extremely helpful and up-to-date. Well worth every penny-and I have never heard a negative comment with my colleagues.

by: Anonymous

Can anyone tell me if the AFPA is NOW (as of 2011) certified by the NCCA?

by: Anonymous

Education is the best credential and the industry is, slowly but surely, finally coming around and requiring an education prior to certification. An undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and/or Athletic Training is the best way to go, followed by certification from the NSCA or ACSM. These two organizations are the most highly sought after credentials, as they recognize the importance of education. Knowing how to properly demonstrate an exercise is a lot different than understanding the science behind the application. Thus, anybody can become certified as a personal trainer. However, in the not so far future, only those with education and a true understanding of the science and art of personal training/strength and conditioning, will be able to work in the 'better' health and fitness facilities. Yes, you can start your own gym and require whatever certification you desire, but through education of the public, people will know the importance of hiring a personal trainer with education, experience and the right certification. I truly believe in what the NSCA, ACSM and the Cooper Institute are trying to accomplish, which is providing certifications only to those who have proven an ability to understand the proper application of exercise in a safe, efficient manner, through a thorough understanding of the complexity of the human body. It takes time to do this, thus only those who take the time to earn an education should be able to prescribe exercise to others. It cannot be learned in a week, or even a month.

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