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Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology or Exercise Science?

by Nicole
(LA, CA)

I am in the process of a career change to personal training. My long term goal is to train endurance athletes, specifically triathletes. My plan is to get certified through NASM, get my feet wet in a gym (24 hour fitness for example) working as a traditional personal trainer and go back to school for a bachelors degree in the fall of 2010. The school I am applying to offers a major in Kinesiology and a major in Exercise Science. Anyone have any recommendations which is the better route for me? I want to be well prepared for dealing with recurring injuries and the wear & tear that comes with the extensive training schedule of triathletes.


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Same road traveled
by: Your Personal Gym

Hi -

In '98 I took a similar career path change from business to fitness. I started with course work in sport medicine at Spingfield College in MA. I got ACSM certified and worked in a YMCA as a Fitness Director for 6 years. I then went back to school for my masters in Kinesiology.
A degree in Kinesiology will offer you a greater range of disciplines between teaching, coaching, exercise science, exercise physiology and even behavior modification through physiological skills training.
Many employers niche exercise science as 'clinical' and feel many of these graduates want to work in lab or in hospital.

I'm now working for IBM in health promotion and have my own personal training business in Raleigh, NC.

Ditto! we have the same degree goal!
by: Anonymous

I will most likely be attending a local CSU either LA/LB... Maybe SD.. best of luck to ya! Excercise, Live WELL!


by: Anonymous

in most school that i looked at exercise science is part of the kinesiology degree. so your major would be kinesiology and your concentration is exercise science.

It may not be the best path
by: Anonymous

If your goal is to train triathletes then you do not need a degree to do that. If you haven't already you should be doing some tri races yourself. That will help you prepare for training that specific group than any class. If you want to help with injuries then a athletic training track is your best route. Kinesiology or Exercise Science are great degrees but for what you stated you wanted it may not be the best pathway. I have an exercise science degree with an athletic training concentration which has served me well in training athletes and helping people rehab. You want to also have a working knowledge of nutrition as that is vital for any athlete. As one person said in a earlier post a degree will give you more opportunites in some respects but without having real life experience with tri races and training you will not be serving your clients well.

MMA certification is it needed?
by: Clear Combat

I have been in the martial arts for 30 years and decided that I would like train MMA fighters at the beginning level and as time goes on more advanced. I have formed my own self defense system called Clear Combat Fighting System. It is a nice blend of MMA fighting with street defense and the training that goes with being a pro fighter. There are certifications out there, but will a local fight center respect the certification that comes with a $495 price tag.

People tell me that I should start my own company because I get my students to achieve quickly. I take someone without any training and they move like good quality fighters after only 2 months. I tried to get into gymnastic centers but they always say no and sports complexes are just as stubborn. What should I do?

Sal Caradonna, Founder, Clear Combat Fighting System

MMA Cert
by: NC Fighter

No one cares about certs in MMA other than your personal competition record and the records of those in your gym. That tells a potential fighter everything he needs to know.

A record doesn't mean everything, but it says you compete, your success rate, and who you're fighting. There is no way around building gym other than training fighters and having them compete.

Do not look at MMA to turn a quick buck. There are many more places to earn an easier living as a coach or as a fighter. You need a better reason to do this sport.

If you have the need to accredited, your best bet is to affiliate and work with larger networks and gyms. The fight game is big on meeting people and expanding and if you're the real deal, it can do you only good. If you're not up to the par, you'll find out, preferably earlier on, train, and improve.

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